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hopefully provide some info and insight on some of my favorite games

Author: joker007mo

Zaishen keys and Ecto's

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday January 27 2010 at 10:05AM
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I was having a talk with my cousin yesterday was asking him what he would talk about in a blog mainly about guild wars.

Now i am not much interested in Z-keys or Ecto's for that matter but then he is one who loves opening that zaishen chest  either way he tells me the cost of the zkeys stays the same but yet the amount of keys you get for the same 100k price is getting less and less he tells me after 3 days the price has stayed the same but the keys have gone down.

He tells me they are going the way of ecto's and going to be the new platinum now what i dont understand is how these things can become so pricey.

Ecto's ok i can see that as they are needed for an armor set i think but keys? Granted you might get something cool out of it but youd have to have alot of keys.

he also brought up a valid point  if hero's and henchies are getting payed basically since if you run solo they take a cut of the gold and loot if they are getting payed i think the henchies should be controllable

just like the hero's are with the flags and all that he on the other hand wants better control over hero's and henchies and i honestly cant disagree with that

as it stands now the hero's can be a tad irritating you click on one enemy and the henchie wants to just keep attacking the warrior enemy even though im trying to get him to help finish off the monk that is allowing the warrior to kill us 

well i wanted to say something intelligent but all i could come up with was this so live with it

Later Days

Dwarvish writes:

 Henchies are just hired hands while heros are something more ( alot more in effectiveness) in terms of not just being a pickup when nothing else is available. You can set the henchies on a target but, well, they are just henchies. I feel for ya.

 A good way around this is a second account. The 2nd accound char joins with heros, then quits out ( you now have 1 less in the group but the 3 extra heros more than make up for it. .

I don't play much anymore..drooling in anticipation of GW2 tho. I do agree with the ecto/zkey comments. I spent what I had and have all the armor and goodies I want...just can't be bothered with either item.

Dunno what the keys are worth but they were at one time a good bidding tool when items went beyond the bidable gold were ecto.

Thu Jan 28 2010 1:43AM Report
joker007mo writes:

well granted i know the heros and henchies not alot that can be done there its just aggravating and to think one would have to go to all that trouble just for an extra set of hero's

not really too crazy about gw2 i mean like i said before $200 for all the campaigns so your not likely to see my rushing to stores over it hell after i spent that much its almost a reason to play

Thu Jan 28 2010 7:40AM Report writes:
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