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Age of Conan, for me, it has lost it

To review my experiences with Age of Conan and explain why I feel the game has lost it and why I am sadly moving on.

Author: LaSenorita

Age of Conan, for me, it has lost it

Posted by LaSenorita Monday December 8 2008 at 6:19PM
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Well, Age of Conan.... There was a game I followed for years.




A game I was lucky enough to get on the 1st Tech test. I tested the game each Sunday and downloaded new stuff each time. I spend hours and hours trying to get the buggy buggy alfa running on my PC and I was successful most of the time. But this was hard work. This was a game I dedicated more time to then any game in years.


I was then invited into the closed and then open betas. Where I, among many many loyal fans, dedicated many hours to logging bugs, exploits, crashed, etc. Personally I logged well over 300 bugs during the various test phases and I am quite sure that many more people logged simular numbers or many more.

The game went life and I went in whole heartedly. Doing more testing, reporting more bugs. Helping more players and helping friends. Levelling and enjoying the games despite its many many bugs. Many of them prevented a lot of people from playing the game. The start of AoC was a ruff time, a time where many people crashed constantly, fell through maps, quests more often failed than not and many more problems. All these things were something that many people, including myself, were willing to look over as we felt that there was so much potential in the game.

Personally I spend a lot of time online, levelling up, helping top build up the current guild only to have everything fall apart. So we started again, I brought one of the smallest guilds up to the point where it was a force to be believed with by every other guild on the server. Building up a city again and a Battlekeep. Crafting and spending countless hours gathering resources for others or the city. Spending more countless hours helping lower level players understand game mechanics and helping them level. Gathering items, cash and so on for them, the guild and myself.

And why? I know that I was not alone in my commitment to the game, the community and my Guild. There were and still are many other people currently in game that are doing the same as we speak. But the truth is that the game is just lacking.

When you buy the game the first time and you play through the start, now (because it was not so for many many months), Tortage is very polished and looks well. Its engaging and makes you want to gen involved. The story line is nice and there are many things to do. While admittedly the areas are not huge but they are big enough that if you play a combination of day and night missions you will be very entertained. The draw back of this is that this is something that is compulsory for all your new characters regardless of how many times you have been though it. While its a nice touch that the destiny quest for each class is different and you get to enjoy some variety it does not take away from the felling of having your teeth pulled each time you start a new character. Especially when you have many level 80's and you have completed Tortage 8 or 10 times (and as a tester... I completed it maybe 20-30 times).

So you leave and you move on after level 20. There are many things to do and you should not run out of things to do until you reach level 30 or so where there is a small gap in Conall valley and without a good group you may have to move to another region. Or if you started else where you may have to move over to Conall Valley. The problem with that is that it slows down your progress as you are completing missions not intended for you any more and the exp just comes in very slowly.

Anyways, so you move on. Now you should be ok until you are level 50 or so. Well, now a new area has been introduced to cover that gap so things are actually ok then.

So ones moves forward again and you move from area to area leveling and so so on. Until you reach your early to mid 70's (depending on your level). This is where things get difficult. Without a group its now becoming increasingly hard to level and eventually it will be nion impossible to do any missions solo and the ones that you can do just dont yeld enough experience.
The issue I have with this part of tha game that if you play at off peak hours or, like now, there are server population problems levelling up becomes this huge chore that will drain the life and enthusiasm from you.
But lets move on to level 80. Where is where things grind to a halt. You can no longer do anything alone. Anywhere, any time... nothing worth doing can be done alone. (expect crafting)
You are now restricted to groups only. And even at that this is of limited use. The reality is that you need good items. So the best play is Epic Keshatta. So you spend weeks and weeks grinding to get the right equipment there. Now what? Well there are a handful of dungeons that you can do in small groups but other wise its all Raid activities now or PvP Games.


Here, right here, is where Age of Conan fails.


All the ranting above about what I got up to is what you will find most committed players to the game did. They got involved in the guild, other players, maybe an alt or 2 but there is only so long this can go on for.


After over 6 months of playing the game I am leaving the game. And the reason is because I cannot see anything being introduced within the next 6 months that will solve these issues.

Massive PvP is being worked on but, apart from the fact that this should have been done in beta, there is not enough of a population to make Massive PvP battles interesting.

At the moment the server merges are being worked on and I see nothing else being done until after January. Then I assume that they will add a few fixes and so on but the main areas and activities to be added are still under development and no where near completion. While I hoped this would not happen to me I find myself playing n00b chars PvPing in Tortage and doing nothing else. Why? Because there is nothing else. When you leave you cant find anyone else.

I had high hopes for this game and they have all been dashed. I will move on and place my hopes and dreams (:D) in another MMO. What will you do?