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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

the "free" to play conundrum

Posted by knightfall98 Thursday August 21 2014 at 1:24AM
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I have been gaming for over 3 decades and the idea of free to play is good for me since I am now unemployed, however most of these "free" games sure don't hesitate to beat you over the head with pay wall or pay hurdles by that I mean you either need to pay of content or grind and pay using in game currency to buy access to something. There are quite a few games that have been around for a while, never winter, and marvel heroes had just recently reached its 1st year and the upcoming archeage.

Now I understand why certain things have to be bought  storage space for example is something I have come to accept as something that needs space on a server somewhere thus you will need to pay for it, and then there are vanity items also acceptable paying a few dollars to look like a chainsaw wielding ballerina makes sense.

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things

done right marvel heroes

you absolutely do not have to pay to unlock heroes or team-ups with a great deal of patience which is very easy since this game is fun, you can buy heroes and team-ups with eternity splinters. Special costumes, storage space and boosts must be bought with money. eventually you will need to buy storage but 5$ is reasonable for something like that and for game this fun it's a small price to pay  when you really enjoy a game

guildwars 2 and secret world  are unique ones you do pay but there is no online fee, so expect to see a lot of store stuff for pets, vanity, slots, boosts, and maybe even content, at least in the secret worlds case the games are an acquired taste for most secret world has some of the best quest I have played but the combat is to be desired and guild wars2 has the opposite issue, the stories are forgettable but the combat is very strong

done okay neverwinter

 I have mixed feelings for, I find the game rather enjoyable but pay speed bumps or pitfalls if you will, you need astral diamonds for practically everything worth buying which can be earning through daily quest like around 3-4k diamond for the tough stuff like dungeons but with a lot of the good stuff being around 100k it seems like your just chipping away just to get something like a upgrade for one of your companions maybe I am nit picking here, but they do offer sales from time to time you do have to get a good grasp of the astral diamonds to Zen (perfect worlds currency ) exchange rate

don't know yet archage

which brings me to archage from Trion, if you have ever played rift you have an idea of how the class system works as its identical save for the classes themselves, this is going to be a hybrid from what I can tell, you have a monthly subscription and you have the free accounts, those that subscribe will generate labor points which you need for crafting and Identifying items while off line I forget the max amount , they also can own housing and farm land which is limited. those like me that can't afford a monthly sub, will only generate labor points while online, cant own a house or farmland and have to use the "community" farm land or take their chance and have anyone take their crops. I wager there will be a cash store on top of all of that.

These are just my observations and my opinion which means absolutely nothing  thanks for reading, and I apologize for gramer.

Ariel_Arilon writes: Always nice to read a post from someone who has a historical mmorpg perspective! Keep on posting! & : ) 3 Ariel w/a bow Fri Aug 22 2014 1:37AM Report
macwood writes:

There is a simple solution to this, If you can not afford to play Archeage then don't. You make it sound like you are going to be forced in to playing... You get to level and pvp for free, just be happy with that.


It just sounds like to me that you want everything for free.

Sat Aug 23 2014 6:02AM Report
knightfall98 writes:

Dont get me wrong, macwood, free is good but I had a subscription to ff14 ARR for about 6 months and I didnt mind paying for the monthly fee, My issue is waht "free" to play mmo's charge, granted they are no were near as bad as the smartphone games or face book "games" if you can even call them that. I know those companies need to make money somewhere its when they put on there bandit masks and hold you at gun point.


Wed Aug 27 2014 8:54PM Report writes:
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