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Felix's Game World

hopefully provide some info and insight on some of my favorite games

Author: joker007mo

dungeons and dragons come to life in guild wars 2

Posted by joker007mo Friday October 5 2012 at 10:02AM
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Well it has been awhile last i spoke of guild wars 2 i was playing in beta as it stands now thats why i havent posted in a long while i have been playing the greastest game i have ever played.

ok maybe greatest is a stretch but for now its been a blast there have been issues to be sure as all mmo's have at the beginning but they arent really gamebreakers.

guild wars 2 seems like a pen and paper dnd come to life you just grab a weapon and go find ppl and you never need to worry about some jerk gnking you or even swiping your kills.

most ppl are very helpful you will never find yourself being a outcast in this game and the locales in the game are gorgeous it has a bit of everything for everyone.

dungeon crawling, loot,completionists dream of course, lots and lots of achievements,crafting for those who like to craft awesome items, and no rush you dont need to get to the top instantly because of the fact that even at 80 you still have lots of things left to accomplish.

the original guild wars you capped at 20 fast but you still had tons of exploring and things to do

guild wars 2 is no different only this time getting a group and working together is an absolute must no going it solo .

Though you could if you wanted again very nice nice indeed

well thats it for now back to my game and as for you all see you there

Later Days

Guild Wars 2 bwe experiences as a human mesmer

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday June 13 2012 at 5:41PM
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Well I finally got to play the second beta for guild wars 2 and to be honest the game has its issues but for all the problems it has for being in beta its pretty good.

The mesmer had issues with how it works and its hard to go into but i imagine its going to be relooked over the clones do little to no damage and as it stands your mesmer tends to be defenseless if not done right. The idea that this profession will do well at least in pve is likely but atm youll be in for a rough ride.

I did get the chance to play a norn thief and I was impressed though I felt  my  thief  was getting more handholding then I like and certainly more then the human story and whats more is the way they tell you what everything is for norn but not for human leads me to think they have the idea most ppl will be choosing norn as their starting character.

All in all the game was quite fun and no real sense of grind or even quests didnt take a single quest the entire time i played rather i just did stuff and it would count towards NPC characters that essentially act as quest ppl but noone gives you any quests which was nice.

One thing that does worry me though is the way the system is in place now you dont really see friends grouping up but rather large amounts of anonymous ppl that just show up anytime something is starting or in the middle of  which to me doesnt foster a feeling of friendship they arent helping you so much as they are helping themselves and in some cases with my mesmer start a event and only get bronze for participation even though i was in the middle of it all  which was a little confusing .

It felt to me more like i was in a group of strangers never once did i feel i was apart of anything felt like i was soloing everything and just happened to have someone to show up to do the same quest rather then feeling they came to help me out but again it wasn't a bad thing either as when someone did kill something i was killing i didnt feel like i was being ripped off as i got the same as they did

Oh and i feel i should mention alot of mmo's have this issue of someone mines ore or something like that and you have to wait for it to "grow" back this was a non issue as you could mine the same rock as someone else at the same time as they was mining it and both of you get it  which i must say was a very good thing indeed

Well once again

Later Days

Been awhile

Posted by joker007mo Tuesday November 16 2010 at 9:46AM
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Well its been awhile since i last posted which i am sure noone really noticed but here i am typing away for  nothing as always. Ideally i wanted to say something about the new guild wars but i still have yet to really get enough info to talk about it so ill just say that what i do know leaves me still wondering as to what the game will be like.

On that same note i have heard aion as become the new second life as you can buy housing and some other such nonsense which hey more power to ya but i aint going back.

might check out the new wow at least once anyways now that i have upgraded my comp and can do dalaran now lol.

oh well keep it real and enjoy yourself

Later Days


Posted by joker007mo Friday March 26 2010 at 4:46PM
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Having spotted a forum thread for this game i figured what the hell ill give it a go.

honestly the game is in its infancy but strikes me as diablo reduxed thats not to say its a diablo clone it isnt.

you start with three slots for spells now the quest to obtain your first spells shouldnt exist in my mind

spells should be apart of the start anyway like 1 spell or your first three slots are this spell that everyone gets maybe dont know just came to mind or id have mentioned it to him when i was in .

