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Kalin Redbeard goes to WAR!

A journal of my experiences in Warhammer Online.

Author: krindorf

Collision Detection 'For The Win'

Posted by krindorf Thursday September 4 2008 at 1:12PM
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I've been catching up on reading several blogs that I've not frequented lately, and read a post on Keen and Graev's Blog, posted on August 25th entitled Strategy exists - Teamwork a must that made me not only realise that I had totally overlooked a key feature of PvP in WAR, but also put a huge grin on my face. The text I'm talking about is as follows:

"Collision Detection can be used to Block the enemy from running away. If you can snare the enemy get your big tanks to stand in front of them. They won’t be able to retreat. Use your collision detection to block terrain, bridges, doors, etc. It’s funny and effective."

Yes, that's right; Collision Detection! Break out the finest ale! Huzzah!

Having this turned on is quite exciting in my opinion, as it really alters the dynamic of keep sieging and gives the defending side an advantage that, in the real world, they would have anyway.

For those of you who don't know what Collision Detection is, I'll put it in layman's terms. In games where it is turned OFF, you can walk straight through other players (enemies, at least). In games where it is turned ON, you can't, and have to go around, or kill that player. Good for a RvR PvP game, huh? Some games, especially online FPS's have variations of the system, where you can run through the sides of other players but not right through the middle of them.

I can't believe that I haven't digested that this is in the game, especially after all the reading I'm doing, and have done since I made my decision to go to WAR.

With Collision Detection on, defenders will be able to, in theory, mount more effective defences without turning tail and retreating to the boss room or other deeper recesses of their keep, something I was sick of seeing in LotRO, for example. Hell, you could hold them at the perimeter fence, the front door, the inner doors, the boss room door etc. It just adds a more exciting element to defending, and it is a bloody good call by Mythic to introduce this in my opinion.

As for attacking, it isn't a simple case of 'zerg' rushing the access points, squeezing players through and forcing the defenders to retreat to a deeper part of the keep to continue the battle; which is something I have been too used to seeing. I imagine attacking players will need to apply a little more tactical thinking to their assaults; focus firing on specific mobs i.e. tanks, etc. Then again I could be totally wrong!

I've not been in game thus far, and I would be interested to hear the experiences of any of you who have been in the Beta and can comment on the impact Collision Detection has had on siege defence/attack, as well as hearing your general opinions on Mythic's decsion to implement it.

Is it a big factor in WAR keep battles? Like/dislike it? What are your opinions on it?

Paragus1 writes:

It is a huge factor when you are defending a battlekeep, and the door breaks down.  You now have the ability to stuff your tanks in that doorway to try and hold them at bay while you dump the boiling oil down and shoot from the wall.  During the preview weekend, I witnessed this first hand.

Thu Sep 04 2008 1:24PM Report
Majinash writes:

I don't think its the end all to be all of features, but I like it, any any feature you like is a good feature.

Thu Sep 04 2008 1:39PM Report
krindorf writes:

@Paragus1: Well I have to say, I'm pleased that my optimism seems to be justified. Thanks for that comment Paragus. Honored you've stopped by, been following your blogging for a while. ;-)

How many chokepoints does the average keep have then?

@ Maj: I agree with you, compared to other things it's small in comparison, but you're quite right; if it's another thing to add to the list of things you like about a game, that can only be a good thing.

Thu Sep 04 2008 1:44PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

You have 1 chokepoint at the front door.   Inside there is a spiral ramp leading up which is probably wide enough for 2 people to climb up side by side, maybe only wide enough for 1.  Then you have the lord room, which has another ramp leading up to a rooftop access.   Given this is all from my limited experience in T1 and T2, but it really does give the tanks some value in what a lot would consider a situation favoring ranged classes.

I'm glad you like my blog, I'm always happy to hear people enjoy it :)

Thu Sep 04 2008 1:58PM Report
Cotillion99 writes:

All i have to say as far as this goes is- imagine 3 Chosen using the "hold the line" ability in the entrance of a keep... might as well be a stone wall.  (in case you don't know, this ability gives the chosen himself 45% damage reduction and 15% dmg reduction to everyone on his side behind him and the 15% can be stacked 3 times if there are three chosen running the ability at the same time.

Thu Sep 04 2008 3:26PM Report
krindorf writes:

Those statistics are pretty awesome, Cotillion99. I can imagine the keep battles can get pretty damn epic then?

Thu Sep 04 2008 3:41PM Report
Zanthorn writes:

yes sir they can, I played a male sorcerer durning PW, no more then I get to T2 keep to upgrade my gear an Order force showed up,I went to DOTing and AOEing everyone in range,which made them abanding there ram,it was a blast.Those of us that where there where able to hold them at the door,and slowly push them back,and retake the Battlefield objective that they had overrun. If I remember correctly it was around 60+ players total.

Thu Sep 04 2008 4:55PM Report
krindorf writes:

Well, I am certainly glad I wrote this particular post judging by the feedback that has been left so far. I must stop drooling.

Thu Sep 04 2008 5:16PM Report
Golgothian writes:

While i really like it in Warhammer and totally agree that this is a great feature, dont get too excited about blocking doorways and similar passages. There are countless knockbacks, especially on the Destruction classes, so when you try to block, you will be simply pushed backwards into the open. And if it gets worse, Marauders and Magus can pull you towards them, away from your narrow path, into  the  masses of enemy players thirsting for you blood.

Fri Sep 05 2008 8:17AM Report writes:
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