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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

archeage observational report

Posted by knightfall98 Friday September 26 2014 at 2:12PM
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Now that archeage has finally launched it already shows the same issues most new mmo's tend to have which is large queue to get in and gold spammers. First things to know if you don't already is its class system you can choose any three skills when combined give you a unique class title, in my case it battlerage + defense + vitalitism = paladin you get your result after picking your third class at lvl 10, you can switch out any of your classes for a price but keep this in mind they will be at lvl 10, so if you want to switch out your lvl 20 battllerage for say witchcraft it will be at lvl 10.  The races each have a different story and each get a mount quest around lvl 6 and then glider and boat at different times, I love the fact that you can decide which ability you want to unlock for each of the classes it gives me the choice of which skill I want on my ability bar. The mounts are unique for a number of reasons, first they have their own xp bar which only gains xp from your battles if tis summoned and riding around and you even unlock attacks you can perform while on your mount it's something I myself have ever encountered outside of an elderscrolls game (not the MMO) one must be careful as your mount can die and then you must resurrect it at the stable hand or use of potions it sounds hap hazardous to me, it's a killable minion that can't defend itself, it provides no boost, doesn't attack, even the frigging tiger mount which should respectively be able to attack but unfortunately its more useless than cringer from he-man, so in most cases I don't even bother haven it out during those kill X missions unless I know I can keep him safe, thankfully you can despawn your mount even if it's under attack and the enemy doesn't shift aggro to you so there's that. The trail/judgment system sound interesting I can't recall another game that literally put the fate of another into someone else's hands, I am not certain as to how the judges are chosen or even how the system works, what i don't know is that if someone catches you taking crops from someone else's farm you could get sent to jail I just wish we could send those goldspammers to jail for 200 hours which is apparently the max. Eventual you will be thrown into open pvp areas around lvl 30'ish its nothing cleaver or new, now sabotage most got kill monotony unless I am missing a quest giver somewhere around there it's just kind of meh, it's not boring but I am rarely excited but predictable ambush spots around questing areas you are going to be sent to "project human shield anyone?". there is quite a bit of trial and error finding the right class combination for you, assuming you don't have some ridiculous wait time, >1 hour  with 700 people in queue last time I tried to log in. The stories for each of the races don't really stay with me, standard cliché, elves, human, cat people and other humans, the labor point system feel more like a speed bump to convince you to become a patron which gives you labor points while your logged off as well with a few other perks. the gold spammers here are the worst I feel like a am blocking a new spammer roughly every 10 minutes or so. I managed to get to about lvl 16 but stopped after blocking my 17th gold spammer in an hour I figured that I should wait a bit while the expand servers, populations drops and spammers are burned at the stake and give it another go, if you're going to play this do some research on the class combos there are quite a few that give you a nice spreadsheet, I would also wait a few weeks for them to iron out the kinks, with that being said archeage has some promise if the game improves enough for me to push through to the end game a hopefully a ship to ship battle.