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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia

Blade & Soul: A Beginner's Guide

Posted by junitalia Friday January 22 2016 at 10:41AM
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Lyn Force Master

Lyn Force Master



STOP! Before you go charging in all nerd headstrong into this MMO I suggest reading up on a few things before walking in. There's an excellent "What to know" guide here on MMORPG by William Murphey. I'm going to be adding a few more things for you to know. Let's do a small checklist with some small descriptions for you fast minded people out there.


* DO NOT put your faction uniform on right away! This will flag you for PvP automatically and the opposing faction is waiting and counting on you to do this so they can give you your new guy hazing. Any outfit that says it takes time to put on is a PvP flag outfit.
* Conserve your dumplings and health tonics. Pick and choose the best time to use them. This game is all about timing.
* Upgrade your items as much as possible. While doing this, only use one upgrade item at a time. Trust me.
* Play the Foshi Pyre's wheel of fortune as much as possible! Everything you need will come from that wheel in the start-up area.
* There is no armor. Only outfits and accessories.
* Personal shields need to be upgraded as much as possible. You will need dust to do this so salvage the unneeded shield pieces first. 
* SALVAGE EVERYTHING! Weapons and shield pieces are salvageable. Do this if you don't need them. 
* Spend money wisely. It's hard to come by and no you can't just "play the auctions".
* You cannot trade until lvl 16
* You cannot spend skill points until lvl 17
* DO NOT skip cut scenes! For the time being this can cause you to crash.
* If you're not a preferred member be prepared for long que times if you choose a founding server.
* Know Your combos. Once you learn them, use them often to gain muscle memory.
* Your skills use force. Keep your force up as much as possible with your force gaining abilities. Spend your force wisely
* Know your tab skill and use it when available
Yea that looks like a lot of stuff to know. Trust me, it will save your butt in the end. I've had a blast playing this game and I do have more wisdom to impart to you on classes and your play style.
Easy Classes: Summoner, Force Master, Destroyer
Summoners are like WoW warlocks without the taint. You get a little kitty pet and you shoot magic sparkles at things. It's a face roll class, but still all about timing.
Force Masters: This is the class I play. If you like mages or warlocks with the thrill of battle, this is for you. They control fire and ice and knowing when to use them together is extremely important. Do not stand in place. You can move and shoot allowing you avoidability.
Destroyer: Me big axe. Me smash! Basically a barbarian class. If you like melee and smashing things in an easy to use setting this is the class for you. With that said, you're not indestructible. Be smart when playing this class.
Intermediate Classes: Assassin, Blade Dancer, Blade Master
Assassins: This class should be considered expert as it is the most timing sensitive class there is. Everything needs to be perfect to pull this class off properly. Think of Ninjas. Yea, Ninjas.
Blade Dancer: Considered an easy class, but it's more intermediate. This is a combination magic and melee class. If you enjoy having both at your disposal then this is for you. Again, timing is crucial to this class. 
Blade Master: The Fury warriors of Blade and Soul. Excellent with blocks and attacks. They can cause you some trouble. Their blocking is effective and their attacks are pretty steady. Getting close to one can cost you a fight.
Advanced Classes: Kung Fu Master
This is a serious class. Only serious applicants apply. It might not seem that way in the beginning, but when you get into higher levels this class will become a make or break for a player. You need to effectively hold a mobs attention and ensure you're putting out enough damage. This defense/damage balancing act is important. If you're going to PvE, you need to be serious on this. For PvP, your discipline in a balancing act isn't as strict, but it still needs to be maintained. 
That's about all I can tell you for now. Hope to see you in the game and having fun!

Launchers! Launchers Everywhere!

Posted by junitalia Saturday September 13 2014 at 4:10PM
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It's starting to seem as if every game is tied into itself. In a fact, they are starting to. It's a simple fact and it's actually making our games easier to download and keep all in one place. Gone are the days of waiting for ages for a game to download or having to go to several sites to download them. In this modern time we now have "The Launcher". That's right, it's a simple addition that makes things easier. Here's a list of some of them and add ons.


