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a few "free" games that cost to much

paywalls, payhurdles and a few games that anger me

Author: knightfall98

a wild adventure into wildlands

Posted by knightfall98 Sunday February 26 2017 at 5:38PM
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Ghost recon wildlands open bate was this weekend and I decided to try it out, with it dropping in about a week I found it fair to give a soft review of the game as I saw it on the console. 

Controls: nothing to weird here save for the vehicle controls, I dont understand why its so hard for ubisoft to make vehicles respond well but the cars turn like they are wheelchairs on ice and the helicopters oh man are they bad, I know they are supposed to respond like balancing a golfball on a bowling ball but did they have to be so literal? I found one with chainguns and missle pods and i thought I was in business to cause havok upon the cartel but it was like trying to use a urinal after having 12 drinks and having to stand 15ft away and the urinals sway. 

single play: this was very well done often in single play games with ai they are dumb as rock and aim with the accuracy of a lazy eyed chimp but as long as you keep a short leash on them ( keep them regrouping or giving them orders to fire they preform very well, there were only a few instance were the ai was dumbfounded do to glitches, like I went down only to have a enemy vehicle park on top of me.

co-op: i had a hell of a time finding a team that stuck together or seemed to know what they were doing, considering when you join, you are helping someone else and any progress you make doesn't save, which sounds like a bad mechanic there were a few missions I would have loved to have help with but I no one ever joined and I was limited to my friends list, need to have a more open means of getting others.

mechanics: I love a lot of the mechanics here, gathering info, the side quest, getting resources felt pretty satisfying

skills: the skills felt pretty deep I got to lvl 12 in the beta, there are some obvious paths to invest in to start, the synch shot for sure is obsoluty needed, but others give you an option of shock and awe tactics like a granade luancher, c4 and mines or some recon upgrading your drone and binoculars.

In short it was rather enjoyable save for the times I tried to use the hello or find a good team. I think I will wait till there are some good players to roll with and resolve any issue that they will no doubt have with servers.

dull blade and no soul

Posted by knightfall98 Wednesday March 2 2016 at 11:39AM
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I have been playing blade and soul for a while and I have enjoyed it enough to get my blade master to level 43, It has its hits and misses I love the combat style and combo mechanics but its fairly shallow in its attempt to force you through their cash shops just not as badly as some other free to play games. The new content introduced the warlock and they were kind enough to give you a free character slot which was rather nice of them, However I find it unacceptable that I cannot send any items I found for the warlock through the mail, apparently you have to buy ncsoft coins at least once in order to send mail, of all the shameful and lowly practices I have seen on a free to play mmo this one is the lowest. not only can i not sent those items or money there isn't a shared storage for your account, something that has been used in a number of countless mmo'. I know its a rather seedy way of keeping you on a treadmill but considering the hours I have already sank into my blade master just to get the weapons to evolve my sword, the fact I have warlock blades sitting in my storage that can't be sold and are completely worthless now that I can't send them to my warlock, at this point I just simply refuse to devote more time to this game, it has lost it's appeal. I am certain there are those that aren't going to be phased by my rant but on top of the countless bots I have to block, the ridiculous amount of grinding you have to do to get your evolution weapon, the unbalanced pvp it just not fun enough for me to keep playing it. The game had promise and a style that appealed to me but after the hype dies down it becomes yet another grindy, cash walled mess I am uninstalling this and making room for something else, should you have any questions about the game I can answer some of them, that is the end of my rant and have a good day.

skyforge impressions

Posted by knightfall98 Wednesday July 22 2015 at 10:29AM
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It's been awhile since I picked a game to speak about, I debated on the FF14 expansion or trying wildstar but since both require some cash the skyforge open beta seemed like a good choice because... free.

The story was interesting immortal god against typical evil spreading, but I honestly stopped paying attention after and hour or so as it was the same story line I have heard so many times before. The classes are nothing new tank, dps and support the only thing different is that the support class the lightbinder has no heals, not that you need them as most of the fights are soloable and as long as you pay attention you can destroy groups of enemies. 

I normally play dps so this time I choose the lightbinder, I honestly thought it was the healer but to my surprise no heals, still something  to look into protecting your allies and minimizing damage recieved I can't bring enemies down fast but they didn't exactly take to much out of me in most fights. 

Leveling is a bit different here instead of x amount of xp you gain stats from putting resources into nodes which resembles FFX or POE, there is however a ill conceived design, there are three different resources and not every node requires the same resource sparks of destruction for one node and sparks of cold for another.

The biggest drawback here is that you are limited as to how much you can earn in a week for every thing, I have only been at this game for a day at beast and have already capped a few resources and this is one a free 3 day premium account which everyone gets after a few missions. which I found to be insane they apparently don't want you playing this game a lot or something which seems counterproductive. 

