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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

dull blade and no soul

Posted by knightfall98 Wednesday March 2 2016 at 11:39AM
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I have been playing blade and soul for a while and I have enjoyed it enough to get my blade master to level 43, It has its hits and misses I love the combat style and combo mechanics but its fairly shallow in its attempt to force you through their cash shops just not as badly as some other free to play games. The new content introduced the warlock and they were kind enough to give you a free character slot which was rather nice of them, However I find it unacceptable that I cannot send any items I found for the warlock through the mail, apparently you have to buy ncsoft coins at least once in order to send mail, of all the shameful and lowly practices I have seen on a free to play mmo this one is the lowest. not only can i not sent those items or money there isn't a shared storage for your account, something that has been used in a number of countless mmo'. I know its a rather seedy way of keeping you on a treadmill but considering the hours I have already sank into my blade master just to get the weapons to evolve my sword, the fact I have warlock blades sitting in my storage that can't be sold and are completely worthless now that I can't send them to my warlock, at this point I just simply refuse to devote more time to this game, it has lost it's appeal. I am certain there are those that aren't going to be phased by my rant but on top of the countless bots I have to block, the ridiculous amount of grinding you have to do to get your evolution weapon, the unbalanced pvp it just not fun enough for me to keep playing it. The game had promise and a style that appealed to me but after the hype dies down it becomes yet another grindy, cash walled mess I am uninstalling this and making room for something else, should you have any questions about the game I can answer some of them, that is the end of my rant and have a good day.
Hluill writes:

Amen Brother!

Like you I have been hitting the wall in Blade & Soul as well.  The weapon upgrading, while a neat idea, turns into a huge loot and gold grind.

I love the different classes, but because it's a single story/quest line, trying them out is just painful.

Fri Mar 04 2016 6:12PM Report
Sourajit writes: It is a grind game. Sat Mar 05 2016 4:38AM Report
knightfall98 writes: I know its a grind game, every mmo has a expected level of grind, but its a difference of gently poked by a broomstick and running through a forest full of spiders with no clothes on, which would you rather do?. I have started drawing the line at games like this, for the most part grinding was more of a secondary thought and I was able to enjoy the game but as soon as 45 came around grindy grindy mcgrinderson, i remember few that made the grind minimal like guild wars 2, although I only dabbled in crafting. I realize also the single story path which make wanting to trying second time around, sisyphean if not an exercise of will power.  Sat Mar 05 2016 8:33PM Report writes:
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