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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia

MMO Etiquette

Posted by junitalia Wednesday August 19 2009 at 10:39AM
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I'm not going to review a game this time. Instead I'm going to go on a ranting spree about the language and etiquette in MMO's. It's very discouraging when I pay $15 of my good money to log into a game and all I see is people talking about blow jobs, sexual conquests, calling people inappropriate name, swearing like drunken sailors, and demoralizing other players...all in a chat that EVERYONE can see.


Yes, they also pay a monthly fee to play the game, but I have to say, the gaming community has gotten horribly immoral since the birth of WoW. When EQ was around, there was little to no banter in the trade and city channels. I can't log into WoW nw without having to hear someone say the F bomb or , like lastnight, talking about sexual activities with other player's mothers...and in a VERY inappropriate way. My question is, when did our community become so condescending and uncaring towards our fellow gamers? If a new person has a question that they generally can't find an answer too, don't call them a noob and tell them to quite playing. I know that now a days it's hard to tell who's a real newbie and who's not, but it shouldn't matter.


The bottom line is, please, for the love of god, stop talking about inappropriate things in channels where everyone can see it. Regardless that you may be an adult, not everyone who plays is.  And I'm sure they've figured out how to turn the filters off by now. Trade channels are for TRADING only (and not trading insults, in game stuff)! General chat is for chatter, but it's supposed to be IN GAME topics, not whatever you feel you need to get off your chest to the whole world. STOP THE SWEARING AND INDECENT SEXUAL TALK!


The web created outlets like forums, blogs, and personal info sites for gaming and other such nonesense for that reason. None of us want to hear about the hot chick you banged at the frat party lastnight then puked on cus you we're so tanked. Write it in your journal, your blog, your other sites for that stuff, don't talk about it in game. If you feel the need to, send a fricken whisper to your friend.  Can we focus on a community atmosphere like the good old days.

Annwyn writes:

WoW did not create this horrible community. The game was very accessible at that time and the every household slowly bought a computer. With the rise of the internet and the high publicity behind WoW it was it could not be avoided, kids started requesting their parent's card to play the only online game they see : WoW. 

What I mean is that if any game had that much publicity at that point (may it be EQ, DAoC, Shadowbane, etc), these immature players would've played these MMOs instead and not WoW.

Only older and more experienced computer users knew about EQ, Ultima, etc.

As for the main point of the blog, I completly agree :s It's horrible to watch the community of several games (from F2P to P2P) but there's not much we can do. Language filter often makes things worse.

Wed Aug 19 2009 2:22PM Report
Acidon writes:


I have to disagree.  While that may be true to an extent (maybe), I personally blame it on there being a new generation of online gamers since the EQ era (of the EQ glory days).  Now before people start tearing into me.. I'm not saying that all the youngsters are like that.. In fact I believe it's a small percentage.

I say this because EQ and DAoC had an impressive member base back in the day and things like this weren't the problem they are today.  I could be wrong.. but that's the way I see it.


I couldn't agree more.  Other forms of etiquette have gone completely out the window as well.  Receiving a tell before getting group/guild invites for one thing.  KSing, though a small problem years ago, is rampant now - and sometimes it seems like players think that's how to play. 

Gone are the days of consideration of your fellow player.  Everyone seems to be for themselves and it can seem like the "cool" way to be is to be an arse.  I can't say I understand gamers today.. But I often think about how things used to be.  :)

Great post.


Wed Aug 19 2009 2:52PM Report
Annwyn writes:


You pretty much repeated what I said :s "Only older and more experienced computer users knew about EQ, Ultima, etc." In other words, a more mature community.

My point was that if WoW did not exist or perhaps did not have as much publicity as there was, the phenomenon we see in WoW (immature community) would've been present in other MMOs including EQ or others.

Wed Aug 19 2009 3:49PM Report writes:
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