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Felix's Game World

hopefully provide some info and insight on some of my favorite games

Author: joker007mo

Death Penalty Makes sense?

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday February 3 2010 at 9:21AM
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Death penalty has always been a major annoyance to me in Guild Wars you die and you come back at a rez shrine with a death penalty that can only be gotten rid of by way of cc or fighting or of course going back into town. 

If Gw had the same kinda dp as wow i dont see that being a bad thing. By and large the dp is a major issue in gw if you die at all during a dungeon run your screwed unless you have cc's i mean you might be able to come back from it but if your running in a party with actual ppl most will drop from the party as soo as the first hero dies.

I truly dont understand what the fear with death is in most mmo's. In Aion it was horrible you get out into the abyss you get attacked and now your all the way away from where you died at and its not even remotely close In reality  on a whole other zone

I have seen entire groups of ppl running from 2 or 3 enemies around a fortress and i dont mean like 4 or 5 ppl i mean upward of 12 or more just scattering to the wind at the sight of a couple guards and a 1 or 2 asmodians granted there are most likely others waiting in the fold but still.

and when asked why they are going awol  because they dont want to have to come all the way back dont want to have to deal with the soul healer and having to pay the cost to fly all the way back to where they once was.

and my cousin during the siege crashes his comp is so high end  programs have a moment to think about what his rig is and even he had issues during that time and even after the fix as the amount of ppl in the area is overwhelming and then to log back in and find your self out in the middle of all hell with no backup for miles you would have no other choice but to port out

even in bg's in wow ive seen some cowardice but not on such a grand scale especially in a game that is geared towards war Aion is almost like a giant battleground and what to you find but ppl running from battle instead of into it and why? because the death penalty  well not so much that but the ramifications of it.

I would think the going a little lax on dp in mmo's would be a good thing but then maybe not

Later Days

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