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Felix's Game World

hopefully provide some info and insight on some of my favorite games

Author: joker007mo

Guild Wars 2 bwe experiences as a human mesmer

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday June 13 2012 at 5:41PM
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Well I finally got to play the second beta for guild wars 2 and to be honest the game has its issues but for all the problems it has for being in beta its pretty good.

The mesmer had issues with how it works and its hard to go into but i imagine its going to be relooked over the clones do little to no damage and as it stands your mesmer tends to be defenseless if not done right. The idea that this profession will do well at least in pve is likely but atm youll be in for a rough ride.

I did get the chance to play a norn thief and I was impressed though I felt  my  thief  was getting more handholding then I like and certainly more then the human story and whats more is the way they tell you what everything is for norn but not for human leads me to think they have the idea most ppl will be choosing norn as their starting character.

All in all the game was quite fun and no real sense of grind or even quests didnt take a single quest the entire time i played rather i just did stuff and it would count towards NPC characters that essentially act as quest ppl but noone gives you any quests which was nice.

One thing that does worry me though is the way the system is in place now you dont really see friends grouping up but rather large amounts of anonymous ppl that just show up anytime something is starting or in the middle of  which to me doesnt foster a feeling of friendship they arent helping you so much as they are helping themselves and in some cases with my mesmer start a event and only get bronze for participation even though i was in the middle of it all  which was a little confusing .

It felt to me more like i was in a group of strangers never once did i feel i was apart of anything felt like i was soloing everything and just happened to have someone to show up to do the same quest rather then feeling they came to help me out but again it wasn't a bad thing either as when someone did kill something i was killing i didnt feel like i was being ripped off as i got the same as they did

Oh and i feel i should mention alot of mmo's have this issue of someone mines ore or something like that and you have to wait for it to "grow" back this was a non issue as you could mine the same rock as someone else at the same time as they was mining it and both of you get it  which i must say was a very good thing indeed

Well once again

Later Days