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Seires Says

Discussing all aspects of MMORPGs. PVP, PVE, Grouping, Solo, Elitists, whatever comes to mind.

Author: kryllen

GW2: My Return Update 1

Posted by kryllen Tuesday July 23 2013 at 7:12PM
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Well been playing on and off for almost a week now - through the weekend. Unfortunately been spending most of the time doing PVE with the limited time events with Adinay. When he isn't on though I do sneak into WvW and own some people. Had some great fights out there! Surprisingly - I know I know.

Dodge mechanics make the small man and 1v1 game a bit - dumb to be honest, but the siegeing and running around with a zone commander for a while was a lot of fun. I run my support tank (Mace and Shield) with some offense using my Scepter and Mace. Gives me survivability when things go badly for us, but when we took a Main Keep I was able to dodge through all the Jade Quarry people and get behind their main offense to their squishies, who were too distracted to notice me. This gave me a nice safe spot to just torch and scepter them poor poor squishies. One guy followed me. At the end of that fight I looted about 19 bags from them. Hooray!

As a side note - I am still looking for a Guild on Tarnished Coast server for WVW/PVE - I hate the 5v5 PVP scene

Name is Seires.5492

Post comments here or at my webpage:

Returning to GW2: Tarnished Coast

Posted by kryllen Thursday July 18 2013 at 12:55PM
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It's time for a change. After many months of not having anything worth while to play a friend of mine finally broke me down and talked me into returning to Guild Wars 2 on Tarnished Coast server. I'll probably be mainly playing on my Guardian, but I might alt hop a bit just to see if anything worth while has changed with my other character.

I'm hopeful that some of the WvW / PvP changes they've implemented are good enough to keep me interested. I know before the whole WvW thing was kind of lame and didn't really help small mans - and with no real goals it caused me to fizzle out. I have a few maxed out level 80s, but my favorite is the Guardian with his Mace / Shield combo, and in WvW I like having the Scepter / Torch combo - hopefully it's still fun to play that way.

I'll be posting regular updates as I go along, which will hopefully be a long while - at least until Elder Scrolls Online, or Camelot Unchained come out...or I get into their beta :)

Anyways, if anyone is no the Tarnished Coast GW2 server and wouldn't mind a returning player into their Guild, hit me up. Either post a comment here, or:

GW2 Ingame Account: Seires.5492



PVP Rulesets

Posted by kryllen Friday July 12 2013 at 9:28PM
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Well here’s part 1 of my PVP writeup. I’m putting this guide/article together mostly for myself to put down notes for a game I’m currently writing up..maybe a book at this point since it’d be easier, but whatever. This, in theory, will help out all the people out there who don’t know a whole lot about PVP, or those carebears who don’t see what the big fuss is about it.

This section I’ll be covering the different types of PVP Rules. From what I can recall, there are 4 main types of PVP rules with 1 sub type. I’ll go into each one individually stating some of the pros/cons of each, then tell you which I think is best, most involved, etc.

1 – No-PVP

Basically this is for the people who like to hold hands and frolic in the woods while hugging some trees. No battling, outside of duels. Everyone loves everyone, lets all be friends mentality. While this is great for the casual person who likes to play laid back, for most people I know, it gets rather boring. These are mostly social kind of games, which are great for a graphic intense chat room with some general enemy encounters.

Pros – These are quite self explanatory. You won’t get randomly jumped while hugging a tree. Generally you also have a ton of friends…or at least people who can deal with you enough not to /ignore you. Some of these types of games have rather interesting social features and involved crafting/guild structures.

Cons – The biggest one is that once you kill Master Boss Alpha III you have basically done everything in the game. There’s no real variation, since the PVE AI is the same, so you are stuck doing only social things, or repeating the same quests/killing over and over until the devs get around and make a new Master Boss Alpha IV. This is the game breaker for me, which is why I would never play a PVE only kind of game. I like to at least mix it up once and a while.

2 – Flagging

The second type of PVP is a flagging based PVP environment. This is where it’s mostly PVE, but those few brave souls can basically hit a toggle switch which says “Hey I’m not a complete carebear, feel free to attack me”. The easiest and most recognizable game to notice this in, is WoW on one of their PVE servers (not including their battlegrounds). In the open world environment if Alliance is near a Horde and both are unflagged, they just give each other high fives and go about their business. Now if one was flagged and the other wasn’t, the non flagged person can initiate the fight by attacking, and viola PVP.

