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A Reviewers Review on Reviewer Reviews

Reviews on Reviews on gaming websites. Not making sense yet? Read on, my friend.

Author: jeanius

A Reviewers Review on Reviewer Reviews

Posted by jeanius Monday October 26 2009 at 3:14AM
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Today I feel like talking about Media outlets and their reviews and impacts throughout the community. This is entirely just my opinion and you can agree or disagree if you see fit.


Brief Introduction:

My name is Scott, otherwise known as, "The Reviewer" to nobody but myself in my head. I am a struggling writer, and an unemployed citizen of this country. Long, I do for the days when even fast food joints would hire me. The day they'll get you is gone, friend. And I went with it.

I decided to take you fellows and fellowettes on a journey with me tonight because I needed something do to while waiting for my updates to finish. Let's go explore my thoughts together, shall we? Don't be scared, I'll walk you throught it so you don't get lost in a world of me.


I'm a Genie in a.....wait what?

As a proud video gamer, I closed my eyes last night thinking today would be a good day for gaming. When I awoke this morning, I came to the realization that all but my life savings had been spent on buying video games based off reviews from online sites and magazine articles.  I am a pure power gamer, my sleepy time is between 1:00am and 3:00am, and I don't wake up until the crack of noon, so after doing the real life dailies, i.e. shower, teeth, restroom, food, smokes ect., it usually puts it around 2:30pm, give or take half an hour, so I generally don't have a whole lot of time to do shopping for groceries and games, so I am heavily reliant on what reviewers tell me so that I don't waffle when going to buy something for entertainment.

It was going fine and dandy for years, but throughout those years I started noticing a trend that has shaken me to my very core.

Big, Voluptuous Reviewer Wallets??

The two biggest culprets in this tragic comedy in my opinion are IGN and Gamestop, though Gamestop isn't nearly as bad.

IGN tends to come to mind alot when I talk about this subject, and for good reason. Those of you who bought Advent Rising know what I am talking about. That game scammed so much money from the gaming community even anti-gamers sympathised with the people who unwittingly fell into the trap.

Though GlyphX was largely responsible for what happened in 2005, publisher Majesco, and coorisponding review sites were at fault as well. It met with good reviews from a few of the more known gaming review sites and magazines. The turning point for me was 2005, when I started noticing this fairly insulting trend that falls all but short of theft.

Not just Advent Rising, but with many other games I have noticed over these nearly ten years have had the same outcome, which really brings to heart the phraze, "Caveat Emptor" and just how true it is. It doesn't take a trained investigator to see that what is happening is that certain companies pay the sites that do reviews such as IGN and Gamestop to give their game a good rating, and their competitor games a bad one.

Another prime example is a few years back when editor Jeff Gerstmann got fired from GameSpot for giving his honest review on Kane&Lynch: Dead Men. Let me break it down into an equasion.

Edios pays GameSpot X amount to get a good review on their game

GameSpot takes X money and does what it is told, because that's what all good sell outs do.

Gerstmann writes an honest review of said game.

Edios complains to GameSpot about it.

Gerstmann is fired.

They said that he breached the terms of employment within his contract, but if that is the case, shouldn't everybody who has ever written a review that gave less than a 5/5 or 10/10 be fired as well? GameSpot got greedy. IGN, Gamestop, GameSpot to name a few are the same way, all they want is the money and they're more than willing to give a bad game a good review if the price is right.

In Summary:

Bottom line is you can't trust reviews for alot of things, be they movies, games, what have you. The best thing to do is to read the reviews for entertainment, then hear from a friend if it is something you might like to try. If you have been waiting for the game, give it a try and surmise your own reviews and opinions to your friends.

My update is finished now so time for me to sign off for the night. Hope at the very least you guys found my reviews and opinions entertaining.