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The Evolution of Interactive Entertainment

The first generation of people who have grown up with video games is reaching middle age, and with them, their games have matured. I'll look at the past and present of interactive entertainment, and speculate on how it may evolve in the future.

Author: lambers

Overview and Introduction

Posted by lambers Monday April 12 2010 at 5:44PM
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Hello, and welcome to the first of many posts to this contemplative blog.  I wanted to start with just a brief introduction to myself, what I'll be talking about and my reasons for creating this blog.  My name is Andrew Lambrecht, I'm a 29 year old gamer.  I'm currently studying software programming and working part time to get by.  My parents purchased a 286 when I was young, and my long and sometimes difficult relationship with computers and gaming began.  I won't go into details of all the games I've played and how I've felt about them right now, but suffice to say there haven't been very many games of any platform that I haven't played.  Not long after my folks brought PCs into my life I was digging into them literally and figuratively.  By the time I had graduated high school I'd built dozens of computers for friends, family, and even small businesses in the area.  Throughout my first years in college, time spent working, and my return to college, building and repairing PCs and gaming were always a large part of my life.  Through many of those years I taught myself several programming languages, and a firm understanding of digital design and the software tools used for it.

Having a background in many things necessary for game development and a passion for gaming itself, it only came naturally for me to begin forging ideas of what video games are and how they could be used or molded.  I want to look at how we perceive games today, and how I feel they are pigeon holed as things for kids to waste time doing.  It's partly due to how they were used and marketed in the past, even though there have been both successful and unsuccessful attempts to break away from those stereotypes.  I plan to examine exactly what it is people find fun when they sit down in front of their favorite game, and don't get me wrong what one person finds fun is as different from anothers as peoples taste in music, or dinning.  I want to look at what games can do for us, how we can learn, or focus skills and abilities.  

If you remember the days when blowing on the cartridge and tapping shave and a haircut on the top of the system was the magic procedure to get your favorite game to run just one more time.  I will show you just how far those simple games have come, for good and bad, and how much farther they can go.  Most importantly I want to examine the idea that in the future interactive entertainment will provide the possibility to let someone see the world through new eyes like no other art form ever has.

Lastly I want to thank you for stopping by to check out my first entry, and apologies for any grammar mistakes, I'm no English major.  I am however passionate about games and my ideas for the future of our favorite past time!