Pros – Are pretty obvious. You can turn off your flag if you are waiting for a spawn or just don’t want to be bothered. No griefing technically is a good one too, as you can’t be spawn camped. If you have your flag up when you die, just reset it when you respawn and you can’t be attacked.

Cons – These are again a deal breaker for me. By having a flagging system in place, the non-flagged person who starts the fight has the greater advantage. They can prepare before the fight, get the initial first hit or 2. While this can happen in any situation, if a flagged person notices someone getting ready to attack, they can’t outsmart them and attack first…instead they can “abuse” the system and instantly turn off their flag rendering the attackers setup useless. Some games, such as WoW have a timer to prevent this, I believe it’s 5 minutes from the time you turn off your PVP flag until it goes into affect. This generally limits the depth of the PVP experience to being very few and far between random encounters which someone can chicken out of by unflagging. Not my thing.

3- Realm VS Realm, Faction VS Faction, Race VS Race, etc

This is when there are multiple factions in a given game, and by making a character of one faction, the other faction automatically becomes the enemy and can be PK’d almost on site, depending on the game and their specific “safe zones”. Many games have adopted this kind of situation, originally coined by Dark Ages of Camelot. While the different factions/realms were separated, in the designated “war zones” any enemy you find, regardless of level, can be killed.

Several big titles have come out/are coming out. Of course Guild Wars 2 has an adapted system of this called WvW (World vs World). This is a decent mechanic, but all mirrored classes and a 2 week server swap kind of limits the full interaction here. Two titles coming out are also adapting a similar system: Elder Scrolls Online by Bethesda and Camelot Unchained (working title) by a smaller indie company City-State Entertainment (headed by one of the founders of Mythic Entertainment - the makers of Dark Age of Camelot (DAoc)). These two games seem to fully get the idea of a Realm VS Realm game - 3 unique factions with unique classes for each one.

Pros – Generally very easy to find someone to fight. The enemy is easy to distinguish, most games give enemy players a Red nameplate. This coined the phrase “Red is Dead”, meaning anyone with a red name, was kill on sight, regardless of levels. When having opposing sides, the PVP can be more involved, meaning there can be objectives that can be fought over. In DAOC and WAR there were keeps that people fought over for control. DAoC’s system was better, but that’s a discussion for a different day. ….. . By having an Us VS Them system, there generally is a better community and, if done properly, can instill a sense of Realm/Race/Faction pride.

Cons – If implemented like WoW where both factions occupy the same areas, you can get griefed, spawn camped, and zerged by the opposing faction when all you want to do is your quest. Granted you can call in some backup and have a good old fight, but 90% of the time that doesn’t happen. If someone annoys you and is in your faction, you can’t kill them…sad I know since there are plenty of same-faction people I’d have loved to kill when I played DAoC.

4 – Open PVP

With this system, anyone can attack anyone at anytime. You always got to be on the lookout because you could be scouted out and are potentially prey all the time. Then again you can be offensive and attack other plays for fun and profit. The community on this kind of server is usually tight knit. Except for the spewing of rage and tears on the forums when someone gets killed…but that just adds to the hilarity and fun of this server type.

Pros – This is by far the most exciting and potentially frustrating system. Easy to pick a fight if you are in the mood. Enemies everywhere, you can test out your skills. Every time you log into this game, it can be a different situation. Some days you will want to be offensive and go player hunting, some days you can be a little defensive and avoid fights to kill monsters for some cash, other days you will get killed non stop due to some deuche with nothing better to do. Another big pro is if you need a specific rare named monster for a quest or awesome item and you see someone else there waiting, on the other server choices you are out of luck. With this rule set you can kill him, then claim the beast for yourself.

Cons – No rest. You can never let your guard down as someone is most likely watching you, waiting for a weak point to attack. Easy to get griefed by other players with too much time on their hands. You generally die….A LOT. This system usually brings in the worst trash of the MMO crowd, but also brings in some of the greatest people you will ever meet in a game.

5 – Guild Warfare / Clan VS Clan

This is more of a subset system and can be implemented in any of the previous 4 systems. Basically it’s when one guild declares war on another guild. This allows the 2 guilds in question to fight anytime they see each other. Sometimes there are rules in place where a larger guild can’t beat up on a smaller one, sometimes both have to agree, whatever the situation, it can be tons of fun.

Pro – Usually it’s very competitive. The best of both guilds duking it out for power, money, land, reputation can lead to some great and hard won fights. Helps bring a guild together as well as add some competition and grudges to the game.

