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English-speaking server "Stalker online" Description. News. Event.

Author: legionusa

Contributor: Troo


Posted by legionusa Saturday October 20 2012 at 10:42AM
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The man is the crown of nature, the supreme  being and the latest round of evolution. As if these statements are given the right to humanity to appeal thoughtlessly to nature and its gifts. At first it was just a fire, then the pipes of plants emitted smoke and ultimately the man tried to tame the atom. It was the last straw in the cup of patience of the world. The disaster at Chernobyl nuclear power plant was a harbinger of enormous storm aimed at cleansing the planet from plagued filthiness -  the people.

Around the world the inexplicable and terrifying events happened in already registered anomalous and mystical places. As if the flora and fauna have rebelled against the people. Later on in these places even the air could give a careless man a deadly surprise. Such places are called Zones.

Basic laws of physics did not work in the Zones and the unusual objects appeared called artifacts. In these places the strange mutated animals and even creatures never seen before became increasingly seeing. It was extremely dangerous to stay in these areas. To fall into the anomaly and to be gnawed by mutant, to get a  lethal radiation dose and to catch an unknown virus or even to mutate under the influence of external factors - here it is an incomplete list of the possible fate of the man in the Zones.

The found artifacts had unexplored properties and were able to advance science for decades. But people have a resistance to the obvious and opened warnings of the nature. And the man started looking for his own benefit but not the ways of salvation. A hunt for the artifacts and mysteries was initiated and different adventurers, criminals, fugitives, former military and other daring men, eager for gain, throng to the Zones. They became known as stalkers.

They have got artifacts, specimens of flora and fauna and stalkers were chasing the secrets of the Zones. Someone was searching for answers to questions, but mostly, like hundreds of years ago, they wanted to fill their own pockets. As the stalkers became more and more, and everybody had personal goals the arms appeared in the areas and the blood was poured. Stalkers have started to gather in groups and fight against each other for control over the rich places with artifacts over relatively quiet areas where they could relax and wait out the danger.

It became more profitable to deal with the group than with the one for the representatives of various corporations and governments of all more or less developed countries. The area was received sophisticated weapons and equipment with the continuous flow. Stalkers’ bases were equipped with alarm systems, mine fields, machine guns controlled by a video camera.  The more serious stalkers began to walk with the latest small arms, with night vision devices and other special equipment.

You, the newly-made stalker, who has your own goals. You have always been interested in the Zone. Its soaked in mystery and danger lie air always tickled your nerves. But who are you? Dashing mercenary, who is able to earn good money doing the most dangerous tasks? The man, who has not found a place in the everyday gray life in crowded cities? Adventurer, who  just hiding from the  pursuers? Or, you and only you are able to lead the people to seek the truth of the anomalous zones in order to save all living beings on the planet? It is up to you!