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You Think Too Much

Ever meet those people who just talk and talk and talk about the most pointless things? The only conclusion you can come up with is "You think too much." Sometimes those people *are* just babbling. But sometimes they're actually on to something...

Author: jdram14

Guild Recruiting Tools

Posted by jdram14 Monday November 9 2009 at 2:32AM
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It’s been a few months since I logged into Guild Wars for more than a few minutes. Recently I’ve been on the Aion gig and will be until December when my subscription runs out. We’ll see whether I re-up it then, but it’s not likely.

I logged on just because I had recently installed in on my new computer, a computer I bought specifically for playing Aion. When I logged in, I sat around in LA and began to talk to some of the other players in All Chat about guilds. Someone was recruiting, so about every thirty seconds there was a large block of text that got pretty irritating after awhile. While I didn’t mind enough to mention it, another player spoke up and asked the recruiter to stop or use trade chat.

After the whole argument about using All Chat for guild recruiting, I ventured a question to nobody in particular: Is there another way beside the chat box to advertise your guild?

The immediate answer was a plethora of sarcastic remarks about the party search button. My first thought was, “No sh*t. And all along I had no clue what that was for.”

Using my better judgment, I held my first thought in check and explained my reasoning.

If you use the party search option, you have a dozen or so characters to use. Sometimes, that won’t even allow room for your whole guild name to fit. What people failed to realize in my question was the word “advertise”, as opposed to just saying your guild name.
People who recruit in the All Chat and Trade Chat use ways of packing as much information into the small amount of text space available. This practice is called “Advertising” or more loosely, “Marketing.”

Guild recruiters have perfected the art in GW (and many other games, I have discovered over the past year as I explored other MMOs like Aion and WAR) of marketing their guild. They use concepts like branding and keywords to give a general overview and let potential recruits know what sort of guild they are going to be.

The problem is that there is no in-game (in any game that I can recall) method of actually marketing your guild. GW of course lacks official forums and other in-game community support, and for GW this is the real downfall. But even Aion and WAR have very limited in-game community support.

This almost goes along with general question about in-game community support, but really: Why has no developer provided in-game support for guild recruiting? Why don’t we have tools to market our guilds to others? And if there are examples of this, what are they and in which games?