  • Overwolf
  • Raptr
  • NCSoft
  • Arc
  • Garena
  • Steam
  • Blizzard
Ok these are just some examples. There's obviously a ton more. These launchers and add ons are in place to help people connect and download easier. What would normally take Perfect World an hour to download is only taking, at most, twenty minutes (on my computer at least). Others like Overwolf are simply add ons that connect you with the community better. Steam is pretty much the top of the dogs in all of this. It has community, games, rewards and a crap ton more! You can get any of the games and download them pretty easy and fast. With anything there are perks and then there are faults. Steam, for example, has to be running in order for you to play a game you have downloaded from it. There is a way around this, but it can be confusing for some. 
Garena acts like an old school AOL messenger that can connect to your Facebook AND play games. It's interesting, but the only countries with the games are Asian and you have to change your location to one of them while keeping your language english. This obviously causes some issues if you don't understand Mandarin or any other Asian language in game. Blizzard's Launcher is, you guessed it, for their games only. Arc is specifically for Perfect World. Many gaming companies are pushing the launcher as a means to keep their games in one convenient place for their gamers. It also helps to keep their players up to date on their news. Overwolf and Raptr offer their social media aspects and often times they offer rewards if you gain enough points. Try one out and see what new and exciting games you can find out there!

This new breed of MMO's

Posted by junitalia Wednesday August 7 2013 at 1:24PM
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So it's been like 15 years now that MMO's have been in creation (give or take a few years). Lets say with that much history, you can pretty much base a game off of what works and what doesn't. Well, that's what's happening. After this long time of making, playing and continual testing of MMO games, the gaming market is finally in it's next evolution. Much like a Pokemon, the market has turned its attention to what players want and like and have attempted to fix the things that they don't. Let's get to it shall we?



It started as a P2P game that offered something a little different from the constant WoW brigade. Granted it wasn't perfect or as addictive. but it was pretty dang close. Trion has done their homework. They wanted Rift to succeed because they saw so much potential in it. They didn't give up. They took the advice of their players. They listened and molded their baby into a full blown MMO experience! Rift is now F2P and it isn't as restrictive as so many other F2P games. They offered their loyal players who had been playing the game (or had ever played as a P2P player) compensation for their dedicated time. They offered cash shop credits and other rewards as a way of saying thank you.


Trion teamed up with Raptr to offer other gifts for those who dedicated their time to the game. Invasions became more rewarding and worth it to stop your questing to help defeat invaders to Telara. Many people think that a game with too many different currencies is confusing or annoying. In actuality, Trion made it easy. Each festival has their own currency used for awesome prizes. There's cash shop credits, regular in world currencies, planarite from invasions and other trinkets that, when used with other currencies, can give great rewards. Not only that but some merchants will offer you the option to use your credits or your regular currencies to pay for things.


Players can actually sell their unwanted items in the cash shop. If you're too far from a merchant, just open the cash shop. A button on the bottom that says "Sell gray items" is there, but you can also sell other items you may not need.


The LFG system is similar to WoW's as well as the Guild Finder system. 


Rift has integrated Dimensions. It's another fancy term for you own personal living space. Not only do you have your own place to go and decorate, but many people will purchase a special Dimension, dress it up and advertise it for others to come and visit. If players like it, they leave a +1 rating. Some of these dimensions are used for Role Playing as well.


Players can also dye their armors. This is a good concept for those of us who hate having the exact same outfit as everyone else (I'm lookin at you Perfect World!). I know WoW offered many items and styles for people to obtain. While I don't mind having the same look of armor, I'd like to run around with it being different somehow.


Crafting is pretty dang easy and resources are never short

PvP is sort of like WoW, but from what I understand, the rewards are amazing and it requires a bit more skill than WoW to play.


