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All the latest news on the MMORPG frontline...

best and newest news about loads of MMORPG sites on the net...

Author: lewit24

Warning Update Iminent!!!

Posted by lewit24 Thursday June 26 2008 at 6:49PM
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"Warning Update Iminent"


New warning given out to everyone who plays online role playing games of any sort and any type. These updates are going to change gaming for the future, forever...


Now your probably thinking thats not even possible but i can assure you that it is, and it WILL happen. The site in question at the moment fairly new to the scene but has big plans and those big plans include you.

Their aim with there game is to pay you to play. Now i bet your thinking this is never ever going to happen games are about to make cash not give it to the players. But thats were your wrong. They are going to actually pay you to play, and no not some small amount per hour etc that you play for but eventually mean that your job can be playing on the game.

Okay i will admit when i first heard this news i was very wary of what was being said and proposed however after talking with the owner and the other members on the site i am sure this will go ahead and work.

In a nutshell they are going to pay the top 3 people of different things money month after month. So that you have an incentive to work to the top and be the best and get paid for it. The categories that are proposed are... top referral gainers, top donators, highest level gains, highest stat gains, most time online.

Now the money they are hoping to be giving out is 4 figure sums however unfortunatly at the moment they will only be 3 figures untill the game grows and more people hear about it. But still i would play for a 3 figure sum of money in my back pocket just for playing a game that i really enjoy being on.

So i bet if you have got this far then you are very keen to be told the site. well just click here to be sent to the game :)

Will keep you all updated with the progress of this and tell you when its implimented into the system as soon as possible :)

Good day to you all


Be Prepared!!!

Posted by lewit24 Friday June 20 2008 at 9:41AM
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"Be Prepared!" the warning given by one of the most upcoming rpg sites on the net at the moment.

Aparantly rumour has it that that they have just employed a second coder to help with the site. This means big changes lots of updates and a site that is going to blow your mind. Now more normal rpg site playing... once this all gets to work rpg playing could become your living. The owner is planning on adding, once the new features are finished, a new prizes section... meaning that your valuable time that you spend on the site could be rewarded with real life money and prizes.

These prizes will include money straight into your paypal account

The latest Game Consoles

Now these arnt going to be in the game just yet because it will only work after the new features areas and game play are added edit and ready to go. So in about 1 month from now if you are one of the top players in the game you can expect to see a load of money coming your way to say thank you and well done :)

I did tell you to be prepared. Now i suppose you want to know what site this is on. If you want to signup now and send us your ideas and advice or just play then come along otherwise keep an eye on the blog and i will keep you updated with the sites progress and let you all know when cash prizes are going to be given out :)

Thank You

Lewis Turner

New RPG hits the public... with force

Posted by lewit24 Saturday June 14 2008 at 1:31PM
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great news everyone new rpg site staight of the production lines hits the public... with force.

Less than 48 hours since public release and marketing the site ha reached over 200 members and growing at a phenomenal rate and just wont stop. Based around hatred for each other this site boasts loads of features to keep its players amused and on the site rather than needing to play 2 or 3 other rpg's.

Also managed to scavenge from the depths of the internet a nice little promotional code for you to get $1000 for your character when you startup.

Hopefully you wont miss this great site and come back when its too late to become the top player.

Thank You

Lewis Turner

also check out...

Great news

Posted by lewit24 Tuesday June 10 2008 at 1:40PM
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Great news.
Have just managed to finish all the updates and everything on my site and it has taken an instant success with over 100 members in a matter of minutes upon opening to the public. This site is getting big and fast.
Now the site its self is based on hate, both in the form of gang hate and single person hate. Many paths to choose from as well and always updating so you will never get bored :)
Thank You
Lewis Turner

promo code = haterwars

enjoy your $1000 extra :D

rpg rpg rpg

Posted by lewit24 Sunday June 8 2008 at 9:08AM
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now rpg sites

i need some people to tell help me with rpg market research...

basicly im looking for were you go to find rpg site to play and why you play them...


i am opening a new rpg site

Posted by lewit24 Saturday June 7 2008 at 3:42PM
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hello everyone,

going to use this blog to keep you updated on the progress of my new rpg site thats going to be coming out soon :)

Hopefully going to finish the coding tonight and then tomorrow release it to the public :) which means you

Aim is to get 1000 members to it within one week :)

wish me luck :)

Lewis Turner

so who wants to start there ow mmorpg site?

Posted by lewit24 Wednesday June 4 2008 at 4:23PM
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hello everyone...

i have had experience in online text based rpg games for the past 5 years and have run 5 sites in that time some very sucesfull and some i made just to sell on.

But i know that you would all probably love to have your own rpg site and probably dont have a clue were to get started or want to sit and code yourself a full game or pay someone some stupidly expensive amount for just one website...

well if you are interested in having your own rpg site then i can help you get one and guide you from step A to Z

contact me at if you would like more information

I can help you at every stage of the site and i really mean that... and i know what im talking about especially seeing as the first ever rpg site i made took $1000 in donations in just the first month. sounds alot but really that is only a small figure. You will be looking at making $100 a day or more from your site if you follow my steps and put your heart and soul into your rpg site.

Hope to hear from a few of you soon

Lewis Turner