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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

a wild adventure into wildlands

Posted by knightfall98 Sunday February 26 2017 at 4:38PM
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Ghost recon wildlands open bate was this weekend and I decided to try it out, with it dropping in about a week I found it fair to give a soft review of the game as I saw it on the console. 

Controls: nothing to weird here save for the vehicle controls, I dont understand why its so hard for ubisoft to make vehicles respond well but the cars turn like they are wheelchairs on ice and the helicopters oh man are they bad, I know they are supposed to respond like balancing a golfball on a bowling ball but did they have to be so literal? I found one with chainguns and missle pods and i thought I was in business to cause havok upon the cartel but it was like trying to use a urinal after having 12 drinks and having to stand 15ft away and the urinals sway. 

single play: this was very well done often in single play games with ai they are dumb as rock and aim with the accuracy of a lazy eyed chimp but as long as you keep a short leash on them ( keep them regrouping or giving them orders to fire they preform very well, there were only a few instance were the ai was dumbfounded do to glitches, like I went down only to have a enemy vehicle park on top of me.

co-op: i had a hell of a time finding a team that stuck together or seemed to know what they were doing, considering when you join, you are helping someone else and any progress you make doesn't save, which sounds like a bad mechanic there were a few missions I would have loved to have help with but I no one ever joined and I was limited to my friends list, need to have a more open means of getting others.

mechanics: I love a lot of the mechanics here, gathering info, the side quest, getting resources felt pretty satisfying

skills: the skills felt pretty deep I got to lvl 12 in the beta, there are some obvious paths to invest in to start, the synch shot for sure is obsoluty needed, but others give you an option of shock and awe tactics like a granade luancher, c4 and mines or some recon upgrading your drone and binoculars.

In short it was rather enjoyable save for the times I tried to use the hello or find a good team. I think I will wait till there are some good players to roll with and resolve any issue that they will no doubt have with servers.