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The reasons why World Of Warcraft movie dystocia

Posted by kmeninse Monday April 15 2013 at 4:43AM
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Blizzard's the project of World of Warcraft film has been brewing for five years, the original plan is expected to be releases in 2013, but has not started making the movie, in which the film director is a big problem, they spend a lot of time to choose who is the suitable person to this film, director Duncan Jones added in 2013, Blizzard will give us what surprise?

In fact, Blizzard also know very little successful film, which video games adapted inti the live-action film, the film adaptation of the novel is even more simple, because novel in the reader's mind does not a fixed image, the chief executive officer Thomas Tullssaid: the movie wants to be successful, you must first forget the game, and concentrate on the story. So what exactly causes video games adapted into a movie so difficult?

1.Screenplay, director, actor, special effects, these are the hardware conditions for movies, which are the fundamental factors to determine whether the work is excellent. The same, video games adapted into a movie, also have been affect by these factors.

2.degrees of freedom, the world view, why the game appealing? Because the player can controls a role, can be integrated into the game world, personally dialogue with the NPC, fight the BOSS, but film is impossible to do this. This has resulted the game adapted into a movie have a great difficulty.

3.Different audience, different groups, different tastes. Game adaptation of the film, it means to cater to two groups of people: movie-audience, game players. there are different pursuit between them: the movie-audience, pursuit of the story, acting, special effects; but game players pursuit: the movie plot is consistent to the game plot? The image quality of the actor is consistent to in the game?  Meet the requirements of these two directions at the same time, not easy!

4.WOW game sales well five years ago, but two years later, the film can be available, how many players play the World of Warcraft game at that time? Unpredictable

Of course, we can not give up everything when have some difficulties, as players, we still look forward to the World of Warcraft film, I hope that Blizzard will give us a big surprise.