Multi-souls. This has always been a staple of Rift. Basically you can have 3 soul trees in a role. The best part about this is, you can have a lot of roles (If you have the cash for it) and if you choose a preset role, the system will automatically show you where to put your next point(s) in the role. It's good for people who just casually play and don't have time to sit and try to find a decent build through countless websites (I hated it!).






Obviously this game isn't out yet. It's in the works. I did, however, get to see the press release and live showing of it's potentials. As a gamer who started in EQ back in the day, my jaw hit the ground! I'm gonna bullet sum this up for you all:


  • Completely immersive characters
  • Actual environmental effects on said characters (wind blowing clothing and not just when casting)
  • Completely destructable environment
  • Epic boss fights
  • EQ's face equilizer to portray emotions
  • Buildable areas (housing zones) that aren't just blocks, but smooth objects
  • building objects are customizable (add moss to a wall, make it look eroded, etc.)
  • The story is in tact
Sign up for closed Beta is open so go sign up. There's a lot of extra stuff as well. There's an app called EQWorlds where you can gain rewards towards EQNext. Soon they'll have a small portion of EQNext open to let players collect building materials and build their own places. 
These two are the ones I see that pay attention to their customers and genuinley want their players to enjoy themselves and the game. Happy players make a very successful MMO. 

Scarlet Blade

Posted by junitalia Monday March 25 2013 at 11:35AM
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Ok, It's been forever since I posted, but let me start by saying, it's been a crazy life in the meantime. I've recently ushered in the next generation of gamers (That's nerd talk for having a child) and he's started already at only 1 years old! But on to other things!


Scarlet Blade...The name itself conjures images of a sexy heroin in a skimpy outfit fighting for what she believes in and saving the world. Yup, that's pretty much it in a nutshell :)


SB is in it's CB at the moment, but let me offer you some insights into this soon to be released Free to Play game. Yes, you start as a fembot known as an Arkana. You're essentially a sexy anime robot and she refers to you as the "Commander". You're in charge of controling the fembot and doing missions to help your cause. You can choose to be a Royal Guard or a Free Knight. So yes, Horde vs. Alliance. No matter where you go, WoW is there! There's PvP, but lets be honest, it's the same as every PvP. I'm not keen on both factions being able to see ech others chat messages, but that's my personal idea on it.


You get a one wheeled motorbike at lvl 10 and a small pet bot that looks like something that was created in the 70's to compute the possibilities of positions in porn (And lets you know it). The outfits outline your "Assets" as well as your abilities. Lets not forget the obvious obligatory conversations. Humans on the surface pointing out you're hot and worth a good time. Your Arkana assuming that you're watching her from behind in a skimpy outfit and "getting off" on it. So I guess if you're a guy or into fembots or whatever this game is all in your favor!


Me being a girl, I laughed my ass off and told my husband about it to which he rolled his eyes and chuckled a little. He likes anime, he's just not a fembot lover lol.


The questing is easy and the rewards are good. Dungeons and raids are alright, but as with any beta it's got bugs. All the armor is the same so don't expect a big range of customization on your armor options. Explanations of skills is vague. There's essentially two trees of skills to your advantage. The first is your abilities, buffs, etc. The next is your boost for health, energy, and their version of a mana pool. Dividing this up is a little tricky, but after awhile you get the hang of it.


It's a decent F2P so if you're looking for some fembot fun, sign up and join the fun!

MMORPG's. The Good and the Fail.

