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lord of the rings conquest

Posted by jman2473 Monday January 19 2009 at 10:35PM
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lord of the rings conquest came to stores 1/14/09. lotrc is an online action adventure rpg game. it is only available for xbox 360 and ps3. in this game instead of playing as the main charecter like most games, you play as 4 different officers called warrior, scout, mage, and archer with each class to an advantage. the archer, which is my favorite, is the range unit which has 3 special arrow attacks. the fire arrow, the poison arrow, and the multi arrow. the fire arrow is the damage dealer. it  knocks down all enemy units around the explosion and deals them a good amount of damage. but it does more if it hits them. the poison arrow is really helpful when at low health. when it hits an enemy unit it does damage to them over time and they move slower. then the multi arrow shots 3 arrows to the 3 closest enemy units.

the warrior is the big damage dealer. the warrior doesnt get special attacks, but he gets the fire sword. the fire sword is a big damage dealer. and he has 3 different attacks with it. one does a strait attack whitch is good for units like the archer and mage. then he gets an area of affect which is good for if your by yourself and your getting attacked by alot of guys. then the last one is good for pain in the neck single units. then they get a throwing axe that knocks them down after their hit.

the scout is the assasin class. scouts are able to go invis and when they are they can sneak up behind an enemy unit and backstab which is instant kill on everything but troll's and ent's. they also get a grenade for a range attack. they also get special attacks that do good damage and also take away stealth from your stealth bar.

then the final class is the mage. the mage is a mediem range defence unit. the mage gets a bash attack. a bash attack is where you attack with your staff. then it gets a shield. a shield is used to hold multiple units. the shield stops range attacks that hit it like the archers arrows, the scouts grenade, and the warriors throwning axe. then the mage also gets 3 special moves called fire wall, shockwave, and heal. the fire wall throws like a fire ball but lobs and after it hits the ground or another surrounding it makes a fire wall. the shockwave is for if your surrounded by enemy units. then heal heals u and all your ally units around you.

then finally there are hero units. hero units are a special kind of class that have better abilitys that do more damage. some heroe's abiltys do something else. a hero is like a main charecter in the movie like gandolf and the witch king. then the last unit is the troll, ent, and eliphant. trolls and ents are known as giants which have more health and do more damage. the end

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