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Author: lewit24

New RPG hits the public... with force

Posted by lewit24 Saturday June 14 2008 at 1:31PM
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great news everyone new rpg site staight of the production lines hits the public... with force.

Less than 48 hours since public release and marketing the site ha reached over 200 members and growing at a phenomenal rate and just wont stop. Based around hatred for each other this site boasts loads of features to keep its players amused and on the site rather than needing to play 2 or 3 other rpg's.

Also managed to scavenge from the depths of the internet a nice little promotional code for you to get $1000 for your character when you startup.

Hopefully you wont miss this great site and come back when its too late to become the top player.

Thank You

Lewis Turner

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Daedren writes:

Can a mod / admin delete and ban this crap? nothing but bot advertisements in this blog. :P

Sat Jun 14 2008 1:47PM Report
lewit24 writes:

bot advertisements

you think im a bot... whatever

Sat Jun 14 2008 1:59PM Report
kesleri writes:

I played your stupid game, you banned me because you thought i got an illigal donator pack  status...

You should really work on studying your scrips before you brainlessly advertise a game filled with bugs and obviously an incapable admin.

If you want to know how i got that donator thing, ask the "Take a Step" function from your dumb game.

Sat Jun 14 2008 6:19PM Report
haplo31 writes:

i suppose i agree, i have new clue what this game is about but when i go to the site it looks like a child made it lol. but yeah the post seems more like advertisement than a benefit to the community heh

Sat Jun 14 2008 11:41PM Report
Zerocyde writes:

Hater Wars? Sorry, I'm not in highschool anymore.

Sun Jun 15 2008 2:40AM Report
zagreos writes:

LOL that sounds like a kid's game. Hater Wars. ROFL  its more like a middle school and down game to be honest.

Sun Jun 15 2008 4:37AM Report
bachanam writes:

hater wars sounds like pretty much all internet forums, seems like a great idea for a game, since so many people spend so much time doing it as a hobby lol

Sun Jun 15 2008 4:41AM Report
ChurchillT writes:

It seems interesting but your site does lack a lot of things and the lay out is very new and unrefined.  Look at how other sites use layout, everything is centred and it does give the feel of a rather simple game. It's a good attempt but nothing too complex to create. Keep working on it as a project but as yet it's hardly anything new or inviting. - Doesn't work. It doesn't even have a page, it just tried to load an image.

As said, I am sure your friends like it but it is a long way off from being worth advertising. All the font is default and simple, same size and it nothing interesting. I almost expect the site to ask for money and forward you to porn, but that's a little harsh. Sorry. Good luck with it but this will just join the ranks of the other million or so games like it. Start simple and improve but it's hardly and far from an awesome game. Good luck however, it may get good.. We'll see.

Sun Jun 15 2008 6:02AM Report
lewit24 writes:

thank you churchillT for some constructive comments :)

you talk about the layout etc do you know of any sites that are good that i could take a look at and see what changes i can make to mine :)


Sun Jun 15 2008 6:49AM Report
Drakrtar writes:

Energy, Will, Brave? And that left side menu... how much of did you plan to use?

Sun Jun 15 2008 2:40PM Report writes:
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