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Felix's Game World

hopefully provide some info and insight on some of my favorite games

Author: joker007mo

Ranger pets what are they good for absolutly nothing

Posted by joker007mo Thursday January 28 2010 at 7:54AM
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Actually they do seem to be somewhat useful at least in some cases just i cant think of anything off the top of my head where a pet actually did something other then die

which also makes me wonder how it will work in gw2 or if they will even have pets ?

though my favorite pet is the moa bird i think  though there are quite a few pets the moa just seemed cool to me this big ass bird pecking at people just something cool about that plus where are the monkey's i mean seriously i wont a monkey for a pet that would be awesome

maybe some magical poo throwing monkey with healing bah

And what is it with mini pets what robbery got all these mini pets and there really isnt anything you can do with them but show them off and people pay insane amounts of money for them well for the ones that are poular its been awhile so i aint sure what mini pets are hot items but usually its something complex like a bone dragon or mini gwen or something to that effect

But one thing id really like to see would be an auction house or wait for it add the personal stores that way instead of tons of wtb and wts you just have some dude sitting down hawking his wares through the store no mess no fuss no guarantee it wont be annoying but hey just a thought

oh well time is coming to a close


Later Days