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Anime Online : The Project

This is for anime fans and PvP MMORPG players. The goal is to break through MMORPG walls and create the ultimate turn-based Action MMO of the future.

Author: kevindbz

Anime Online : The Project

Posted by kevindbz Tuesday November 25 2008 at 8:08AM
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When you play a MMORPG, do you ever get the feeling that your character is insignificant to the online world you’ve grown to love? Do you ever feel like no matter how high of a level you get, you’re still not noticed or respected by everyone that plays with you day in and day out. There are millions of players that can be registered to one game at a time and you just can’t find your place in that world anymore. Allow me to introduce to you the future of MMORPGs, Anime Online.
This is a game unlike any other because of its abilities to cover everything and anything in the MMORPG world we’ve come to love. This game is not only designed to reach heights never reached by any other game, but to be without limits itself, including diverse marketability. A dragonball game markets to dragonball fans, a Naruto game markets to Naruto fans. “Anime Online” will be designed to meet everyone’s expectation, reaching an audience known world wide as gigantic, but never tapped into for MMORPGs, which is a genre way ahead of its time. The game would be initially intended for Computer platforms only, and will be purchased but free to play with a cash shop.

Anime online will take place in a very developed, tall, complex, and populated seven city based world. These cities train everyone to be fighters at a reasonable age because it’s world is constantly at war for money and property. Each city will have its very own characteristics showing cultural and economic history, economic is reactive to game players buying and selling and winning or losing wars. The way Anime Online takes the next step with cities in MMORPGs is they are destructible, and are able to be rebuilt. What would call for the destruction of a MMORPG city? Anything you can think reasonable in a video game of course. If a gang of wild monsters decide to attack a town (game event), I want people to react according. If they do not protect fast enough the town will be reasonably damaged. Buildings will be wide open or collapsed like a World War 2 game, and other economic things will be affected as well. I want Anime Online players to take pride in the city they first logged into for reasons being, attack resistance, average safe time, population count, famous people originating from there (will explain later), rare items only found there and much more. All of this will be easily accessible to view from the player’s menus at anytime. Not only will cities be the foundation of this game in ways of pride and meaning for the players, but a place of opportunity. In MMORPGs today, players can learns skills and make items and take care of themselves. Anime Online takes it a step further, a person with no money what so ever can learn the trade of a blacksmith or a potion maker, and work for the NPC shops through out the city, giving you a head start into the expensive MMORPG trading world. Once players are exceeding in the game, they can buy business buildings and offer to buy out other players on buildings already owned for a constant real-time income, depending on how well the economy is doing of course.

Your Character
This will be the main success of this ever lasting game. The character development system will touch every aspect of Anime, period. Thus meaning there will be no need for any Anime game after Anime online. There will be no two people who look alike in this game unless intentional for a character’s family twin simulation. There will be no two people who are exactly the same strength due to a system I will explain soon enough. My goal with Anime Online for characters is that everyone who plays will feel like they are living their characters very own anime, written by them.

Character creation will be reviewed as the best character creation of all time. It will begin with how the player wants this character to behave. Is it evil? Is it Heroic? Is it cowardly? Is it clueless of how amazing it is? These characteristics and many more will all fall into its place in the combat mode (will explain later). After deciding on a personality, it is followed by a set of speech phrases used in combat. Each personality has more then 10 sets of catch phrases. One the player decides on a set, they can now determine a pitch they want the voice to be projected at. High pitched voices for friendly and silly, lower for serious and evil. All of this is of course doubled for the females to have their own sets. Once you have made a spirit for your character now you must choose a battle theme song. This is an option to choose one of the very few provided, or to choose a path for the game to find the song in your music library you wish to play when someone challenges you (player vs. player combat, will explain later). This will create a stronger attachment between the character and the player. Now that your character is made before you even know what it looks like, the customization begins. A lot of problems with MMORPGs is age variety. Anime is famous for having even the weakest looking of enemies surprise you when they show and prove. The age feature will take classics like “spirited kid” to “bad ass hermit,” classic anime characters that are never out dated. More importantly, the younger characters will have an upright walk and fighting stance with younger emotion actions, while the “bad ass hermit” selection with have an older presentation, but will be able to school plenty of youngsters in the art of combat. By now the player’s character is more complex and original then any other game he or she has played ever, and before they get to physical appearance. The physical is self-explanatory for the most part but I will elaborate on the idea behind it. Anime Online will feature sculpting for areas like height and weight, muscle tone, the hair adjusting length and width, positioning the nose, ears, mouth, jaw, and such, but in restricted ways so a player can not concave their characters face while sizing a nose. Then they will be given a priced, and endless supply of clothing for their character in what is popularly known today as a cash-shop. If un-wanting to pay the cheap prices comparable to McDonalds to customize their character in endless ways, they will be given a very limited set of clothes to begin with. This will take the customization of the player’s characters to the highest height achievable in a video game for the cash-shop can be updated with new releases of clothes every month. Plus: outfits can be saved for quick transformations.

