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JML - Just my Thoughts

As a (hopefully) future employee of the gaming business sometimes I have good ideas, mind if I post them here?

Author: JMichael

Define Next-Gen

Posted by JMichael Monday January 21 2008 at 3:11PM
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Easily one of my best posts (not just here).

Currently what would we concider impossible to do in an mmo:

Aging- Players, creatures
Totally Destructable Enviorments
Reshapable Worlds
An on going story - No respawning main protagonists, once they die they die, then the story moves on
Diversity - lets face it, every mmo to date is a clone war because the time it would take to add diversity would span over years easily.
Whether /seasonal changes affecting the world, combat, player, enviorment, monsters
Living economy - a world that actually lives, not jus a bunch of npc waiting for you to talk to them, day night cycles, work scheduals, etc.

Immpossible? BAH


  • Aging / ages - Base it off a mixture of playtime and/or quest completion, or let a person select thier age . Weould be cool to start the game at 15 and by the time I'm level 12 be 18, then maybe 30 I'm 25 years old.
  • Reshapable / Destructable Worlds - Seen the video's for Fracture yet? It's just a matter of time. A game doesn't need to be totally reshapeable, but just enough where it SEEMS so.
  • Diversity - All you need is a good storyline, all-right graphics, and a mass of content... and people will not care if it's not completely Original. I pissed off b/c everygame is a copy of Pong and Galaga... I'm either aginst one person or a crap load.
  • Weather - Again it's not immpossible... it has to do with Time restrictions and Man power. A game that decreases my cast cost, cast time and powers up my firebolt b/c I'm standing on/neer a volcano would make me cry in delight.
  • Alive Offline - A lot of games have a bit of content that tries to make it feel like the game is always alive. NPCs that change areas, or move around. Vendors whos product change over time.
  • Ninjas and Pirates - WoW has it but I still dont like the game :P

It all has to do with time limitations. We all have ideas of how OUR game would do things but not  what some of this would cost, or the time it would take.

The car is a perfect example, since it's creation there have been leeps and bounds in HOW its made, how it's shipped, how it's fixed, how it's improved. BUT it still has 4 wheels, uses an engine, and is limited to the ground. 

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