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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

Thanksgiving Thank You List

Posted by jesad Wednesday November 21 2007 at 10:33AM
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Thanksgiving is normally for giving thanks for the blessings that we have recieved over the last year.  I realize though, that sometimes we might forget some of those blessings during the busy every day rush and craziness that can sometimes become our lives.  To tell the truth, I can not really recall the last time I wrote a positive post on any forum in the last year or so.  I, like many others, am guilty of only coming out of my shell to complain or request, there's always something that could have been done better, always something that could have been done differently.

Today I would like to remedy the lack of consideration I have shown to the guys and girls who make these games that I love to play and which have given rise to so many thoughts I have had over the years.  I am out of my element here so please bear with me if any or all of this post is less witty or more boring than any of my previous entries.  So without much further adeu, I'll begin.

Thank you MMO's for...

Inspiring me to learn how to type.  Because of you I have been able to parley that skill in to many many different channels both monetarily and personally lucrative to my life.

Providing me with a heavy bag to absorb the internalized aggressions that, expressed otherwise, may have led to my incarceration or early demise throughout the years.

Giving me the chance to actually play a role playing game instead of always being the one to run them.  You may not have been the best DM for me over the years but you most certianly have been the most consistent.

Allowing me to leave my house, socialize, pick up chicks, pick up dudes who look like chicks, drop dudes who look like chicks back off before actually doing anything that might tarnish my reputation, make friends, have some really great conversations and exchanges, hang out with my ex-girlfriends and so many other things that I might have never done, without actually having to physically get out of my chair (except for bio's and food) at any time, day or night.

Giving me the power to end drama with the flick of a switch.  Only nightmares come close to your ability to let things spin drastically out of control and then to escape them reasonably unscathed and with little or no fear of re-entry tomorrow.

For the graphics.  For allowing me to see myself dreaming and to enter the dreams of others.

For actually giving me a reason to want to learn Algebra.

Taking part in the inspiration for many people to use VOIP software.  Not only has this given me a chance to get to know many different people from all over the world but it has also given them the chance to get to know me.

Monontenous repitition, because it allowed me to survive for several years in some pretty hairy customer service jobs that sucked but that ultimately paid the bills.

For the chance to be a leader, the opportunity to lay low and follow, and the wisdom to know the difference.

For putting hair on my chest.  For the Dragon's, Alien Monsters, Demon's, and even Kings that you have allowed me to fight.  All to many times, in real life, such beings are so far removed and well protected that none of us ever get to even see them as much as challenge, fight, and/or destroy them.  And thank you for making the attempt every bit as incredible and as glorious a battle as anyone would expect.  Such things do not leave us how they found us but leave us changed, more and more, with each try.

For the breasts.

Finally, for giving me something to write about that I can begin, become involved with, and end without ever getting bored.  Many a "wanna-be" writer has looked for such a thing all their life and not found it.  I, on the other hand, can crank out these posts all day.


Well, that's it.  I tried to keep it as general as possible and I invite anyone who reads this to add to the "thank-you" list in the comments section.  I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING or whatever holiday you might celebrate in your country on that day and give thanks to you all for clicking on "In My Understanding" and at least running up the counter enough to inspire me to keep me going.

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