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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia


Posted by junitalia Sunday August 16 2009 at 12:01PM
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I've been seeing a lot of ink and web praise on this game. I'm very inpressed, but I'm also not. It has it's unique points and it's dull and srawn out points as do all games. I recently redownloaded the game after hearing the latest update and expansion to see if, maybe, it had gotten better. I had played this game when it was first released by nexon (cus yea, I used to play Audition). Lets say that while it still has it's impressive qualities, I'm still not sold.




Impressive and unique graphics


Choosing how far in you want to go with your magic or combat


A Sim's like gameplay style where working and doing jobs in a certain amount of time and having to feed yourself lest you become skinny and frail or feed yourself too much to become nice and plump is apparent and almost required


Unique fighting system


Questing is easy and very basic in instruction


You can choose from 3 races now


you do not need to be at the NPC to recieve a quest, it's delivered to you by owls.


The ability to make, play and sell music scores to play in game as well as a composure to help you create the music on the Mabinogi website.


Crafting is simple and entertaining


There are daily bonus' that change from day to day





The fighting system is harder as you progress in levels. The recovery time when hit is rediculously slow and trying to gauge an opponants moves isn't always clear. Sometimes fighting bosses is way more complicated than it should be.


You can only do odd jobs around town between certain times of the day


The music composure is complicated if you have no idea how to make music even after reading the help info.


crafting can sometimes get agrivating, especially when it fails constantly.


The gate portals open at night, but they only go to certain places and dungeon running is better at night since mana regens faster at night.



I've only gotten to level 16, but with so much stuff to do and not enough time in a day to do it (and considering I have ADD when it comes to gaming) I wasn't capable of keeping up or coming to any real goal. While I'm sure there are others who can accell well in this game, I'm not one of them. From a girl standpoint the game is cute and entertaining for a little while, but after that little while, it gets boring.

beauturkey writes:

 Contact me on the Mari server sometime, the name is Beau.

 I have been playing for a long time, and can help you out in some dungeons maybe! It's a perfect game for F2P, so you can take your time without worrying about the sub running out.


Sun Aug 16 2009 1:03PM Report
Annwyn writes:

My biggest issue with the review was that you stopped at Lv.16. In my opinion, it's hard to try a game such as Mabinogi when you've only played for such a small amount of time (though for a new player, reaching Lv.16 can take a bit of time).

Fighting is Mabinogi is really hard at the beginning but it becomes much easier as you come closer to your main character build (archery, magic, melee combat, etc)

I also suspect that you have perhaps tried only 2 or 3 different dungeon (Alby, Ciar, Longa/Par Ruins. Those are beginner dungeons). Each bosses have different ways to be taken care of
which adds a lot to the challenge.

As for crafting, like most skill-based games, you will be more successful as your rank goes up so it is slightly obvious to fail so much at the beginning.

I completly agree with Music Composition though, it's really a pain in the ass.

As for the Moon Gates, they only open at night with a single location in the first Continent. Mana Tunnels in Iria have no restriction aside from the fact that you must have visited those Mana Tunnels first in order for them to register (can be used anytime between 6 AM and 6 PM in-game time)

I want to make a small suggestion concerning Mabinogi:

Give the game another chance and at least rebirth once (can be done once your character turns 20 years old, no level requirements) and Focus on a single goal for the first reborn (crafting, fighting, exploring, etc).

P.S Also, Mabinogi appears to shines the most once you get to meet people and run dungeons with them.

Sun Aug 16 2009 2:46PM Report
junitalia writes:

I thank you both for being serious in your comments and not just hate words. The problem is, if it does't suck me in within a certain amount of leveling, I feel an obligation to not waste anymore time in it that I could be using on other gaming and whatnot. Quite honestly if I was thrilled to play it, I'd keep with it. But to also answer beauturkey, I might stop on by and take you up on it :)

Sun Aug 16 2009 5:45PM Report writes:
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