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My Two Cents

This blog is for my personal entertainment and everything said here, while serious sometimes to me, should not be taken as a personal attack on an individual. Please feel free to flame me or support me or be indifferent, because that is why I'm blogging.

Author: KrystDaymen

Why do people cheat?

Posted by KrystDaymen Monday December 22 2008 at 5:10AM
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Simple question really.

I can understand cheating in console games  or solo pc games because I too have been frustrated by some glitch that I HAD to cheat to get past, or even some level that was so difficult for me that I had to use a hex editor (I'm old don't know if they still use those) or cheat to get past.

But cheating in online games, rather it be fps or mmo's, drives me insane.  When I know that I'm being cheated against, or rather when I know that someone is using a hack, it makes me want to KILL. 

Example:  I played Perfect World for a long time, waaay to long for that piece of excrement, and oneof the reasons I quit is because I got tired of being one of the few that didn't bot their main toons.  The enemy guilds toons seemed to be on 24/7.  Not too weird in and of itself.  I mean people that are addicted to a game and have nothing to do (like me, I am disabled and so there is not much else to do but be online) tend to play more hours than are usually healthy for them to do so.  However, when you go up to a "player character" and try to talk to them and they don't respond at all and you keep trying for several minutes, it makes you go "hmmmm".   Now I know that that too is not indicative of a botter, but it is suspicious.  BUT WHEN THEY DON'T TALK FOR AN HOUR AND DIE AND THEIR BODY JUST LAYS THERE? LMAO.

Example 2:  I recently downloaded a popular free online fps, and am finding it a welcome respite from the so called mmorpg's of today. ( I know that most of you that read my first blog think that I don't enjoy mmorpg's but I do, it's just that there are none atm that interest ME).  However, even though I suck at this fps because I just started,  I noticed that certain people that played, and btw I stayed in the same room and server for a while and played with the same people, seemed to make miraculous kills and no matter what I did the same people kept killing me.  Now this may have been because I sucked and they were "leet", but I decided to see if there were in fact any hacks for this fps.  NO I DIDN'T TRY TO DL THEM. I went to youtube and checked to see if there were any videos on the subject.  Not to my surprise...there were.  Hacks that bypassed   the supposed protection program of the game, aimbot hacks, wall hacks, jump hacks...hacks hacks hacks.  And of course, to the people that made these vids showing others how to hack I had to leave my two cents, lol.  I was courteous...although one youtube user had already stated my sentiments when they posted to the vid maker "I hope you die in a fire in your parents basement"  LOL.  Now obviously I don't want anyone to die in a fire but I know how this person felt.

So for this short blog I simply would like some in depth opinions on WHY PEOPLE CHEAT IN ONLINE GAMES.  I know the obvious one of "because they can", but I would like to read some of YOUR opinions.  I'm not asking to out your self as a cheater, but if you do cheat and are not ashamed I would welcome your view on the subject.  As always my goal is not to bash anyone seriously.  I know you may think other wise if you have read my "flaming" posts but those are primarily all in fun and just trying to make the people that are prone to go emo, do so because I enjoy jacking with the weak minded. LOL.

I welcome all posts, even angry ones, because without debate there would be no advance.

That's my two cents.  Take it or leave it, but this time I would like

Disclaimer:  While the opinions of the author are those of his own, it should be noted that he HAS spent time in a mental facility and is crazier than a ****house rat.

KrystDaymen writes:

damn...I forgot to spell check it before I posted it...please be kind...and if you can't be least be entertaining!!

Mon Dec 22 2008 5:12AM Report
logicbomb82 writes:

As a long time FPS player I too have felt the pain of cheaters.  It's often hard to tell for sure whether or not someone is cheating. Back in my prime I was often called a cheater, even though I have never cheated in an online video game. Like you I don't understand why people cheat. It ruins the game for everyone IMO and does not make you better then the people you are beating.

Mon Dec 22 2008 7:19AM Report
Raizeen writes:

cause it s fun

Mon Dec 22 2008 7:55AM Report
Abrahmm writes:

I think people cheat because they need to make up for other failures in their life, and want to actually do well in something for once.

But don't be so quick to call people cheaters in FPS when you are new. When I first started playing Counter-Strike I thought so many people cheated, but now that I have gotten really good at that game I get called a cheater occasionally(I have never cheated, ever). Granted there are still people I am very suspicious of, and others I damn well know aren't legit, but judging when you're new isn't always fair.

Mon Dec 22 2008 11:02AM Report
SupaMutant writes:



It's only fun for a few days... then you get bored and you quit... and then you'll only come back to play and cheat again is if someone or something IRL pissed you off and you can't do anything about it and you don't want to go to jail...


that's why people cheat...  


