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Atlantic Online: tactical, Turn-Based MMo

Atlantica Online is a turn based strategy game set in the real world with a magical, Disney ride, spin. It uses dynamic camera angles,a KILLER sound track, and voice acting to immerse the player in the action.

Author: jesterab

Atlantic Online: tactical, Turn-Based MMORPG

Posted by jesterab Monday October 6 2008 at 10:04PM
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                Atlantica Online




In Atlantica online you start off with a motley crew of a few willing warriors. The game's general user interface is easy to grasp and with lots  of user tips and help. A mentor system even exists that rewards players of higher experience in exchange for their services as a living question bot. After you start exploring, you realize just how wonderfully massive the world is.



The graphics are really beautiful. Each area, set of armor, facial details and NPCs are clearly designed by graphic artists. Each dungeon looks like a Disney ride, and the quests surrounding them also give them that majestic feeling. However, the "go kill X monster because I said so" syndrome does exist. However it can easily be over-looked by the sheer amount of quests and their easy accessibility.



Well where do I begin. The sheer amount of things to do in this game is absolutely staggering. It will blow your MIND. You can battle creatures(The foundation of the game). Battling creatures works in a turn based system where up to 9 units are controlled by each player(Or NPC) and are positioned into different cells. Then when you decide to have at it, the pieces attack with shiny abilities and dynamic camera angles (Which can be toggled).

You can craft and make an economic stance. Most items in the game can be created by players and sold for a strong profit. When you attain a level above 11 in a particular craft, you can teach students and hone your skills at the same time. However I should note that the license crafting system is particularly limited, I dislike not being able to make Health Check License [Int]


Your guild can take control of towns and that opens a whole other aspect of the game. First of all, all towns can be completely customized by buildings. Each town has it's own set of stats that you can upgrade via quests and other means. Guilds can also gain an escrow of taxes from their fiefs, thus increasing funds for future endeavors.


PVP is unlike anything I've seen before. It's tourney based, and although it has a faulty match-up system, when you find that even match, an epic battle will ensue.



If I haven't already sold you, the game has full voice acting and an amazing semi-power metal sound track. So head bang away as you mash-up with the monsters.