Right now the creator of this game name escapes me at the moment i was to engrossed in playing the game to ask but you easily get your first spells and every lvl you get a new slot and stats to boost your character with .

I say go check it out and give it a whirl hell who knows might be the next big mmo

and since he is looking for players to jump in and play this would be the chance to really get to say what youd like to see in a game maybe flying carpets cant be implemented by who knows its free its a browser game until he gets a downloader for it

Well there you go i havent had much to say in awhile but this just struck me as something i should write about before i forgot to write about it well got to go

Later Days

$7000 for a item?

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday February 24 2010 at 12:04PM
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Having played aika and then rappelz i was quite impressed by the games, granted they are your typical so so game i mean they are free to play after all but to hear about this allods thing and the enormous prices in the cash shop i cant say i want to even play any game by gpotato anymore.

And not because i am bored of the games if they have charged insane prices like this then what's to stop them from doing so with other games under their umbrella.

Ideally if they cut thier prices i dont think id have a problem hell i dont even play the game but i have to feel for those who do and yes i know you dont have to buy it "sure just play another game" as they say.

And this is what im trying to say now dont play stop playing any gpotato game or play but dont buy if they get no money then they will have to listen they can say they are listening but at 7k for a rune leads me to believe they arent listening at all.

So having said that i will say i do like aika at least for now as its still in cbt  and rappelz is ok as well nothing to write home about im sure and so i would surmise even though it holds no interest to me allods is probably good too.

Im not knocking the games at all if anything im talking about poor judgement calls from the company

That being said i have also heard a rumor that the paragons are nerfed to the point they are useless now only thing i saw in recent patch was the death of some pvp zaishen thing which from the sound of it was probably a good idea anyway

so idk if anyone has any info on that please comment id like to know if my paragon is a waste of time now lol

Later days


Death Penalty Makes sense?

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday February 3 2010 at 9:21AM
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Death penalty has always been a major annoyance to me in Guild Wars you die and you come back at a rez shrine with a death penalty that can only be gotten rid of by way of cc or fighting or of course going back into town. 

If Gw had the same kinda dp as wow i dont see that being a bad thing. By and large the dp is a major issue in gw if you die at all during a dungeon run your screwed unless you have cc's i mean you might be able to come back from it but if your running in a party with actual ppl most will drop from the party as soo as the first hero dies.

I truly dont understand what the fear with death is in most mmo's. In Aion it was horrible you get out into the abyss you get attacked and now your all the way away from where you died at and its not even remotely close In reality  on a whole other zone

I have seen entire groups of ppl running from 2 or 3 enemies around a fortress and i dont mean like 4 or 5 ppl i mean upward of 12 or more just scattering to the wind at the sight of a couple guards and a 1 or 2 asmodians granted there are most likely others waiting in the fold but still.

and when asked why they are going awol  because they dont want to have to come all the way back dont want to have to deal with the soul healer and having to pay the cost to fly all the way back to where they once was.

and my cousin during the siege crashes his comp is so high end  programs have a moment to think about what his rig is and even he had issues during that time and even after the fix as the amount of ppl in the area is overwhelming and then to log back in and find your self out in the middle of all hell with no backup for miles you would have no other choice but to port out

even in bg's in wow ive seen some cowardice but not on such a grand scale especially in a game that is geared towards war Aion is almost like a giant battleground and what to you find but ppl running from battle instead of into it and why? because the death penalty  well not so much that but the ramifications of it.

I would think the going a little lax on dp in mmo's would be a good thing but then maybe not

Later Days





Wintersday Redux

Posted by joker007mo Sunday January 31 2010 at 2:19PM
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I must admit having missed the actual Wintersday  i was much releived to find that i would get a second chance. I have found that this year i actually have a goal of acquiring rainbow candy canes and candy cane shards for use on wintersday gifts or platinum which ever havent decided yet.