The combat was quite fun easy to figure out what attacks to open with and finish with, the mechanics of the lightbinder were fairly easy to figure out, there have been a few action mmos where you freely move about not bound to numbers and magic tracking bullets and arrows.

the leveling is another thing I have to rant about, prestige to be more specific. when you use your sparks to buy nodes you get about 5 points added to your prestige, weapons also add prestige and the higher your prestige the more you have access to. In case you forgot about the limits to your resources you can see a potential issue with this, since you can't access certain content until you have a certain level of prestige. You can get more Prestige through leveling your weapons and that means grinding a few missions until you have high enough weapons or enough to break down and use to upgrade.

The game has some good potential there are quite a few classes to unlock and considering the amount of time it will take to get one unlocked it sounds like they want you to commit to a single role, the whole resource limit just sounds like a poor choice most likely to slow peoples progression to end game content Which I would be surprised if they had any at this point, if my premium account cant earn unlimited resources but earns them faster, it means I will cap early and have to wait till wednesday when it resets which means I would be wasting money.

The overall look of the game is unique and there are a few classes that look like they will be fun, if I ever get them unlocked that is, the game is in open beta and despite the limits it currently has, it will most likely change as more content becomes available.

archeage observational report

Posted by knightfall98 Friday September 26 2014 at 3:12PM
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Now that archeage has finally launched it already shows the same issues most new mmo's tend to have which is large queue to get in and gold spammers. First things to know if you don't already is its class system you can choose any three skills when combined give you a unique class title, in my case it battlerage + defense + vitalitism = paladin you get your result after picking your third class at lvl 10, you can switch out any of your classes for a price but keep this in mind they will be at lvl 10, so if you want to switch out your lvl 20 battllerage for say witchcraft it will be at lvl 10.  The races each have a different story and each get a mount quest around lvl 6 and then glider and boat at different times, I love the fact that you can decide which ability you want to unlock for each of the classes it gives me the choice of which skill I want on my ability bar. The mounts are unique for a number of reasons, first they have their own xp bar which only gains xp from your battles if tis summoned and riding around and you even unlock attacks you can perform while on your mount it's something I myself have ever encountered outside of an elderscrolls game (not the MMO) one must be careful as your mount can die and then you must resurrect it at the stable hand or use of potions it sounds hap hazardous to me, it's a killable minion that can't defend itself, it provides no boost, doesn't attack, even the frigging tiger mount which should respectively be able to attack but unfortunately its more useless than cringer from he-man, so in most cases I don't even bother haven it out during those kill X missions unless I know I can keep him safe, thankfully you can despawn your mount even if it's under attack and the enemy doesn't shift aggro to you so there's that. The trail/judgment system sound interesting I can't recall another game that literally put the fate of another into someone else's hands, I am not certain as to how the judges are chosen or even how the system works, what i don't know is that if someone catches you taking crops from someone else's farm you could get sent to jail I just wish we could send those goldspammers to jail for 200 hours which is apparently the max. Eventual you will be thrown into open pvp areas around lvl 30'ish its nothing cleaver or new, now sabotage most got kill monotony unless I am missing a quest giver somewhere around there it's just kind of meh, it's not boring but I am rarely excited but predictable ambush spots around questing areas you are going to be sent to "project human shield anyone?". there is quite a bit of trial and error finding the right class combination for you, assuming you don't have some ridiculous wait time, >1 hour  with 700 people in queue last time I tried to log in. The stories for each of the races don't really stay with me, standard cliché, elves, human, cat people and other humans, the labor point system feel more like a speed bump to convince you to become a patron which gives you labor points while your logged off as well with a few other perks. the gold spammers here are the worst I feel like a am blocking a new spammer roughly every 10 minutes or so. I managed to get to about lvl 16 but stopped after blocking my 17th gold spammer in an hour I figured that I should wait a bit while the expand servers, populations drops and spammers are burned at the stake and give it another go, if you're going to play this do some research on the class combos there are quite a few that give you a nice spreadsheet, I would also wait a few weeks for them to iron out the kinks, with that being said archeage has some promise if the game improves enough for me to push through to the end game a hopefully a ship to ship battle.

Player houseing

Posted by knightfall98 Wednesday August 27 2014 at 9:25PM
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Playing housing, is somewhat of a niche not everyone has it and those that do are somewhat impressive however, I often ask myself "should I bother?"