Cons – Can be abused if no regulations are in place a “Zerg Guild” can dominate all the smaller guilds, ruining the experience for them. If mixed in with an Open PVP system, can have tons of adds into your guild vs guild fight, making a victory tainted. If added to an RVR system, can take away from the realm community as one guild will not help out another guild who is being attacked by the enemy faction.

My Thoughts

Well those are the basic PVP systems that I can recall seeing in the past, I may have missed one or some of the pros/cons, feel free to let me know of anything I’ve missed.

Now for my opinion on which system I like the most. I personally enjoy Realm VS Realm system with the Guild warfare thrown into the mix. This gives the game potential for a great community, as well as adds some inter-realm competition. By having the RVR system, there can be objectives, keeps, tug of wars, etc but not be overwhelmed with non stop PVP and constant griefing. In the long run, I believe an RVR system will have the most involved and intricately designed PVP, assuming it’s done properly (not like WAR). There also needs to be something in place for guilds to fight over, whether it be land, mines, ranking, whatever. That way there is variety and you are not always facing the same enemies all the time.

I’m a fan of smaller scale PVP, small force vs small force. With the setup that I expressed, I think it gives the best opportunity for this kind of a fight. It takes more skill when fighting equal number of skilled players, rather then lemming rushing the opposing faction. Hopefully ESO and CU will be able to grasp the love I had for DAoC's RVR system. Only time will tell.

You know what I think, but what do YOU think? Did I miss something? A Con really a Pro? Lets hear what you have to say. Keep an eye out for Part 2 of my PVP series. Will be covering PVP areas.

Comment here or on my new blogsite: We The Few

SWTOR : Which Abbreviation? SWTOR, SW:tOR or TOR? Poll!

Posted by kryllen Friday June 11 2010 at 9:25AM
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My SWTOR Guild Site - HTTP://

Specific Article Disucssion -

Well…This morning I was searching around the inter-tubes this morning hoping to find any good news about SWTOR. And not surprisingly I found nothing of interest. The last few “Fan Fridays” have, for lack of a better phrase, sucked Ewok pit hair. One thing I did notice is there are tons of different abbreviations people use for the game.

Now I know the game name is technically Star Wars: The Old Republic, so in theory the more accurate abbreviation is SW:TOR (or visually cooler SW:tOR). Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of colons. Not that kind…but it does remind me, I have to schedule a Dr’s appointment soon. For me the best abbreviation is SWTOR. It’s quick and easy with no pauses while typing it to hit that nasty evil colon. People who use just TOR, IMO suck. TOR isn’t as descriptive of the game, and if you actually do a Google search, you get tons of random additions. Tor Anroc from WAR, a random software development thing for onion routing (whatever that is), and I think there’s a WoW server I’ve seen come up with Googling TOR Guild. Yes-I like to check my ratings in various searches to see where I stand. =)

So here’s what I’m wondering. What do you think Star Wars: The Old Republic initials should be and why? My vote is for SWTOR or if it must have that colon, SW:tOR as a distant second. In no way should TOR even be considered, but that’s just one humble mans opinion.

The poll is on the right hand side of my site, would love to see what it totals up to over the next week or so.

SWTOR : Space Travel – Instant or Travel Time

Posted by kryllen Monday March 8 2010 at 12:54PM
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Here’s a question I propose to you all. In SWTOR they haven’t confirmed or denied space travel by players, but there are multiple planets so there is at least the look of space travel. What I’m thinking is, if there is space travel with player ships, which I severely hope, what kind of travel would the majority of people prefer? There’s either Instant travel or travel time. I vote player controlled travel, no instant travel please!

Checkout my guild homepage for the full article HERE

My homepage can be found at

SWTOR : Guild System - A Sith's View

Posted by kryllen Sunday March 7 2010 at 1:36PM
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My homepage can be found at


I am the GM of a SWTOR Sith guild and today I was wondering, what kind of a guild system would I like Bioware to implement into SWTOR. What kind of features would I like to have? So that's what I propose to write about today. I do think the Jedi and the Sith should have similar systems, but different since their ideals and views are different.

My take on what should be in the SWTOR Guild system, specifically for Sith. Goes into housing details, rewards, banking, the works.

Read it HERE.

STO Failure - Complete and Ultimate

Posted by kryllen Wednesday March 3 2010 at 3:08PM
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So apparently this weekend Atari and All that is STO decided to screw their fans by giving to them without lube! Cryptic made some very enemies in their fan base. For those who don't know, Atari this weekend held a special that if you buy the game for 10 bucks less, you get additional time, 60 days more.