My cousin thinks i should use em to get gifts and open em says i might come out with quite a few items i would want and he might be right but then its not for awhile now so we shall see. I have all 8 slots filled so i figure i might as well do all the toon's quests in eye of the north for cc shards and so far its come out quite well around 150 so far and about 5 toons to go. And the snow ball fight quest i only did it with the one so i still have to do it for the others but i know what to do now....

Hopefully that goes well on the other hand destroyer cores and jotun pelts seem to be elusive for me. So far spent all day yesterday looking to try to find a way to do glints challenge but my guild doesnt seem to worry much about rainbow cc's.  Hell id figure they would be worth something since they can only be acquired during wintersday so im going to get me a stack of em come hell or high water.

Oh well back to the grindstone

Later Days

Stupid bird walked off screen when i shot this but at lleast i got the name lol

The price of Z-Keys in China

Posted by joker007mo Thursday January 28 2010 at 12:55PM
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Is it possible that the gold sellers in Guild Wars have tossed out the gold and went with Z-keys and ecto's? People i have talked to seem to think so. As you may well know i dont deal with ectos and z keys just not worth my time but for some it is. A friend of mine relayed that he has seen numerous ppl in the isles of balthazar (if thats its name? where the zaishen quests are located) selling enormous amounts of z-keys.

Are these hard to obtain? Im told it requires 5k balthazar points or 1 gold coin to obtain a key.

Now Im not a math person but one would be hard pressed to see someone with 600-800 z-keys

20 z-keys forr 100k platinum now i have no idea as to what that curtails but as you can see i dont see it being worth that amount.

But thats me this is just my opinion but as i stated in a previous post these keys are becoming the new platinum and when you look at it that can make disastrous for the game's economy.

Well whatever this case maybe its worth a thought i think and who knows maybe its worth it after all as long as the players are happy who cares how its obtained right?


Later Days


Ranger pets what are they good for absolutly nothing

Posted by joker007mo Thursday January 28 2010 at 7:54AM
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Actually they do seem to be somewhat useful at least in some cases just i cant think of anything off the top of my head where a pet actually did something other then die

which also makes me wonder how it will work in gw2 or if they will even have pets ?

though my favorite pet is the moa bird i think  though there are quite a few pets the moa just seemed cool to me this big ass bird pecking at people just something cool about that plus where are the monkey's i mean seriously i wont a monkey for a pet that would be awesome

maybe some magical poo throwing monkey with healing bah

And what is it with mini pets what robbery got all these mini pets and there really isnt anything you can do with them but show them off and people pay insane amounts of money for them well for the ones that are poular its been awhile so i aint sure what mini pets are hot items but usually its something complex like a bone dragon or mini gwen or something to that effect

But one thing id really like to see would be an auction house or wait for it add the personal stores that way instead of tons of wtb and wts you just have some dude sitting down hawking his wares through the store no mess no fuss no guarantee it wont be annoying but hey just a thought

oh well time is coming to a close


Later Days

Zaishen keys and Ecto's

Posted by joker007mo Wednesday January 27 2010 at 10:05AM
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I was having a talk with my cousin yesterday was asking him what he would talk about in a blog mainly about guild wars.

Now i am not much interested in Z-keys or Ecto's for that matter but then he is one who loves opening that zaishen chest  either way he tells me the cost of the zkeys stays the same but yet the amount of keys you get for the same 100k price is getting less and less he tells me after 3 days the price has stayed the same but the keys have gone down.

He tells me they are going the way of ecto's and going to be the new platinum now what i dont understand is how these things can become so pricey.

Ecto's ok i can see that as they are needed for an armor set i think but keys? Granted you might get something cool out of it but youd have to have alot of keys.

he also brought up a valid point  if hero's and henchies are getting payed basically since if you run solo they take a cut of the gold and loot if they are getting payed i think the henchies should be controllable

just like the hero's are with the flags and all that he on the other hand wants better control over hero's and henchies and i honestly cant disagree with that

as it stands now the hero's can be a tad irritating you click on one enemy and the henchie wants to just keep attacking the warrior enemy even though im trying to get him to help finish off the monk that is allowing the warrior to kill us 

well i wanted to say something intelligent but all i could come up with was this so live with it

Later Days