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Plum Crazy Purples

I've decided after many years of lurking and rarely posting on to finally start my own blog here. Enjoy.

Author: june32nd

Introducing: My New Blog

Posted by june32nd Monday August 18 2014 at 2:22PM
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Since this is my first post on my first blog I thought I'd take a little time and use this first post to explain just a bit about who I am and what my goals are for this blog. Through my years here on I've been more of a lurking then a poster.
My goal with this blog is mainly just to express my opinions about what is going on in my favorite genre of computer games - MMORPGs. I love this genre, I truly do and believe it or not I've played every Pay To Play, Buy To Play, and almost ever Free To Pay MMO that I've ever laid my eyes on. I'm the type of player who will notice and appreciate the finer and the littlest things in these games. For instances, most players wouldn't bother to care how their character opens a chest, harvest a node, or the way a mob dies however, I do and sometimes it's these small touches that'll keep me playing a game. I do notice the good vs bad in most games but understand that is expected because nothing is perfect and to me people bitch and complain about the silliest things in this genre. I guess you could consider me like I do a MMORPG Connoisseur. 
This blog is going to be my out-lit to explain, express, rant, complain or bitch not just about individual games but also about the industry, companies, publishers, and developers. I hope you enjoy my time blogging here and I look forward to posting here. I encourage not only those who agree and enjoy my blog but those who do not to comment and express their views on what I type here. I enjoy debates and conversations or discussions about things I enjoy deeply. 
However, there are somethings I'll let be know in this post that I will not stand for or tolerate that are common among most others. There is only two things believe it or not:
  1. Bigotry (Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself)
  2. Trolling or unproductive comments - I wish to engage in serious discussion so I ask anyone who comments to really think out their arguments or views before posting instead of "blind-rage" commenting
Fear not to those who ignore these 2 simple requests. I will not report you or anything of that nature for two reasons. The first is because Karma is a bitch and eventually you will get what you deserve. The second is that  it does not, and will not solve anything. Yes, I may feel better but that doesn't stop the person making those remarks to change in anyway and in some cases gives them exactly what they want. However, I will simply not answer you. I do not feed trolls and I will not feed trolls and encourage others who may comment and give their views to not feed trolls either to keep the air clean and allow fruitful discussions. This is my blog and in most case the posts will be my views and my opinions
June32nd writes:
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