Complete crock, and a rip off to their customers...not that they really care.

Ever seen 2 girls 1 cup? I feel like the cup. Read why HERE

SWTOR : Crafting Thoughts

Posted by kryllen Wednesday March 3 2010 at 12:43PM
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Crafting in MMO’s have always been a passion of a select few. Some like to do it, others do it out of necessity. Whatever the reason, SWTOR will have crafting, but to what extent? That is what I’m going to be writing about today.

There have been various types of crafting in every MMO that came before. The SWTOR Devs have stated, crafting in SWTOR will be unlike other MMO’s so that you will not be going out with your axe and chopping at a tree to get resources. This got me thinking…what are the options for this then?

Can find the link to my article HERE to read it.

I appreciate any comments/questions.

Top 5 MMOs of 2009

Posted by kryllen Tuesday February 23 2010 at 6:40PM
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Full article can be found HERE.

The year was 2009 and if you were like me, you found yourself bouncing around tons of games hoping to find a good fit. These are the top 5 for me, which I enjoyed the most and why. Also, which game got the worst award from me.

Really wishing 2010 is a better year, but looking at the radar....not super optimistic, though Earthrise has my interest so far...hopefully they can pull it off.

Seires Says Part 2 - PVP Zones

Posted by kryllen Monday February 22 2010 at 2:56PM
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After a week hiatus finally got some time to put my pen to paper….err keyboard to fingers. Whatever. Here we go! Part 2 of my PVP article. This one is going to focus on the different types of PVP zones and what you can expect from them. If you missed it, HERE’s my intro and HERE’s my part 1 article which covers PVP rule sets.

There are 4 types that I will be covering in this article. Open World, Dedicated Zones, Instanced ( Or as I like to call them Canned ), and Home Invasion. Each one has good points as well as bad, I’ll try to touch on them all as I go, but I may miss out on some. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @WeTheFew, leave comments here, or even discuss on my forums.

Instanced Zones ( AKA Canned )

I’ll be starting with the less intrusive of them, which are the instanced/canned zones. These zones are completely isolated in their own section, so if you are out doing your own thing, you will not be engaged in PVP matches. Many games are incorporating this aspect of PVP in their games, I think about 90% of games have them now. WoW Battlegrounds, AOC matches, Star Trek Online PVP, Warhammer Online, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on. I’m not singling these games out, since most of them also have open areas with PVP as well, just spitting them out for reference, in case you are curious as to examples.

The biggest benefit of this kind of system is that if you don’t want to PVP, you don’t have to. Also if you are a fan of having premades ( pre setup groups with your friends coordinating on Ventrilo or Teamspeak ), this is an easy way to have even number of fights without interference. On a populated server/game they can become available (pop) pretty regularly which is a quick and easy way to get into some PVP. Matches have certain time limits, usually ranging from 15-30 minutes. Some can go longer, depending on the game and the “goal”.

These types generally have a goal, or mission. Whether it is a capture the flag system, resource gathering or complete domination of the other team (AKA most kills in the allotted time). Also there is generally a level range of about 10 levels where one can enter into the same battle as another person.

That’s why most people like them, set number of combatants, quick PVP that won’t take up your whole day, occasionally you get a good fight of premade vs. premade. I, personally, think they are horrible and should not be an option in any game, at least not a primary means of PVP.

My biggest negative factor would have to be the lack of real world impact that these canned instances have. What happens is there are multiple capture the flag battlegrounds going on at the same exact time, none of which impact the server or realm (for the most part) other than you and your own gear. Basically to get into this kind of a “zone” is you sit around, hit a button that tells the game, Hey I want to play capture the flag. You wait around and then you get a popup, you click it. You know what you are doing, how many people max you are fighting and where they will be. There is no hunter/hunted situations, just usually mindless body rushing since you will just respawn within a few seconds. After the 15 minutes of capture the flag or whatever it is, what impact does it have on the realm/server/guild? None. An annoyance of mine…I’ll use Warhammer Online for this example….How many damned Nordenwatches are there in the game??? How can 10 v 10 be battling at one Nordenwatch and another 20 in another, and another 20 in another…I know it’s a game, but I like to have some semblance of reality.

Premades can also kill this for most people as, obviously, a premade can outdo pretty much any PUG group. Organization wins over unorganized 95% of the time. Just doing a quick Google search and you can see tons of domination pictures of premades vs. non-premades. Semi-fun for the premades, annoying to the non’s. After a while even the premades get bored as they are constantly winning with little to no resistance.