Posted by junitalia Tuesday July 19 2011 at 7:04AM
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Alrighty. As you all know I'm a tota MMORPG freak. That said I'm highly disappointed as of late. EQ was great back in the day. Then WoW came along.It had a good 8 year run, but lets get real, the game has died for the veteran player. There's been a slew of other MMORPG's, but none of them can bring me back to that perfect time in 2001 when EQ was the greatest thing in my meager existance. Now it's become so horrible that I even did a 14 day trial for EQ again. It's in doing this that I realize how spoiled MMORPG's have made me. I had gotten used to a nice and neat quest log. The interface arranged everything for me and made it so easy to navigate and play. Cross realm ques made it so much easier to get stuff done. Maps that showed you where your objectives were. I started to play EQ again and found myself in an akward position. I missed my old days of logging on at midnight and playing till 4 in the morning while watching muchmusic as a playlist for my game time. But I started to miss an organized menu, a quest log, and maps that showed me where to go and what to do. It's official. I have become un-veteranized.


I know I'm not the only one. But it's upsetting all around. Now I try to fill my void with Black ops. BLACK OPS PEOPLE! I'm horrible at FPS's! Then there's Dragon Age. By the way, when is EA and BioWare gonna come out with a Dragon Age MMORPG? Come on now, how badass would that be?! But alas, I digress. All of those lovely MMORPG's out there and none of them fill my void the way I wish they would. I hope for GW2, but honestly, I can't really get into that either. Somebody! Anybody! Make the MMO worth my while again! I'm begging now and I hate begging! I even report beggars! Will anyone answer the call and live up to the hype?

Forsaken World

Posted by junitalia Monday February 7 2011 at 11:46PM
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HELLO GAMERS! It's been so long since I've graced this blog! Things have been changing in my life at a rapid pace and only now are they starting to calm down. So without furthure wait, I'd like to review a game for you all! FORSAKEN WORLD!


When I first heard about this game I was psyched to the point of making my own guild for it. WoW ushered in Werewolves (Worgen) so it was exciting to know that PWI was ushering in the Vampire Class for Forsaken World. The race is called kindred and while I feel the term "kindred" refers to vampires in general (sorry, that's my old Vampire the Masquirade LARP days talking) I didn't mind the fact that they made vampire a class. I actually enjoy the concept behind the whole thing. The quests are simple and they flow nicely into one another. I usually hate the concept of everyone having a pet, but I find that having one in this game is a useful and easy thing. Not to mention you can interact with your companion to gain buffs to certain things.


I have also played the Elven race and find their classes very nicely balanced and put together. I enjoy the bard concepts which sort of throws me back to EQ. The only difference is instead of continualy playing the same song and only having one effect available at a time, the buffs are added to your damage output. Meaning the more you play a certain song, the greater your daage in it will be. Elven Healers are also nicely put together. They heal efficiently and damage just as effectively. These two races are my favorite of them all.


I attempted to play a dwarf, Stomeman and human, but my attention wasn't held all too well. I'm not saying their classes and such aren't amazing, but they aren't as nice a play for me as the other two. The other thing about this game I love is the zodiac concept. I know well that PWI tries to encompass the zodiac in their games, but I enjoy the ability to be able to gain perks through what they call prayer. Basically you pray to the gods when the zodiac timer is up and you may recieve a buff or an actual item. You may not get anything at all, however, so don't get too excited.


One thing I do not like about this game is the concept of tokens vs. gold. When you complete simple quests you're given points. You have to do dailies or special events to gain gold. The only bad part about this that I have seen for me personally is that you cannot form a guild with points. You can only form it with gold to buy a charter. Sadly, I'm not good at the events and dailies and mostly stick to regular questing. Then again, this game is still in Beta so it's not a big deal at the moment. All in all though this is an excellent game and I can't wait for it to be out completely. If you havn't gotten into the beta, don't worry. OBT will be coming soon and everyone can get in on the action.

Dance Groove

Posted by junitalia Tuesday September 8 2009 at 10:08AM
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While Dance Groove is still in it's second beta testing, I can only give you bits and pieces for those of you unable to join or have been under a rock for awhile. Audition used to be the leader in Dance gaming. Sure there was Dance! Online which is a mix of RPG and dance MMO, but both of them pale in compairison to Outspark's Dance Groove! Supported by EA, this F2P dance game is absolutely amazing! The graphics are unbelievable, the moves seem more plausable to actual dance moves and the different modes are both fun and entertaining.


