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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

Lord of the Legends - A one act play

Posted by jesad Monday January 20 2014 at 4:49AM
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So I had this dream last night.  The fellowship of the ring was getting together to prepare for an attack on the fortress of Mordor.

Gandalf - We must prepare to march on the fortress of Mordor!  Who's with me?

Legolas - I'll go!  I'll kill them all!!

Gimli - Count me among the willing.  I will flank them to the left and tear down their walls.

(Suddenly the ranger strider appears from the shadows)

Strider - Count me in. (Lowering his hood and holding up a broken sword)

Legolas - OMG! Troll!

Gimli - Where?!?  Troll?!?!

Legolas - Strider take a bow.

Bilbo - Should I go or do you think that Pippin would be a better choice?

Samwise - Bilbo! You wouldn't go without your Sam would you?

Legolas - (under his breath) ghey....

Gimli - (thinks about laughing out loud but doesn't really laugh out loud)

Legolas - Strider take your bow!!

Bilbo - Me or Pippin?

Gandalf - Doesn't matter, just decide, our time is running out.

Legolas - Strider take your bow!!!  OMG Troll!!

Gimli - Troll!?!  What?!?  Where!?!

Gandalf - Bilbo please make your decision.

Bilbo - I want to go but I'm afraid I'm going to suck.

Legolas - OMG!!! GG!!

Strider - Legolas you're an idiot!!

Gandalf - Guys...please!  Stop fighting.

Legolas - At least I know how to fight, his reputation at the tavern is zero and 12!!

Strider - OMG BLOW ME!!!  You're the troll not me!!

Gimli - Troll?!?  What?!? Where is this damned Troll!?!


Suddenly everyone walks off in separate directions. 

The End.

Just wanted to share.

Jesad writes:
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