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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia


Posted by junitalia Friday August 28 2009 at 1:50PM
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This time I'm going to discuss the pro's and con's of Guilding. Now, most of my experience is mainly in WoW, but I'm sure if you'[ve guilded in one game, it's pretty much the same. Guilding can be fun and enjoyable if you know some of the people and they seem to be pretty cool about how they play and treat your guildies. Other times you end up in a guild that has a few morons in it that screw it up for everyone.


Recently I had left a guild because I felt it was only hindering my progress towards end game content rather than helping it. That and I'm almost 30, I'm passed the drama crap and I just don't care anymore. I'd rather spend my time worrying about bills or future goals outside of a game. Things that pertain to a real life ( I hear the graphics are nice but the content sucks).




Being in a guild offers you the ability to have help when you need it for questing, instancing, daily grinding, etc.


You're able to get into instances and raids fairly well and learn the new boss encounters


Having guild banks, vaults, housing, w/e it's called in w/e game allows you to trade and share items with everyone in your guild.


Having a like minded community means you can all be on the same page and understand what needs to be done to better both the guild as a whole and the individuals it counts on


For PvP you always have someone to watch your back and a back to watch


Some guilds are comprised of RL friends and family which makes it easy to settle things whether they're good, bad, complicated, or just plain weird


You always feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you sport your phat loots, your tabard, and your guild name proudly wherever you go, letting people know you're capable of handling your class and whatever instances you do.





Headaches. This includes people who join, raid the banks, vaults, houses, and then /gquit, GM's and officers who have no clue what they're doing or how to settle things properly, people who think they're the shiznit and try to show up their guildmates and anyone else to prove they have an e-peen, and finally, people who lack the maturity to properly play a game


Guild Banks. Good and bad. GM's...DO NOT MAKE YOUR GB's FULL ACCESS TO ANYONE! If it's like your wife or sister, that's fine, but to people you might not know or think you do and they screw you over afterwards, block them out! I've seen the rise and fall of good guilds over this! People work hard to make their guilds great and to have one personal steal it and vendor it all in one night is dispicable!


Immaturity. I realize children and teens play the games. If you're a reputable guild and are high end content driven, plz, plz, PLZ make sure a recruit in consideration gets onto a ventrilo or other type of server and make them talk. If it's a kid (and no offense guys, but majority of guild break up happen over kids being immature) make sure you watch him/her like a damn hawk! Just because they're in a game doesn't mean they need to not be supervised! I realize it isn't your kid, but it's your guild and if you want it to stay good, don't let your guard down!


E-Peen. Guys...plz...from the female p.o.v., stop it with the "my e-peen is bigger than yours" thing. It's another cause of guild drama.


Drama Llama. If you can't handle a situation maturely, /gquit now. If you loose a roll on something and then scream and yell about it till your face is blue on vent, you need to re-prioritize your life. IT'S A GAME! Get over it, roll next time. If you have a problem with someone, don't try to figure it out on your own. Involve your GM and officers so they can help handle it. There's a reason reputable guilds get by so well. Their GM's and officers are good and dealing with things.


So, all in all, stop whining, have fun. As I used to say in the BG's when people complained of objectives being stolen or lost....LESS QQ MORE PEW PEW!

Avarager writes:

I've been in a few guilds during my gaming experience and never once was I ever helped when I asked forcing me to solo basicly everything.  Only one game where instances were easy to get into and that is Warhammer Online.  Forced to grind on my own.  Basicly regardless of what guild I was in it was the same as being without one.

Now I've seen new people come into a guild and start drama for the hell of it and instantly being liked.  Same thing for immaturity.  I've always had problems against this, it just pi sses me off that I try hard to earn respect and such from others and fail hard when others can just poof out of no where and get triple respect easily. 

What I'm trying to say is that you're right about the E-Peen, Guild bank robbing and headaches.  Including the RL friends and family joining and the last pro of your list.  But other than that, everything else is just wrong.

Fri Aug 28 2009 11:34PM Report
theAsna writes:

The point is having a guild of like minded people. But progress oriented guilds have a common goal. That is progress and equates to item hunting in MMOs. In WoW that means raiding at some point.

As long as you share that common goal you're "in". If you take a break or your goals change you're "out".

You will have to deal with all that stuff that doesn't relate to playing the game when playing together with others. Item distribution, people getting along with each other, daily MMO soap opera, etc.


Sat Aug 29 2009 6:43AM Report
coldandnumb writes:

I have to agree with Avarager. I have played most of the major mmo's over the last 4 years and my experience has been very akin the Avarager's and not the OP's

 Most of the guilds that I have ever been in have been composed of an inner circle who do the things that the OP brings up and everyone else is "outside" you won't get hepled or even talked to unless the inner cadre is short a person for an instance run or something similar. It's even worse if the guild is composed or mainly RL family or friends then if you are not one of them you might as well just /gquit right off the bat afterall who are they going to help their girlfriend or you mister random person.

In the end everyone is free to run their guild how they want and more power to you. But I play these games for fun and to get away from the mundane drudgery of everyday life not to be bullied by elitist snobs to play the game to their schedule or liking or to join a guild just to say that you are in a guild and have better luck begging for Pugs in open chat then getting a guildie to help you.

Just my two cents your milage will vary

Sat Aug 29 2009 12:39PM Report writes:
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