Not only is the gameplay amazing, but the styling and cutomization of your avatar is endless! This not only includes clothes and hair, but other minor details such as eye shape, eyebrow size, makeup, lipstick, and the ever popular scroll bars to adjust your avatar to the sizes you want! It has to be experienced to believe! head on over to and get in on the beta!

Raids and You

Posted by junitalia Thursday September 3 2009 at 10:06AM
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I was with my guild in Ulduar lastnight and I came to a very big conclusion....any raid can be epically won when researched right! Because we explained and shared the sites and ideas on how to effectively down bosses, we managed to take out Flame, Razorscale, XT, the Furnace, Kologarn and Auriaya on the first attempts! This is significant because we have been gaining and loosing members since we are slightly newly formed and still getting used to each other and how we handle things. This goes to show that if you research and explain properly, it can be done! I'd like to share with you my research places in hopes that you will then be well prepared.


First off, you'll need this if you want to raid:


Ventrillo or Teamspeak (w/e your guild uses)


DBM: Deadly Boss Mods (To help with encounters)


Damage Meter: To ensure you're not over agro-ing if you're DPS


Window Mode: I know most people prefer full screen, but window helps a lot


Class Knowledge: PLEASE research your class and what the REQs are to enter a raid



TankSpot: This is generally for tanks, but it explains the encounters in detail through videos for those of you who learn better through example.


BossKillers: For those of you who learn better through text and reading there's BossKillers. This site explains each encounter, proper raid mechanics, Boss HP, abilities, and setups. It offers diagrams to show how to engage bosses even through their multiple phases.


WoWHero:  This explains your standing and guild standing in WoW. It also explains what you should be focusing on gear wise.


WoWWiki:  The best source for all things WoW. It's a quick spot to pick up any knowledge you might want or need.


WoWHead: Look up gear, recipes, weapons, anything on this site. If you're not sure what boss drops what, this is where you need to be.


YouTube: When in doubt, YouTube! There's bound to be at least a dozen or more strat videos on boss fights and raid mechanics (and the Tankspot people are there as well!).



So I say to you, potential future raider, know your fights, know your class, make a shopping list of gear you need, and pump yourself up to the ultimate player! You're guild counts on you as much as you count on it!

DPS- a dime a dozen

Posted by junitalia Sunday August 30 2009 at 11:35AM
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Alright. I'll go ahead and lay this out as best I can. I find it absolutely insane that because I'm capable of healing from my usual shadow spec on my priest that I've accomplished more on her in 1 year than I have on my mage I've had since WoW first was released! What this all boils down to is DPS is a dime a dozen and if you suck, there's always someone else better to replace you.


I don't mind healing for my husband and his brother and friend and our mutual friend in Heroics, but don't expect me to in a raid. Even in a raid my shadow spec is needed more than my healing spec, all because it boosts the healers in their attempt to keep everyone topped off. Plus they think my buff from my damage is smexy. So I'm gonna go ahead and explain it for all of you who are DPS but feel like you just can't get noticed no matter what you do.


Warlocks: You are pretty much DPS. The only thing with you is that you have the ability to make cookies, summon people, soulstone, and benefits from pets. This is important. If you are either affliction or destruction, I suggest you duel spec to have a demonology spec as well. For raiding purposes, pets are good. But you also need to work on your gear and stats. crits are your friend and if you need a good guide on what you should get gear wise I reffer you to a warlock I know who has his stuff straight.


Mages: You too are also just DPS, but it's how you like to play the game. Fire mages are burst damage bent on insta-kills. Ice mages are controlers who are often used as kiters or in charge of controling adds. I think of Arcane as a helper tree. It boosts your damage, resistances, stats, etc.  I suggest having an ice AND fire build. Depending on what your raid is asking for and what you're good at. Also, I realize that arcane powder costs money, but for the love of cake, summon a table for your grps and BG's...not just your raids.