Mon Dec 22 2008 12:37PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

cheatin g is for losers that have no point in life and have to make the game or activity stupid and frustrating for everyone else. and no hacking does not your elite it just means your a pos

Mon Dec 22 2008 12:48PM Report
Antarious writes:

Well "radar" was really prevelant (sp?) in Dark Age of Camelot.  They seemed to have lost enough subs to it (or so they thought).  That after 4 years Mythic finally does the ban waves of ban waves.  Of course that was just as EQ2 and WoW launched... game was fairly decimated.  I still see the same crap in WAR.. The "warbuddy" video might still be on youtube.  I still see people moving at 'warp speed' or 'flying' on occasion.

I'm not sure why one would cheat.  Can you really be so bad at a game you can never win without cheating?  Personally I don't want to go into a game knowing "I will win by default".  Then again I don't want to lose by default either.

I was hoping after the federal ruling in the blizzard lawsuit against the one 3rd party program.  Where the judge said users of the program were in violation of copyright as well.. That these companies would take the next step...

Mon Dec 22 2008 2:21PM Report
ghstwolf writes:

Why cheat, it's almost the same question as why play. (psychobabble to follow)

Why do we play any game?  For most it's an amuzing waste of time, a chance to step out of our dull little lives and be a "hero" (or villian) and do things that we either cannot do or wouldn't do.  Pick your own mix on those factors.  Note that all of these motivations have been used for cheaters as well, so I'll move to the distictions.

So what seperates cheaters from general gamers?  Not that much really, I'd say it is only a difference in expectations.  Cheaters expect to win and they expect to win early and often.  They crave the "win" above any self-improvement or even the experience of the game.  Even the act of cheating and getting away with it is a win.

The biggest problem with any online game is that single player games have groomed players to believe they should win.

Mon Dec 22 2008 2:43PM Report
ChamberZ writes:

"The biggest problem with any online game is that single player games have groomed players to believe they should win."

That is SO true. Only just struck me, but, SOO TRUE!

Mon Dec 22 2008 3:28PM Report
Mykell writes:

Why do professional world class athletes take drugs to win. Is it because as a society we are obessed with winning. Do we promote doing your best instead of just who comes first, be it in sports or academia?

We all know Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals but can we name a single person who came second in any of his races?

Some people also crave fame and recognition and will do anything to to achieve it. Achieving a certain level of notoriety like say the guild Ebonlore may help you attain this fame.

Personally i prefer to win or lose using my own skill. Using a hack wouldnt give me any satisfaction.

Mon Dec 22 2008 3:59PM Report
clamsd101 writes:

It can also be to blam that most game design of this age doesn't have a capacity to support cheating and make it part of the game. In a example mmorpg you can kill other players at the risk of incurring the wrath of the guards. The guards are very tough and virtually no one can kill them. Of course guards aren't in a cave or in the depths of a forest. Then a player force could take up one of the said enviroments and police it. And the players are allowed to attack someone they think is cheating. And to make it so that no one cares about death and losing there items. Items are kept simple and none of that epic and rare crapola is included.

Mon Dec 22 2008 10:38PM Report
Zayne3145 writes:

Winning through cheating is a hollow victory. How anyone can feel as if they have genuinely achieved something is beyond me. On the rare occasions I've used cheats in the past, I've gotten bored of the game within 10 minutes. What fun is there in no challenge?

Tue Dec 23 2008 3:02AM Report
coldblitz writes:

In my opinion it all depends on what the cheat dose or how it effects the game. FPS's however are one of those type's I would much rather see no cheats availible unless their used by mainstream players.

I've use cheats in the past and am not ashamed of it although im not all for cheats , im not agiasnt them. I believe they have the ability to enhance gameplay and also to enhibit it. It all depends on how the hack/mod is applied.

Im embarsed to say to but I got sucked into D2 LOD for 7years. Cheats and Mods are all to common in D2 however they do not reck the game for me they often enhance it. Certain mods which increase fps make unique builds which would have otherwise not have worked efficient, work well.

Other hacks like revealing the full map (unless used to gain an advantage over another player rather then there enviroment) I enjoy having. Bots used to find items I often do not have a prolbem with aslong as they stay out of the mainstream.

What im saying is I dont believe hacks are all bad I just believe they should be used responsibly. Sinse responsibly is not a trait we all have. limiting the hacks to the one's which do not give you a direct advantage over another player would be the solution for me.


Wed Dec 24 2008 3:50AM Report
cjbnascarfan writes:

I don't know... I used a character/hex editor (yes we do still use those, mostly as a last resort but) in Diablo II and it just took the fun out of it. I want a character/hex editor for Ether Saga Online (ESO) because its fun for times, with Diablo II I had an edited character and reg. character. I would like the same with ESO... I think that most cheats are *OK* .... When it goes to the extent of changing hexs and source... that sometimes takes it too far. If its like "Press : B, A, Space, Q, TAB, Right Click, Left Click to get double EXP" then thats *OK* because the programmers put that in, almost like a backdoor. So I'm a hippocrit, whatever.

Sun Dec 13 2009 2:20PM Report writes:
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