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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

skyforge impressions

Posted by knightfall98 Wednesday July 22 2015 at 10:29AM
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It's been awhile since I picked a game to speak about, I debated on the FF14 expansion or trying wildstar but since both require some cash the skyforge open beta seemed like a good choice because... free.

The story was interesting immortal god against typical evil spreading, but I honestly stopped paying attention after and hour or so as it was the same story line I have heard so many times before. The classes are nothing new tank, dps and support the only thing different is that the support class the lightbinder has no heals, not that you need them as most of the fights are soloable and as long as you pay attention you can destroy groups of enemies. 

I normally play dps so this time I choose the lightbinder, I honestly thought it was the healer but to my surprise no heals, still something  to look into protecting your allies and minimizing damage recieved I can't bring enemies down fast but they didn't exactly take to much out of me in most fights. 

Leveling is a bit different here instead of x amount of xp you gain stats from putting resources into nodes which resembles FFX or POE, there is however a ill conceived design, there are three different resources and not every node requires the same resource sparks of destruction for one node and sparks of cold for another.

The biggest drawback here is that you are limited as to how much you can earn in a week for every thing, I have only been at this game for a day at beast and have already capped a few resources and this is one a free 3 day premium account which everyone gets after a few missions. which I found to be insane they apparently don't want you playing this game a lot or something which seems counterproductive. 

The combat was quite fun easy to figure out what attacks to open with and finish with, the mechanics of the lightbinder were fairly easy to figure out, there have been a few action mmos where you freely move about not bound to numbers and magic tracking bullets and arrows.

the leveling is another thing I have to rant about, prestige to be more specific. when you use your sparks to buy nodes you get about 5 points added to your prestige, weapons also add prestige and the higher your prestige the more you have access to. In case you forgot about the limits to your resources you can see a potential issue with this, since you can't access certain content until you have a certain level of prestige. You can get more Prestige through leveling your weapons and that means grinding a few missions until you have high enough weapons or enough to break down and use to upgrade.

The game has some good potential there are quite a few classes to unlock and considering the amount of time it will take to get one unlocked it sounds like they want you to commit to a single role, the whole resource limit just sounds like a poor choice most likely to slow peoples progression to end game content Which I would be surprised if they had any at this point, if my premium account cant earn unlimited resources but earns them faster, it means I will cap early and have to wait till wednesday when it resets which means I would be wasting money.

The overall look of the game is unique and there are a few classes that look like they will be fun, if I ever get them unlocked that is, the game is in open beta and despite the limits it currently has, it will most likely change as more content becomes available. writes:
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