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Felix's Game World

hopefully provide some info and insight on some of my favorite games

Author: joker007mo

Guild Wars 2 Pipe dream or not?

Posted by joker007mo Tuesday January 26 2010 at 12:09PM
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After playing Guild wars for considerable time ( since 2006 ) had to look that up when nightfall came out all you heard was about Guild Wars 2 i heard in game from various people on a regular basis would hear guild wars 2 is coming just a little while longer stuff like that.

Now i know that rumors are not to be trusted. Its just interesting to me how long this game is actually taking and granted i know that the devs are working their asses off. I give props for that . But what i dont understand is how all this time and its still very vague at least as far as Im concerned the devs are almost nil on anything. you have aion that came out and still no Guild Wars 2.

It would seem to me that if a game as popular as Guild Wars Enough so i plunked down almost $200 on all the campaigns and you got efforts going out on what i would consider a mediocre game like aion.

Really? Aion? Im sorry but that game seems like a minor notch when compared to a monster such as gw2.

But then if it comes out and the game is good then bravo I will say that i dont think that gw2 should be treated  like an old car dont slap on new paint and shove it out the door

I think its very well possible that if it keeps being worked on for as long as possible it could rival wow

(fanbois everywhere are gnashing teeth as i write this Im sure)

I suppose in retrospect i could see where Aion could help fuel the cauldron as it were with funding for gw2

Well just random thinking

Later Days

ShadowStyleB writes:

Well you do know that NCSoft doesn't actually make the games right?  They are just the money and the distributor.  GW2 if you haven't been to the website or anything is on its way you should know that games take a while to come out of development before they start all their initial beta testing.

Wed Jan 27 2010 8:20AM Report
joker007mo writes:

its been on its way since 2006 i dont mind it takes a long time but i wanted to voice my opinion on how it seems to be taking forever to come out with a game when the company has already put out another game 

Wed Jan 27 2010 9:53AM Report
Dwarvish writes:

Read the first comment. NCSoft make thier own games and just 'produces' GW. Gw is a product of Arenanet.

 Arenanet never promised a right now game. While in the Eye of the North campaign they decided to stop with new campigns and develope something with serious lasting power...based on and having the same feel as GW1.  Brilliant to bring the storyline 250 years into the future. THE DRAGONS ARE AWAKE now :)

The original statement was 'when its ready'. Alot of folks don't seem to realize that a game can take upwards of 4-5 years to be done right.  Its looking like GW2 is going to be done very right indeed. Can't wait!!

Thu Jan 28 2010 1:53AM Report
joker007mo writes:

well if you read my post i stated that its good that the game takes time to cook as it was but still it is an opinion

And i still dont like that aion was cranked out the door with gw2 still on what i would percieve as the back burner its been since 2007 thats 4 years right there and the game is still very quiet now that may be a good thing but i just dont want to buy it and find its just another craptastic game because ncsoft wants it out there

and i never said gw wasnt a product of arenanet but being that arenanet is under the company logo i say ncsoft

According to the Better Business Bureau, in the last 36 months, 86 complaints have been filed against NCsoft. NCsoft currently has a score of "C-" due to delays in responding to the complaints.

and things like this again dont make me want to run for the local walmart to pick up a copy

Thu Jan 28 2010 8:04AM Report
joker007mo writes:

NCsoft West yea arenanet and ncsoft merged to become nc west

Thu Jan 28 2010 8:06AM Report writes:
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