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Madness of it all

One quite demented lunatic's journey into the world of online mmos

Author: jamahl

Epitaph to a SWG Server

Posted by jamahl Tuesday October 6 2009 at 10:57PM
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It was not a major surprise for me recently when I learnt the very first online game which I played has now closed the first server I started in (EU Infinity). You only have to mention SWG to get very heated debates across the board on a plethora of subjects ranging from CU to Why John Smedley likes to whistle Hail to the Chief while posting on the SWG forums.

Alot of gamers nowadays rush through what is put before them without thinking this is also applied very much to online mmorpgs. We were at one point in time a newbie in the mmo world, coupled with the sense of wonder and discovery which we start with. We soon cut our teeth on how to kill mobs, earn exp and how to avoid getting killed. We progressed to a point where we'd move onto the next mmo and lo and behold nothing comes as a surprise and we're wiping out half of the landscape in order to grab the next level and not bothering to think we have progressed from.

Which brings me back to what I am going to write about when I first saw that article. Nostalgia is a funny thing when you think about it, even if you could swear blind how much you hated it there is always a point in time where you want to return to that place at a certain moment. On October 15th 2009 the very first place where I stepped off as a mmo player will be gone and with it maybe any other chance of returning to see it.

I can't help but feel maybe I missed quite abit of bigger picture of what SWG once was or could of been but for now at least I feel content knowing that in March 9th 2004 I took what  was to be the first steps on amazing server and progressed from there and It will be something I will remember wherever I am in a mmorpg.

Side Notes:

This is more collation of thoughts and views on the closure of a swg server, I'm not wanting this to be a mudslinging contest in any general direction nor F**K YOU SOE. If you have any views/comments they are more than welcome. Thank you for reading my first blog writes:
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