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Good News Week

I bring you news, well the good news of course. Now shut up and listen troll.

Author: kikan1

Vanguard: Fighting to stay alive

Posted by kikan1 Monday September 20 2010 at 8:58PM
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As a fellow Vanguard player, I have been shown the capabilities of what a MMO can achieve and bring to the market. I know that people say that Vanguard had a bad launch, and it was so bug ridden you couldn't even  play for around 30 seconds. Now that brings to my attention of what Vanguard is now: It is one of the best MMO games out there, but it has a big fatal wound that will soon show the demise of it.


Good words to the Vanguard vets for keeping this game alive, I know it might not seem as enough to fix some of the problems it still has, but you people have given some people the chance to play one hell of a great game out there. Which then brings me to another thing, SOE is planing to introduce a free to play system and somehow implant it into this game, thats not a bad idea as this brings in newcomers, but i just really hope it works so Vanguard can fight to see another day.

Mystik86 writes:

Vanguard needs more than just a new payment model. It needs the collective minds of SOE to get their asses in gear and start actively developing the game.

Tue Sep 21 2010 11:13AM Report
kikan1 writes:

Exactly, they need a big slap and get told a lesson.

Wed Sep 22 2010 3:21AM Report
rvhausen writes:

Did they ever restore the graphics to their original quality?  I figure today's systems could handle them now.

Wed Sep 22 2010 9:25PM Report
kikan1 writes:

Yes today's systems are capable of handling them now.

Thu Sep 23 2010 12:18AM Report
Giddian writes:

I bought this game on Release and was outraged that they would release this Bug ridden EQ2 Clone. Didn't even finish my free month. Came back to it a year later when all I heard from the fans of how polished the game had become, once again, Lied to. Still bug ridden and cancelled again. I will not waist my money again on this game. IF it goes free to play, I MIGHT give it another go.

Thu Sep 23 2010 7:10AM Report
Hluill writes:

It's a solid game.  And I have managed to make some friends.  But it is  the same gear-and-level-centric grind-fest  that all the others are.

Thu Sep 23 2010 12:33PM Report
kzaske writes: Vanguard has run out of chances in my book. Been there done that, cover it up, it's dead. Sat Sep 25 2010 12:24AM Report
Myrdynn writes:

it would be a good game if there was any sort of character advancement available at all.  No talent tree, no AA's no customization at all.  Every single char of that class is exactly the same, sans gear

Sat Sep 25 2010 5:44PM Report
Haplos writes:

Played it, got big had fun, but as Hluill writes, it's nothing new.  Maybe I've just been playing too long but  would still like that magic of your first one/UO/EQ. 

Frist great because it's all new.

UO brought a whole new meaning to mmo's and the pvp was to die for(g).

EQ monster graphics (compared to what we were used to), well thought out challenges and a system that rewarded success while punishing failure.  Immersion  was there and I'm not sure why but I was the character...played it in frist person and I never do that...great game.

Now I really want someone to show me some more magic, if I knew what it was it wouldn't be new.......something really inovative.  I see wearing a headset and having 360 degree immersion as a possible, but don't really care as long as new and exciting.  

vanguard was ok, but not one I put up as anything special.

Sun Sep 26 2010 12:19AM Report writes:
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