I love the fact that you can own your own piece of virtual territory, or a place to stash you stuff and hang your trophies, in the case of the elderscolls game (not talking about the mmo) they save a useful purpose, stashing, crafting, and sleeping. The thing that keeps me on the fence about this future ii that they don't often payoff, what I mean buy that is it hype the gets you or the fact "I might as well" mentality. Take for instance SWTOR they are introducing player housing with customization, a place where you can display your accolades which is great if you have a long active friends list or in a guild. I however always seem to fall into a pit of inevitability in guild were no one is any longer playing and were friends have moved on to other things , matter how many times you have spat in the eye of a krayt dragon and lived to tell about it or that 13 headed hydra that spits acid, fire, ice, toilet water, diet cola, and water other element they happen to have its almost pointless without the bragging rights. I know I can always make new friends but then I become one of the friend that are devoured by the creature called real life. Then I saw wildstar I remember playing the beta so pardon me if my data is out of date, the housing aspect actually serves more than a place hold your stuff, its customizable and you can have stat boosting attachments and even a dungeon portal in your own front yard that sounds pretty amazing and incredibility useful, yes the crafting stuff is also nice but that has already been done. I have seen unite a few make your own quest features(city of heroes I miss you, and neverwinter) but nothing dungeon like, I am not sure if it's one you create or just a portal to a dungeon you have been too but hell it's pretty darn convenient. Before you even ask yes I know most modern mmos have a lfg feature for dungeons and what not but hoe many of them allow you to bring one to your front door?

Player housing isn't one of those mandatory things, it's like bike tassels if you don't have them you can still enjoy your bike if you do have them you set yourself apart (and probably feel awesome about it) it does have an effect on the game economy as crafting furniture becomes a thing and trophy grabbing its sounds like a decent end game time sink having to outfit your humble abode with dragon skulls, hydras tails, and pixie farts...scratch that last one. I remember that FF14 had a ridiculously high asking prices for their housing like several million for the smallest one but from what I understand the prices were high due to the money from the previous version of FF14 that a lot of players had. I would like a little bit more customization (is it too much to ask to be able to make castle greyskull and the thundercats tower?) thus far wildstar seems to have a bit more to offer at least in the housing. not quite necessity and note quit nonsense housing is the sprinkles on top of the icing of the cake.

the "free" to play conundrum

Posted by knightfall98 Thursday August 21 2014 at 1:24AM
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I have been gaming for over 3 decades and the idea of free to play is good for me since I am now unemployed, however most of these "free" games sure don't hesitate to beat you over the head with pay wall or pay hurdles by that I mean you either need to pay of content or grind and pay using in game currency to buy access to something. There are quite a few games that have been around for a while, never winter, and marvel heroes had just recently reached its 1st year and the upcoming archeage.

Now I understand why certain things have to be bought  storage space for example is something I have come to accept as something that needs space on a server somewhere thus you will need to pay for it, and then there are vanity items also acceptable paying a few dollars to look like a chainsaw wielding ballerina makes sense.

There is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things

done right marvel heroes

you absolutely do not have to pay to unlock heroes or team-ups with a great deal of patience which is very easy since this game is fun, you can buy heroes and team-ups with eternity splinters. Special costumes, storage space and boosts must be bought with money. eventually you will need to buy storage but 5$ is reasonable for something like that and for game this fun it's a small price to pay  when you really enjoy a game

guildwars 2 and secret world  are unique ones you do pay but there is no online fee, so expect to see a lot of store stuff for pets, vanity, slots, boosts, and maybe even content, at least in the secret worlds case the games are an acquired taste for most secret world has some of the best quest I have played but the combat is to be desired and guild wars2 has the opposite issue, the stories are forgettable but the combat is very strong

done okay neverwinter

 I have mixed feelings for, I find the game rather enjoyable but pay speed bumps or pitfalls if you will, you need astral diamonds for practically everything worth buying which can be earning through daily quest like around 3-4k diamond for the tough stuff like dungeons but with a lot of the good stuff being around 100k it seems like your just chipping away just to get something like a upgrade for one of your companions maybe I am nit picking here, but they do offer sales from time to time you do have to get a good grasp of the astral diamonds to Zen (perfect worlds currency ) exchange rate

don't know yet archage

which brings me to archage from Trion, if you have ever played rift you have an idea of how the class system works as its identical save for the classes themselves, this is going to be a hybrid from what I can tell, you have a monthly subscription and you have the free accounts, those that subscribe will generate labor points which you need for crafting and Identifying items while off line I forget the max amount , they also can own housing and farm land which is limited. those like me that can't afford a monthly sub, will only generate labor points while online, cant own a house or farmland and have to use the "community" farm land or take their chance and have anyone take their crops. I wager there will be a cash store on top of all of that.

These are just my observations and my opinion which means absolutely nothing  thanks for reading, and I apologize for gramer.