Now the reason I call them canned instances….it’s too restrictive. You have a relatively small area to fight in, with certain goals, against specific odds. There’s really no surprise attacks, you can’t call for reinforcements from allies, you can’t really “do your own thing” since there are goals you have to accomplish for the most reward.

The final gripe I’ll mention about these types is the stagnant ideas and grind that they inevitably become. How many times can you do a capture the flag scenario with a different paint job, before it loses its fun factor. Once you start doing something over and over with no major change in experience or encounter or situation, it becomes a grind. Once it’s a true grind, it loses its appeal and fun, which is why I PVP.

That ended up being a larger rant on the Canned PVP zones than I was first expecting, but whatever. I hate them, and really hope they are the minority in future MMO’s. But since it’s a quick way to get items/xp, it’ll probably be here to stay. Aw well….

Dedicated Zones

Dedicated Zones are most noticed (to me) in Dark Ages of Camelot (DAOC). It’s a zone that’s completely cut off from the main PVE Zones, but not a canned instanced. What I mean by this is say you want to go PVP in the Dedicated zone, you zone out of the PVE area into the PVP area, and that’s where you can battle with whoever else decided to go in. You have no idea if there are 50 people, or 1 running around.

Say you are running around and find a group killing some NPCs out there, or trying to take a keep/tower/whatever, you can stay behind them scouting them out while organizing some of your buddies to join you. They can just zone into the PVP area (since it’s shared you can do this, unlike the canned zones), meet up with you and you can engage the other group. Once out there you can roam around finding other random group encounters, sometimes a large force. The point is, it’s a shared zone, whoever goes into this area, is placed into the same one someone joined 2 hours ago, same one as your friends, and same one as any of your enemies who zone in as well.

The best part about this is the fact that the whole area is a battleground, usually a very large area, with random PVP encounters possible around every corner. It’s similar to an Open World situation, but with this, anyone not wanting to PVP has the option to stay away from it.

With this kind of a zone, there are usually realm/faction/guild/side controllable structures, keeps are a favorite with these kinds of games. Your realm can take and hold a keep and you own it forever, or until someone comes and takes it from your dead hands. Unlike in the Canned situations, where after 15 minutes it doesn’t matter. Since there are controllable structures, it instills a sense of realm pride (if done correctly) and meaning to holding it and defending it. Also brings a lot more strategy to the battlefield. You can have a main force (Zerg) pushing a Keep to take it, while the defenders are inside. If you are like me, and not a fan of huge large scale PVP, you can still do other things. A favorite of mine is taking my 8-man group and roaming between the keep and the enemies spawn point, or drop-off point and preventing reinforcements from reaching the keep. That way I can help the realm, but still hold my PVP ideals.

Aion Online has this kind of a system, they have it so anyone after level 25, after doing a quest, can zone into the Abyss which is a Zone with Keeps and artifacts. What they do is have the keeps available to be sieged during specific times, but artifacts can be taken at any point. While this is good, it also has a down fall…this places level 50s in the same battles as level 25’s, which is not so much fun for the lowbies. DAoC had a different system, which for every 5 levels, there was a specific battleground zone. These zones had keep(s) and some had towers as well…basically mini versions of the big boy zone. This let people enjoy a PVP zone without having to square off against insane level differences.

As great of a system as this is, there are negatives. The biggest is, if the server is lower population, and there is off peak times, you can find yourself wandering the zone not finding anyone to fight. Other times, if your realm/faction is the less populated side, you can find yourself getting Zerged a lot…their entire force vs. only 2 of you. There is also the negative that Aion implemented where the level range is very large which discourages the lower levels from venturing out and doing some PVP of their own.

This zone works best in an RVR rule set. Open PVP rule set in a zone would cause camping for anyone zoning in and makes the whole keep takes very difficult, almost non-enjoyable (to me anyway). It can be done, and DAoC’s Mordred server had an Open PVP and Guild vs. Guild rule set. There was also the same PVP zone that the regular servers had. While it was a great concept and rather fun, it was not as fun as the regular servers (to me anyway) for keep takes/defense and the strategy behind it all.

All in all, I think it’s the best system, lets people do their PVE and PVP how and when they want, without causing interruption. If done properly, can instill some great realm pride and a very good community. If done poorly, can end up like Warhammer, where people get sick of the keep takes and City sieges.