Rogues: You are the strict DPS melee class (aside from DK's). I've come to understand that depending on your weapon is what you offer. Maces are mainly lockers. They keep things stunned and still. Daggers are the insta-killers. Fists are the fast controling insta-killers. Swords can, in some cases, be like an OT (this depends on the situation and what's involved). I have a swords rogue and because my dodge, agility, and streangth are high, I'm able to steal agro for a few seconds to help the tank and healer. But this is a system you need a LOT of practice in so don't do it unless your group says you can try. Assassination is the insta-kill build. Stealth is the sustained DPS build. Combat is your weapon enhancements mainly.


Death Knights: I'm only gonna say this once. WATCH YOUR AGRO AND GET SMARTER PEOPLE! You have no idea how many idiotic DK's I've run into who think they're cool and can do it all. Just because you're considered a "Hero Calss" does not mean you can do it all yourself. Stop stealing agro from the tank, watch your threat, be smarter with your runes and use them properly instead of wasting it senselessly! I've whiped WAY too many times cus of you idiots (and that doesn't include the ones who KNOW their role). Blood is considered the solo build, being able to heal yourself through it's abilities and your runes you use. Frost is the tanking build, but please, learn how to use it effectively.  Unholy is the Controler build with the added perks of pets and bubbles. Unholy is to DK's what frost is to Mages.


Warriors: The origional OG tank. Warriors have branched on to mostly DPS now though and it's not their fault they refuse to tank really. Ever since druids and paladins were shown to be as much effective as them, warriors have felt almost shunned in the tanking department. Fury is the ultimate DPS build. You can throw in arms for added effect as well. It's a sustained DPS build. Arms is considered burst DPS, much like a fire mage. And Prot is, know. I suggest Duel speccing Tank and DPS. throw your pride aside for once and just do it to get DPS gear. Here's a good idea.


Druids: This is easy. Feral is the DPS/Tank spec. Balance is the purely DPS or "BOOMKIN" spec and Restoration is the Healer spec. Yup, druids can do it all. Sadly not all at once. I don't see too many cat druids anymore. They're either Boomkin, Bear or Tree form. They are well rounded with DPS, but there's the ever loveable saying "There's no BOOM in OOM". Mana spenderature is someties thin, but they get the job done. I suggest duel speccing DPS and/or tank/healer.  Being versitile helps.


Shamans: Shamans are nasty when they go duel wield. Having totem power helps their cause. Though they're not capable of tanking, they are capable to be like a druid in DPS and healing. I don't see too many shamans around on my server anymore, but I remember a time when they were badass! DPS shamans are hardcore and can be deadly with the right stuff. They stand out among all the others.


Paladins: Paladin healers, competant ones, are hard to come by. If you don't have the gear or build, don't even attempt it. I suggest staying DPS and duel speccing Tank. Both are perfect for a paladin. Their DPS is amazing and their agro holding abilities are sometimes the envy of warriors. To stand out above the others though, you need make sure you can pump out decent damage WHILE not going over the agro range. Tanks get a bit upset when their agro gets stolen and they can't get it back easily.


Priests: As stated in an article on here. Discipline priests are single target healers. Holy are aoe healers. Figure out which is best for you or what your guild needs. Shadow spec. It's mainly a leveling spec, but I've come to find that raids are more than happy to have a shadow priest in their run. This is mainly because their vampiric embrace causes all the priests shadow damage to heal the party or raid over time. This helps the healers and takes pressure off of them. It's also good to have a shadow priest for their Misery talent. It causes all damage to be amplified on the target from anyone, not just the priest. Duel spec to either an aoe or single target heal and take shadow.


