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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia

Champions Online

Posted by junitalia Saturday August 22 2009 at 10:41AM
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I can't help like I've been through this scenario before...unique customization of a super being, helping innocent people against an evil threat on the streets of our beloved city, questing, questing, grinding, grinding, etc.


Champions online has caught my attention graphic wise because it sticks true to the "comic book" image. It feels as though you are inside a comic book. As far as the mechanics and other such things, you'll find it's the adaptation of an upgraded City of Heros and World of Warcraft. I liked it. I didn't love it, but I liked it. I wouldn't spend $40 on it and another $15 a month though.


You start within the city which has been turned into a warzone. An evil alien race has come to the city to take it over and with their arsenal they have cut off some powers that heros have. It's up to you to help the mayor maintain order, save civilians, and defeat the alien menace. Defender, the great superhero, will help you towards the end. Other superheros have taken to helping the police on the streets. Once you defeat the aliens there's a celebration in your honor, but the festivities stop short when 2 threats show up in Canada and the desert. You have to choose your destination and get ready to jump into the real action.




Extremely unique customization sustem of your hero's physical apperance as well as endless costume options, but also giving premade ideas for you to choose from


Coloring and shading your powers to be even more customizable


The comic book feel of the world and hero(s)


Choosing your travel ability (flying, blinking, speed running, etc.)


Rewards specifying exactly what archtype it's for to make your choosing simple


Allowing you to choose what kind of controls you'd like to use compaired to other games (before starting it will ask you if you want fantasy game controls or another kind, also allowing customization)


After passing the starting zone, you have a choice of two places you can go and help next




Attacking can become confusing and the controls wont always agree with what you want them to do


The storyline is, at times, too simple, and too boring


Sometimes the items given for rewards aren't always clear and the explanation of the system in which your archtype could benifit from with upgrades is vague.


I advise against full screen mode as it has a tendency to make graphics look horrible, playing in window is better


Some archetypes require you to fool around with your powers a little TOO much until you can find a comfortable sequence.


It's the same grind/quest-fest as City of Heros, WoW, and others like it so if you enjoy it that's cool, but I do it enough in WoW so I'm all fested out