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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

Player houseing

Posted by knightfall98 Wednesday August 27 2014 at 9:25PM
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Playing housing, is somewhat of a niche not everyone has it and those that do are somewhat impressive however, I often ask myself "should I bother?"

I love the fact that you can own your own piece of virtual territory, or a place to stash you stuff and hang your trophies, in the case of the elderscolls game (not talking about the mmo) they save a useful purpose, stashing, crafting, and sleeping. The thing that keeps me on the fence about this future ii that they don't often payoff, what I mean buy that is it hype the gets you or the fact "I might as well" mentality. Take for instance SWTOR they are introducing player housing with customization, a place where you can display your accolades which is great if you have a long active friends list or in a guild. I however always seem to fall into a pit of inevitability in guild were no one is any longer playing and were friends have moved on to other things , matter how many times you have spat in the eye of a krayt dragon and lived to tell about it or that 13 headed hydra that spits acid, fire, ice, toilet water, diet cola, and water other element they happen to have its almost pointless without the bragging rights. I know I can always make new friends but then I become one of the friend that are devoured by the creature called real life. Then I saw wildstar I remember playing the beta so pardon me if my data is out of date, the housing aspect actually serves more than a place hold your stuff, its customizable and you can have stat boosting attachments and even a dungeon portal in your own front yard that sounds pretty amazing and incredibility useful, yes the crafting stuff is also nice but that has already been done. I have seen unite a few make your own quest features(city of heroes I miss you, and neverwinter) but nothing dungeon like, I am not sure if it's one you create or just a portal to a dungeon you have been too but hell it's pretty darn convenient. Before you even ask yes I know most modern mmos have a lfg feature for dungeons and what not but hoe many of them allow you to bring one to your front door?

Player housing isn't one of those mandatory things, it's like bike tassels if you don't have them you can still enjoy your bike if you do have them you set yourself apart (and probably feel awesome about it) it does have an effect on the game economy as crafting furniture becomes a thing and trophy grabbing its sounds like a decent end game time sink having to outfit your humble abode with dragon skulls, hydras tails, and pixie farts...scratch that last one. I remember that FF14 had a ridiculously high asking prices for their housing like several million for the smallest one but from what I understand the prices were high due to the money from the previous version of FF14 that a lot of players had. I would like a little bit more customization (is it too much to ask to be able to make castle greyskull and the thundercats tower?) thus far wildstar seems to have a bit more to offer at least in the housing. not quite necessity and note quit nonsense housing is the sprinkles on top of the icing of the cake.