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I'm here to discuss various MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon Games), MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) and RPGs (Roleplaying Games). This will include game comparisons, and individual game reviews and commentary.

Author: kendre13

Adventures Unlimited

Posted by kendre13 Thursday August 16 2012 at 7:39PM
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You may have heard of MUD games before, such as Achaea, or Aetolia, but there are many games out there that you have likely never heard of. I am here to talk about one of these games in particular, by the name of Adventures Unlimited.
Adventures Unlimited is based in the land of Tharel. Within this wondrous realm, players have the opportunity to experience the world as one of a variety of different races, including Drow, Titans, Quicklings, Giants and more. Each of the races has it's own pros and cons, as can be expected of any worthwhile fantasy game. This includes racial traits, such as Drow being able to dual-wield naturally, racial skill advantages, such as Sylvan Elves  and Heishan Elves receiving the Sneak and Hide skills for free, and (of course) statistical advantages, such as Quicklings being faster and more dexterous than others.
Tharel also has a decent pantheon of 12 deities. Some games take their gods and goddesses from real-world mythos (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) and others take from other fantasy settings. Some names within AU's pantheon may seem familiar (Sylune, Goddess of the Moon), and others less so (MentMacro, Goddess of the Forest). Regardless, they have an interesting system in place for religious characters, including Temples, boons, offerings, avatars, and more. The Mythos of AU is interesting, but not the most engrossing read. It plays into a few plot-points within the game, so it would be worthwhile to read if you intend to check out AU.
As is typical of many games, AU has incorporated a clan system. Many other games such as World of Warcraft and Achaea have also incremented this system, but to a much better degree. To be frank, the clan system of AU is rather limited and lacking, from this player's perspective. There are only five clans (Mischief, Veldrin, Styrian, Ruatani, and Tzatru), and each incorporates its own roleplay guidelines, and has a set of help files, to guide their new members about. Even the Gods in the game can be in the clans, such as Markov (God of Earth and Stone) being a member of the Mischief clan. In this case, there are many systems out there that are MUCH better than AU's.
The character creation in AU is breathtaking, to say the least. It is extremely free-form, allowing you to choose which skills you have both at the start, and what you will gain as you level up in the game. Some skills can only be accessed at higher levels, as is usual. However, if you choose to have less skills for your character, overall, you will require less experience to level up. Meanwhile, if you try to have access to every skill in the game, you will take AGES to level up. I've managed to create a Titan Myrmidon with customized skills, using their Creation Points system. Having assigned all 150 possible points (how many you spend is optional), I made a character who ORIGINALLY needed about 1000xp for every single level. After having spent all those points, I now need 52,800xp to make it to level 2, and onward. The experience, unlike most games, doesn't vary level-to-level. I'll still need 52,800xp to make it from level 49 to level 50. This Titan (Jumjum), however, would be a much more powerful level 50 than one who only needed 1,000xp, however, because he has MANY more skills. By level 50, he would be able to counter, use second attack, third attack, fourth attack, and fifth attack, as well as be able to dual-wield and have proficiency with every weapon. As you can probably tell, the system is very fair, due to the fact that the amount of work put in is directly proportionate to the inherent potential of the character.
The only major downside to this game that I can see is that there is almost no player-base. Having checked the "Who's Online" link, it showed 5 players in the entire game, and 1 admin. This is a good game, fun to play, and with more players, I think it could really kick off into a fantastic game on par with other big MUD titles such as Achaea. So go check it out, and hopefully you'll find it as wonderful and entertaining as I did.