Open World

Open World isn’t technically a zone, since it’s everywhere, but it still qualifies for my article. Open world areas are like the Open World PVP, where the PVP can happen anywhere. If you are questing, bam, can have someone assassin you in the back. Usually the entire area is not a PVP zone, there are usually safe areas, but not always.

This is a lot like my opinions on the Open PVP rule set, where it’s great that there is a ton of action and can be very exciting, but can also be frustrating. Since it’s so similar, what I’m going to do instead is break it down by the different rule sets .

In a flagging system it works well since you can PVE freely without getting jumped when you don’t want it, as an attacker though, you can find yourself without prey for a long time..sometimes never finding any. Not a great way to have to PVP, but in an Open Zone it’s probably the best way to have a flagging system…more area to find someone who accidentally flags or forgets they flagged.

In faction vs. faction, as in WAR, WoW, Aion, etc. It works very well as you have allies as well as enemies in the same zone, so if you are getting overwhelmed you can group up and force the enemy out of the area. As the attacker, you can venture off and pretty much find a fight no matter where you go, as long as you avoid the opposing faction’s main camps, which are usually guarded by high level NPCs.

Finally in a Guild vs. Guild scenario, this is really the only option since anywhere would be your battlefield. Whether it is prearranged fights in an open field, or a random encounter while walking to turn in a quest, Open Zone is the way to go.

Open PVP Zone is hard to explain, but while it is good, it is also not my favorite. Sometimes when I’m playing I just want to PVE or Craft without having to deal with someone harassing me.

<strong>Home Invasion</strong>

This is by far the coolest option, and can be implemented in any of the other zones, except open zones. This allows the opposing faction, guild, whatever invades property you own and ransack it for their general enjoyment.

One way this can be setup is if in a DAoC style Zoned system, if they take enough keeps, it breaks down the zone wall allowing them to have free reign in the enemy’s PVE zone or city or housing area. This would cause some major battles, a lot of people would come to defend to prevent this from happening, which would have the opposing force bring more people to fight for it TO happen. As long as it’s a rare situation where it actually happens I have no issue, but if it’s an every other day event (like WAR’s City Sieges) then it’d ruin it.

The problem with this, as I see it, is that it cuts off a good chunk of the game from the Non-PVPers. So it essentially turns their PVE only area into an Open PVP zone with RVR rule set. As a PVPer at heart, this won’t matter to me, especially if it’s a seldom occurrence, but I know a few PVE guru’s who would get pissed at this happening…but who knows, this might make them PVP more often to prevent it from happening, or cause them to PVP more to do it to the enemy.

My Thoughts

If it’s not obvious, my Ideal PVP server/zones would be a Dedicated Zone with Home Invasion. But more of a limited home invasion that wouldn’t affect most of the PVE zones but WOULD affect the guild/player Housing areas. This would make it feel more personal and not force, but encourage, people to partake in PVP more often. In the PVP Zone there would be keeps, gates, and barriers which would have to be taken down completely in order to have access to the Home Invasion portion. This would make it more difficult and require a realm effort…which would promote a good community.

Now as far as instanced/Canned PVP goes. While I am not a fan of them myself, I can see them as being hugely enjoyable for guild vs. guild encounters. Say Guild Aqua Teen has a kick ass guild mansion set up on an awesome ocean front property with great access to some resourced nodes. Now Guild Rambo’s Offspring is an upcoming guild and they want that property for themselves. In my ideal situation, Rambo’s Offspring challenges Aqua Teen to their land. Both guilds would have to have property, never fair to leave one guild homeless, but if Aqua Teen has the better house/land, Rambo’s Offspring has to put up some collateral in case they lose.

If accepted, both guild GM’s would negotiated a Number VS Number situation and at a given time would battle it out in a scenario for that awesome property. If Aqua Teen wins, they win the purse. If Rambo’s Offspring wins, they get the new property and Aqua Teen gets shunted to their old home.

There are more intricacy’s that can/should be involved, such as if a large enough purse is offered by the challenging guild, then the game’s GM can force the encounter…that way someone can’t just horde the land…but must fight to protect it as well.

Well those are my thoughts about the different Zone types and what I would like if I were the man in charge. Went rather basic with my thoughts, but I’ll go into detail at the end of the article series if there’s a demand for it. Again I would LOVE some commentary on it here, on my twitter or even on my forums. Stay tuned for part 3 of my series, Looting Rules!

Also if you like my thoughts, I am recruiting!

Links to all the Articles so far...

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