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The MMO Dance

The MMO Dance sings to a different tune, writer Erik, promises that this is not just going to be only mmos, but games in general with a focus on industry, the games, and the gamers.

Author: kyte317

Mmos outside of the computer.

Posted by kyte317 Thursday June 25 2009 at 11:20AM
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Today is June 25, 2009. My brothers birthday is on June 26th 2009. He's a pretty hard kid to shop for, considering that all he does is play WoW all day, and night. It does bring back some nistalga. I didn't want to get him an Xbox360 game seeing as he doesn't play any other game than World of Warcraft. So I decided to go shopping at barnes and noble. The 3rd hardcover of Marvel Zombies had been released and I had thought it might make an excellent gift since I have the first two and he liked them.

I walk into the store and I see an orc, and a night elf, card board standees. They are both sporting the mountain dew horde vs alliance soda flavors. Inbetween them is a bookshelf dedicated to the warcraft franchise, the manga, the novels everything. Slightly taken back I buy a novel and two montain dews, get them gift wrapped and on my way out the door I come across a book shelf that had its own bunch of books on it. All gaming addictions, some books by the infamous Jack Thompson, others about South Korea.

The last time an mmo got this much publicity was whenever a News Station ran a Fair and Balanced story on the effects of playing one. It may not surprise me at all that in 30-40* years America may become the newest South Korea**.


*Save for 2012/Rapture/Antichrist/Anything anyone else want to add?

**Please I need a better video game channel than G4***

***I'll be willing to deal with the events of the apocolypse so long as G4 gets removed




So you know what tank/dps/heals are? More advanced mmo terms.

Posted by kyte317 Thursday June 25 2009 at 10:51AM
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If you're like me you have a handle on the vocabulary used in an mmo, such as but not limited to; threat, aggro, tank, dps, mobs, kiting, etc. However several other terms are used in the social setting of an mmo.


1) In Reference to Players

         Newbie vs Noob vs Lowbie

                A)Newbie-The newbie is considered to be a new player to the genre or the game itself, These people can be spotted a mile away, with wrong gear(casters with melee dps gear, tanks with healing items) but can be taught, or will learn generally.

                B)The Noob - A more derrogitory term for a newbie, or a person who claims to understand game mechanics but still does not live up to the expectations s/he sets. Also used to describe a class that is easy to play(see faceroll).

               C)Lowbie/Alt/Reroll/Twink - Lowbie/Reroll are used to describe characters that are started fromscratch that are played by experienced players. An alt or Alternative Character is a character who can be supported by a Higher level character, or main. A twink is a low level character whois equipped with weapons and armor that would not be available easily at the current level of the twink.


2) On the field against other players

              Faceroll Class - A term that indicates the class is so easy to play that you need only to bind certain spells to the keyboard and roll your face across it to activate the keys and  still be well above average.

             Steamrolling - Like an unstoppable force going against a very movable object a group of players annhilate the opposing force.


3) In /ooc /2 /yell or the forums terms to be aware of.

              Troll - Besides a MoB or a player race this is someone who intentionally provokes people intorguements/shouting/harassment for their own amusement

              Vocal Minority - A common buzzword that is used to describe an active player demographic in, usually derrogitory sense (i.e. A few Class X couldn't handle Class Y in pvp so their Vocal Minority complained a lot and Class Y got nerfed to hell)

             L2P - Learn To Play <insert what you need to learn to play here>, a shorter version of this is L2<insert>


Edited for format