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The "free to play" and the "pay to win" games with a ranking

After read a lot of what means a game be free to play, i decided try get a good definition that can be applied at all games that are free to play, like say be sports, and create a ranking "of pay to win" that helps in decide if worth try or not try.

Author: khermerker

1st class of

Posted by khermerker Sunday August 3 2014 at 8:12PM
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Sometimes games do events that give cash items or even some cash that you can use. they are still "pay to win", yes basicly the event dont change the fact that you cant get it in other way and the time between those events are so large that you use those cash in the first priority. But almost all games do events so all fall in to this first class of pay to win, right?. sadly not it need 3 conditions for be able to be the lowest class for me and for now :P.

1.)All items in the cash shop have chance to enter in the event at some point.

2.) The Event must be possible for non cashers

3.)There must be a good number of events


Basicly means that any game in this class of "pay to win" can make a free player go to any other casher with a long time spent. but probably if you miss the event sorry for you ;P.

This class basicly plays with the time in the definition of "pay to win" want have the best that this game can offer... play from beta and with luck you can be, before  we close the server. Is kinda easy know when a game fail in the conditions 2 and 3, but only some players can say about chance of 1st happen.  and 2nd is probably the one that fail a lot of games... some events are like refine a weapon to +10.  really expect a no  casher player in the time of event do that when he dont even have a weapon +5 in all the time he has played the game?.  

IN other times appear cash only event items...that appear again from time in time...if they offer stats that effects lvl cap and there is only for casher players those games are out of this class 1 too. Basicly class 1 for me is meant to games that have a good chance of be top without expend a penny. 

my first definition

Posted by khermerker Thursday July 24 2014 at 8:36PM
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What means a game i pay to win, when i read IGN article i thinked that a definition of "Pay to win" were accepted by all, but sadly that is far from true. There is a lot of games that have discusion about if they are "Pay to win" or not. 

I think that is good for the gamer community accept and unifiy a definition of "pay to win" and a ranking of how much is that pay to win game so the rest of players can decide if try or not try that game.


A "pay to win" is a free to play game that have one conditions, apart that only apply to free to play games where exist a cash shop where you have to use real money and have items that affect the game play.

1.) There is no way for non expender players get the effect of those items in the game in a fair amount of time .

2) Exist a diference with a char that have the effect of item or not in the lvl cap of game.

How much time is fair; that depends but the averange of life of a game is no more of 5 years aprox. so if exced the time of life of game basicly we can say that a player cant get it.

  I will start saying explainning why i define like that. The "pay to win"  must have the condition of "Pay" and that is the first condition, that is only people that pay can have it and win some will say 2nd dont ensure win but the point its not ensure wining is more increase chance of wining.

Now lets evaluate some items to see if they are pay for win or not.

The exp boost... some say they are pay per win others not...and basicly depend of long you need to lvl up in game...and get lvl cap. IF FOR GET LVL of max map  you need YEARS then is a pay for win item, i really dont know yet a game that for get lasts maps you need a largue amount of time without that item so basicly dont exist a game that have that item as "Pay for win"

One personal (slot expansion character). well its not a "pay to win" item, but is kinda annoy when a game have it only in cash. MultiAccount is banned of games usually still a lot of people do it, reason ...want explore more chars so well dont really think that item worth much the effort..:P. But a only cash char is well "pay to win" reason ...i cant make other account and get the effect that is have other char  except if exist a non cash char that have same base stats and skills. 

Last can work in Card Games too, basicly any card game that have cards only avaliable to cash players where no exist a card with same effects, stats, etc.


I hope hear your opinions about this definition and work in something that community can really agree. i will desing a scale of "pay to win games" based in the effect of the item and the difference.


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