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Good News Week

I bring you news, well the good news of course. Now shut up and listen troll.

Author: kikan1

Titans Shadow

Posted by kikan1 Friday September 17 2010 at 8:34AM
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Hello everyone.

First off id just like to let everyone know, that i think the MMO genre is getting a little bland. Now this my own personal view, so feel free to tell me what you think I will gladly take any helpful info or ideas on this. Ok so now on with this


I'm starting to feel that MMO's should get a makeover, well not a makeover but maybe they need to renovate here and there, but i feel as though a lot of developers are getting lazy. I have to admit I am seeing some amazing products about to be released, with the likes of RIFT, TERA, TOR, GW2 and a plethora of some great MMO's coming out soon. But i'm positive that 90% of developers have lost this passion for creating these great games. I certainly do have a passion for them but my skills in games development is low, but one thing i can show you is my idea on these things and I hope you take a look and read some of them. (I also borrowed some info from other games, put them with my ideas and see how it turned out and i'm pleased)


Titans Shadow

Open world, single server, single shard: Titans Shadow supposed to be the fantasy game that did away with multiple servers and zones in a game. The world was supposed to be seamless and for everyone.

Skill-based advancement system: No levels and rigid class structure here. Instead, the game's advancement was base don doing. You want to improve your sword skill? Go swing the sucker around for a bit. Want to learn to cast magic? Practice makes perfect.

A great pathing system: Many people will applauded its impressive pathing system.

Live Content: The idea behind this feature was to have developers act as GMs, providing unique and interactive experiences for the game's players on a regular basis. While this wont  replace your standard array of quests, it was meant to supplement them and give the story the feeling of being alive, interactive and changeable through player actions. 

Unique Minion System: Minions, would give your character more versatility. They are supposed to be an entourage of NPCs that could travel with your character. Playing a Warrior and need some healing support? Get a Priest minion. Players would have some control of the minions in much the same way that pet classes control their pets in most MMOs.

Exciting PvP: Prepare yourself for the most spectacular of castle sieges, amazing territorial wars and the most brutal fighting in arenas, Titans Shadow will amaze you in many possible ways

Become a Demigod: Challenge one of the powerful Titans, and receive the gift of a Demigod. Bring in the power of the seas, the might of the volcanic earth or the fearful spells of the underworld. You will also receive powerful armor and the ability to transform into a Titan during PvE. But beware as there might be a worthy challenger or another powerful Demigod waiting to destroy you.

Introducing all new TvT: The Titan of the server can command his forces and challenge the other titan in TvT combat. This truly is revolutionary game play.

Thats about it! I have been thinking of this for a long time. Just hope I can make it become a real thing.

But most importantly, thank you to those for reading. If i get enough views or comments i'll bother making another one and show you....My ideas for a MMO writes:
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