Hunters: You're all around DPS. No matter your build, you are entirely DPS. The only thing I have to say to you is STOP BEING DUMB AND STEALING AGRO! There is such a thing as a competant hunter, I've seen them! Crap I was in a guild that used a hunter as a puller in raids! Turn your pets growl off! How many times do you need to be told! Your pet is only for damage, not for tanking in a party or raid! And stop taking all the loot! Just cause you can use almost every weapon in the game doesn't mean you need to roll on it all!



Ok, so some of this was a bit of a rant fest and the rest was information. Basicaly, go read up as much as you can about your class. The more you know, the better you'll get. Just because you're level 80 doesn't mean you understand every aspect of your class. I've met plenty of people who are 80 who still have no clue how to play. Mainly because they were pampered by their friends and run through instances instead of taking time to learn how to fight. If you invite someone to the game, do what I do, explain the basics, help them a little in the newbie zone, then send them off into the world to learn!


Posted by junitalia Friday August 28 2009 at 1:50PM
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This time I'm going to discuss the pro's and con's of Guilding. Now, most of my experience is mainly in WoW, but I'm sure if you'[ve guilded in one game, it's pretty much the same. Guilding can be fun and enjoyable if you know some of the people and they seem to be pretty cool about how they play and treat your guildies. Other times you end up in a guild that has a few morons in it that screw it up for everyone.


Recently I had left a guild because I felt it was only hindering my progress towards end game content rather than helping it. That and I'm almost 30, I'm passed the drama crap and I just don't care anymore. I'd rather spend my time worrying about bills or future goals outside of a game. Things that pertain to a real life ( I hear the graphics are nice but the content sucks).




Being in a guild offers you the ability to have help when you need it for questing, instancing, daily grinding, etc.


You're able to get into instances and raids fairly well and learn the new boss encounters


Having guild banks, vaults, housing, w/e it's called in w/e game allows you to trade and share items with everyone in your guild.


Having a like minded community means you can all be on the same page and understand what needs to be done to better both the guild as a whole and the individuals it counts on


For PvP you always have someone to watch your back and a back to watch


Some guilds are comprised of RL friends and family which makes it easy to settle things whether they're good, bad, complicated, or just plain weird


You always feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you sport your phat loots, your tabard, and your guild name proudly wherever you go, letting people know you're capable of handling your class and whatever instances you do.





Headaches. This includes people who join, raid the banks, vaults, houses, and then /gquit, GM's and officers who have no clue what they're doing or how to settle things properly, people who think they're the shiznit and try to show up their guildmates and anyone else to prove they have an e-peen, and finally, people who lack the maturity to properly play a game


Guild Banks. Good and bad. GM's...DO NOT MAKE YOUR GB's FULL ACCESS TO ANYONE! If it's like your wife or sister, that's fine, but to people you might not know or think you do and they screw you over afterwards, block them out! I've seen the rise and fall of good guilds over this! People work hard to make their guilds great and to have one personal steal it and vendor it all in one night is dispicable!


Immaturity. I realize children and teens play the games. If you're a reputable guild and are high end content driven, plz, plz, PLZ make sure a recruit in consideration gets onto a ventrilo or other type of server and make them talk. If it's a kid (and no offense guys, but majority of guild break up happen over kids being immature) make sure you watch him/her like a damn hawk! Just because they're in a game doesn't mean they need to not be supervised! I realize it isn't your kid, but it's your guild and if you want it to stay good, don't let your guard down!


E-Peen. Guys...plz...from the female p.o.v., stop it with the "my e-peen is bigger than yours" thing. It's another cause of guild drama.


Drama Llama. If you can't handle a situation maturely, /gquit now. If you loose a roll on something and then scream and yell about it till your face is blue on vent, you need to re-prioritize your life. IT'S A GAME! Get over it, roll next time. If you have a problem with someone, don't try to figure it out on your own. Involve your GM and officers so they can help handle it. There's a reason reputable guilds get by so well. Their GM's and officers are good and dealing with things.


So, all in all, stop whining, have fun. As I used to say in the BG's when people complained of objectives being stolen or lost....LESS QQ MORE PEW PEW!