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Good News Week

I bring you news, well the good news of course. Now shut up and listen troll.

Author: kikan1

Vindictus: Talking trash

Posted by kikan1 Thursday September 23 2010 at 8:15AM
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Ahhhhh Vindictus, a brand new MMO thats recently hit the market. With impressive graphics, the ability to use the environment as a weapon and it's free! Now this game is in the beta stages of production, and so far its holding out to be a good game to appeal to a wide variety of gamers out there. Now something has just hit me, people are starting to complain and trash talk about this game, while people are entitled to their own opinion, some just sort of get out of hand.


Vindictus is currently in BETA, this is the time where people report any bugs that have ridden the game with frustrating  moments, such as trying to kill that epic boss, then getting hit with massive lag or the game crashes. I know these might seem as a major problem, but this clearly is not a finished product and its obvious that this beta will be on for a while so that these bugs get an early fix. This currently brings me to my point, why are people complaining? Why are people trash talking saying that this game is ripe for the flames of oblivion?


Vindictus is a fun and enjoyable game, that will keep me occupied and glued to my computer chair for a while. The epic boss moments and adrenaline pumping combat, nearly keeps me on the edge of my seat. So fellow MMO'ers, what do you think? 

lisarob writes:

I think people were expecting alot more form Vindictus. 

If you take it for the game it is, its really good and fast fun.

Hope more games like this come out.

Seems some people are just not happy with any game they play. :P 

Thu Sep 23 2010 2:38PM Report
amifre writes:

My thoughts were quite similar to yours...

before i tried the game in the beta.

You see, i believe the gameplay is very boring and monotonic. Sure, it's pretty sweet to use the environment as your weapon, but eventually you'll end up using the same sword and the same not-as-awesome-as-at-first-smash-against-the-wall-and-kick-groin attack. the only difference is how many times you will die while trying to kill the boss. Also, Nexon promised the dungeons would change and you'll never play the same dungeon. Well... i watched a Youtube video before playing and i played the exact same dungeon as the youtube video. After playing the same dungeon three times, i decided it was enogh and i logged off, never to log in again.

What I'm saying is, I cleared my next 72 hours on my schedule for this game and no, it didn't last more than three for me. I'm back here, looking for new F2P games to entertain myself.

You might say  I quit too early, or the game just isn't for me, but I'm telling you: apart from the "awesome" hack-and-slash fighting technique, the game is plain BORING. Horrible story, tiny city, boring quests and same old dungeons. You know what? In My opinion Nexon's best game is still Maplestory.

But then again, that's just my opinion.

Thu Sep 23 2010 2:42PM Report
kikan1 writes:

You are entitled to them.

Sat Sep 25 2010 9:14PM Report writes:
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