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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

On My Grind - That Certain Kind of MMORPG Player

Posted by jesad Tuesday March 24 2015 at 1:38AM
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I'm on my grind.  Every day I'm hustling.


Right now it's all about work, sleep, life, and the MMORPG.


See I'm that certain kind of MMORPG player.  For me the game and life has become one and the same.  I go to work, I do what needs to be done to maintain my forward pace, then I go home and spend the next several hours doing the exact same thing in the game.  When I get up from the game I start grinding at life.  And then it's rinse, which means passing out for the night, and repeat. 


I even grind at sleeping, making sure I get the exact amount that I need every day.  Every aspect of my life has become an exercise in focus and consistency.  This is what playing MMORPG's for so long has turned me into.


These whales try to make me feel bad but I don't feel bad.  Quested armor, quested weapons, crafted gear waiting to be completed.  When it's time to build a house, I build my own damn house.  When I go to the market I go there to sell, not to buy.  I'm on my grind, and that means that every day I'm hustling.


These ho's try to talk to me.  Loot ho's, information ho's, gear ho's, ho ho's.  But I can't talk to these ho's.  I'm too busy grinding.  And you know they're ho's too because when you were the newbie, when you weren't anyone that anyone else ever paid attention to, neither did they.  There were no random tells, not "Hi!  What are you doing?"  No invites to go here or there, no requests for advice.  No plots, no plans.  Nothing to make you wonder why the F#%@! does this person keep talking to me?


But now I'm out on the front lines.  Now I'm involved in every event.  They see me rolling and they're hating.  And all of a sudden I'm a superstar.  But I don't have time for all of that.  See, I'm on my grind.  I keep it polite, chit chat a little, but as soon as that crap goes beyond four or five tells I'm gone.  My hope is to invoke an image to the chattie little Cathy's of me glazing over as they speak.  Maybe then they'll learn some manners.  Who has time to type all day anyway when there is so much to do.


Same thing at work.  Same thing in the game.  Same thing in life.


In life it's about the wife.  About the kids.  About family.  It's about keeping this game and this job from causing me to become a disgusting fat ass.  It's about exercise.  It's about maintenance.  Lawn needs to be cut.  Snow needs to be shoveled.  Car needs to be washed.  Things need to be fixed.  Kids need to be looked after.  Ass needs to be hit.  I'm on my grind.  Same thing in life as in work as in the MMORPG.


These ho's still try to talk to me.  Work ho's, life ho's.  They show me pictures of their new bikini's at work.  Pictures of their nude bodies through my email at my home.  They call me for rides here and there, ask me if they can borrow things.  My money, my car, my beds.  I actually find it all quite amazing.  Pictures of all kinds of nasty things that they think I want.  Ideas about all kinds of stupid stuff they think I need.  I'm on my grind.  I ain't got time for that Sh(#$.  I need the money, I need the gear, I want the people who are important to me to be happy, and most of all, I need sleep.   No time for ho's in that equation.  No time for all kinds of nasty Sh(#$.


But see its because I'm on the front lines now.  House in effect, cars in effect, bills paid, wife looking good, kids all educated and whatnot.  Back when I was a broke joke no one called me.  Nobody asked if they could stay in my house.  Nobody even wanted to come to my house.  No one wanted to borrow my car, nobody wanted a ride.  See I didn't have anything they wanted, and so I didn't mean anything to them.


Same in the game as in life.  Same in life as in work.  I'm on my grind.  And every day I'm hustling.


Whales are talking about phat sh(#$ as I make my way to my job.  Things that they purchased to make them seem like they are better than they are.  I don't hate.  If I had it like that I might have done things the same way.  But I didn't have it like that.  And so I had to learn how to grind.


I grind like a freaking gold farmer who gets to keep all of his gold.  I grind like a coal miner who gets to keep all of his coal.  I grind like a heavyweight boxer who knows that he's gonna have to knock a MF out.  I grind at work, I grind at home, I grind in the game, than I pass the F*#$ out.


I'm on my grind.  Every day I'm hustling.  I'm that certain kind of MMORPG player.  For me the game and life have become one and the same.  See I don't just want to be good at the MMORPG or good at making money, or good at being part of a family.  I want it all.  I want to be the king of all I survey.


And so I grind.  And I hustle my ass off every day.


See you in the games.


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