Combat/ Weapons/ Leveling/ Quest
This is where most MMORPGs are focused around, but do not attempt to think outside the box and adapt to what other genres are doing to make fighting games more exciting and realistic. Anime Online adapts the timeless game feature of cinematic combat. Mostly used in games like Shenmue for Dreamcast, Dragonball Z Budokai 3, and some newer titles like Sonic Unleashed. Anime Online is designed to allow the player to feel they are watching their character battle it out as seen in anime fight scenes, also making the game more fun and less grind. Camera angles, constant surprises, and smart talking the enemy are just some of the key elements in this area of the game. For Anime Online what I envisioned is eliminating the idea that stronger level equipment equals a victory. In fact, I’m excited to say Anime Online would eliminate strength in weapons and introduce a very under used system of pure character stats. A player can decide to train their character to be agility based, and it would affect the match a lot more then just the ability to sometimes dodge and attack. For example, If your character is in a Player vs. Player match, If a player is considerably faster then you, they will impressively dodge and attack you quickly in cinematic form embarrassing you greatly. If the player is tremendously weaker then you, your character will be un-flinched by attacks, embarrassing the enemy just as much. Now the need for weapons will become minimal in battles but they become a strong entity in your characters image. The need to constantly change swords or staffs for stronger abilities becomes a thing of the past and you can enjoy having a weapon that is unique and appealing to your likes. With that comes the weapon styles like swords, two-handed swords, nunchucks, staffs and such, being able to be replaced by more customizable designs and comical things like a skateboard sword or a dinosaur bone staff. The endless possibilities are what give the cash shop such a strong presence in the character customization. Therefore certain weapons being used the most for their abilities are eliminated. Also meaning, items will not be restricted by level at all, for it depends on the user’s strength entirely. Leveling itself with consist of Player vs. Environment training at its minimum. Low level training will mostly (because it will be faster) be done against equal level players in a friendly training ground at your home town, preparing for war. Great experience will be given for PvP through out the whole game, thus giving drive to be in the war after no longer being allowed in the training ground. Most PvE will be missions or quest assigned by City Mayors, passed to the training grounds and ultimately your player. Now instead of having the player do these quest alone unlike most story lines in video games, it will be a “Party only” quest, this will force even the loners to at least meet some people so they can acknowledge him as a loner when the quest is over. Now of course this quest is optional for continuing the story, but extremely valuable items worth a lot of money will be given upon completing the quest, once again giving the player that unavoidable need to be interactive and apart of the ever going world. Going even more into depth of character you can rebel against your city and fight one of your own outside the training ground, if you kill your ally you will become wanted and banished from the town until forgiven by the city mayor, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t take their revenge. This brings us to the ranking system.


Rank/ Fame/ Party/ Guild
Now a lot of games have a player rank system but most MMORPGs forgot about everybody after the top ten. This feeling of insignificance can cause a player to get bored or lose faith is their individual cause. Anime Online will use a series of ranks in a series of divisions in a series of types of reasons. To simplify here is one example. Under every city is a list of guilds, the four main guilds that built the city from the ground up (anyone can join), and the private player created guilds made by the richest. Each guild is ranked 1-30 (guild limit per city) and is kept alive by activity. Whichever guild contributes the most kills in the wars will be ranked higher then those who sit out on wars. Then within the guilds there will be rankings of who kills the most, who heals the most, who leads the most parties, and so on. This will give every a feeling that they too can be of some importance. Another community feature is how famous your character can be among fellow players. How to achieve fame? Simple. Every player is allowed to give every player one fame up in that character’s lifetime, if a character is satisfied with a trade, they can give the trader a fame up. This will cause the person with the most fame to become an idol or the face of a city, then guild. This also allows there to be a lot of famous people originating from different groups, giving more people the drive to excel and be somebody. When you party up with people, instead of them disappearing after the job is done, there can be a recent party list next to your friends list, making it easier to locate and meet up with the same people again. When a player is a well rounded, strong, and a famous character in the city he or she represents, they can pay money to be put up for election as the city mayor. Once nominated that person can be voted for amongst others to be elected as the commander and chief of war operations.

Pets and Mounts
The pet and mount abilities are a full cash-shop feature. A player will be able to be that much different with certain mounts like, a motorcycle, or a hover board, or an in game four legged monster. The possibilities are once again endless. Another thing that Anime Online will have as a big separation from others is evolving pets, yes so when a player’s pet levels up, it looks tougher and bigger and becomes more useful to the character, bringing the pets to life.

Final notes
This is a work in progress, changes will be made and things will be added on. A player can view all stats and rankings at their in-game military bunker computer.
© 2008



Loke666 writes:

It does sounds interesting, I am a big manga fan... Just hoping one of your "cities" will be something Trigun like :D

However the graphics will matter a lot, if you don't get the anime style graphics it won't work.

Tue Nov 25 2008 9:42PM Report
acme22 writes:

 I really like the ideas. Do you have a website too?

Wed Nov 26 2008 8:05AM Report
acme22 writes:

 It would be cool to see all the aspects that make Anime so fun back in the game. Also Trigun is awesome.

Wed Nov 26 2008 8:17AM Report
Cadexn writes:

Making an anime-style graphic is gonna be extremely hard. creating a 3d model of them for mmorpg rarely gives off the "anime" feeling (except for miku, her 3d models are not from this world!  )

Fri Nov 28 2008 9:15AM Report writes:
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