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Breaking the Genre Norm;

Posted by kinido Sunday July 11 2010 at 1:42PM
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So lately, ive been looking for a game to play, either free to play or pay to play. Both of those models are quite alright with me, but yet, ive come up short again. Ive done this search many a times throughout the last year because none of the new games seem to be worth the time, or they are just like every other MMO out there. This time though, a question arose in my mind, why are all of the games that are coming out none imaginative? or just rip off's of movie franchises, wheres the creativity? the different? and the new? Why does no one seem to have the balls to try and break out all the way from what is the norm? Heres my thoughts on why no one seems to be able to break this mold..

 Fantasy seem to be the most popular genre for current MMO's because you really cant go wrong, especially if your a new company your going to want to create something that you know will please the masses, and has a very easy list of steps to create. Insert Elves, dwarfs and humans, throw in some sparkles, colorful landscaping and oversized armor and bam, you have yourself an MMO. Heres the thing with just doing that, there are probobly over 200 other mmo's out there that are just like that, either F2P or P2P. It seems as if when the developers of a game are working, they just throw in maybe one new revolutionary thing and hope that it works, just to give its game the publicity and hype that they want.

[[ Heres an example, Aion decided that they were going to honestly focus most of their hype on the fact that you can fly and do battle in the sky, well, Perfect World has had that cocept down for a couple years prior to the release of Aion. ]]

Every "new" MMO is trying to follow this trend of being revolutionary and new, when yet, most of the things that they do, a game has previously done before. Flying, Swimming, Customization, its all been done, so why do they keep trying to throw the same crap at us? They are scared, i honestly think that no major MMO company has the balls to try and break the mold. The only companies that ive seen try, are small indie ones that fail due to bugs and lack of funds.

If one company could actually break that mold, then hell, they would wipe out all other competition, because i myself along with thousands' of others are getting to the end of their MMO life since everything is just the same, i grew up on EQ and that is what i base everything off of, so its hard for me to find a game that can bring justice to my EQ days, which it seems as if none can.

Games are becoming easier, they are becoming more graphic intense which yeah, graphics are nice, but the fact that none of the games that have graphics have gameplay worth a dime or content to last more then a month, makes it hard.

Why cant anyone just be brave, be bold, and break the mold? There are so many other genre's that could be used, and made extremely successful if they were done right, to name a few ... :

1. Pure underwater mmo, like a true atlantis game, hell, i think that many people would play a game that was based underwater and you went above ground every once and a while. Its completely different from what we have, and it seems that some games are slowly trying to the mechanics right [[ World of Warcraft, Cataclysm ]] but it would still be pretty bad ass if someone did this.

2. No classes ; This would be a pure sandbox game, which would help many games stay alive and strive forever, especially if somenoe didnt have to reroll or start over everytime they got bored with their main, i know for a fact that i myself have quit games due to not liking my main and hating having to reroll to fill another class spot.

3. No Levels; Most people play MMO's just to play, not to spend 5 hours to gain 1 level. People want to be able to have fun, not wait til they are max level to enjoy a game, make it fun from the beginning, let people jump right into it, newbies and pros alike, make it challenging.

Thats just a couple things that i honestly would believe to help any MMO company out there break the mold and wipe out the competition, but for now, we all just sit and wait hoping that the game we want to be released will be the one that changes everything for our gaming experience. I myself am waiting for Guild Wars 2 and FFXIV because ive been a fan of both for a very long time, vet on FFXI and GW so im hoping that those companies can do it right.

Yeah, this is pretty much just a rant, but its just a way for me to gather my thoughts and see what anyone else thinks about this genre mold that we seem to be stuck in.