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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

Walking down the hill.... A Neverwinter Playstyle

Posted by jesad Thursday February 27 2014 at 4:29AM
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I get inspired by the silliest things sometimes.

This week it was Neverwinter.

Do you want to talk about a fun game?  Man I am having a BALL in this thing right now. 

Of course, I am at the beginning.  My first two characters, my first quests, my first experiences.  But wow, what a well put together, completely polished, fun game!

So I am playing this thing and I am thinking.  "This would be a cool game to play like real Pen and Paper D&D."  A group of people could decide to only play when the entire group was online, they could choose a leader, a DM so to speak, and they could let that leader guide them through the hundreds of different quests that the game has to offer.

Playing by session, in this fashion, would allow for all kinds of relationships to form, adventures to take place, and experiences to be had on each characters way towards max level. 

Restraining the gameplay also would help make the game more entertaining each time and allow for the chosen "DM" to provide his or her group with their own, tailor made, experience much like in a Pen and Paper session.

I go on tangents like this in my mind all the time.  And then I come to the forums and remember why a lot of this would never work.

Epiphany!!! The relationship between the MMORPG and the average MMORPG player is very similar to the relationship between two people.  Both can be deep and meaningful experiences when handled a certain way, but more often than not, both end up being something that is raced through intensely for about 6 months and then complained about until the breakup occurs.


It's like that joke about the Two Bulls.

One day two bulls were standing on a hillside overlooking a field full of cows.

The young bull said to the older one, "Hey! Let's run down this hill and screw one of those cows!!!"

The older bull said to the younger bull, "I'd rather walk down and screw em ALL."


Now I know that I have bordered on being preachy on this blog about enjoying the ride.  In fact, it has been an overall theme in one way or another since its very inception.  But you can't help but know that what I have been saying is true by now.  That the major thing that messes up our MMORPG experience is the way in which we decide to play our MMORPG's.

Back to Neverwinter though.  So yeah, I was thinking, that would be a great way to play that game.  It would make every drop that much more important.  Every quest that much more important.  And the people that you play with that much more important.

So I figured that I would just throw that out there in case people wanted to experiment.  I've never been one for caring about responses but if anyone does try to play this game in this way I would love to know how it turned out.

I have no understanding of what I have just written about and so I have no catchy "In my understanding" closing line.

I do hope that you have fun though.  And I will see you in the games.


Jesad writes:
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