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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

Episode #5- Remebering the virtual peasent or an ode to the crafting classes.

Posted by ivan50265 Saturday July 21 2007 at 1:11AM
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   Well hello again friends. I just got done with a test today, and I have to say summer school sucks.  I should've just sucked it up and taken the extra credits last spring, but I digress.  Today I'm going to take us back a little bit and talk about the virtual peasent. Enjoy and as always comments are welcome below.


The Virtual Peasent

   I was driving home from school today, and I started thinking about the new mmo's coming out as well as the bigger name mmo's currently in existence and a thought came into my head. I miss the virtual peasent or more commonly called the crafting classes in mmo's.  Back in the day these people were the backbone of a player run economy, the blue collar class of adventurers, and I wish they were included in todays games.  These classes would for go the fame and fortune of killing major baddies for the simpler life. That of gathering resources and making them into gear that heroes from all around the land would buy.  These chracters were the heroes behind the heroes. 

    Upon thinking about this subject I have to say there has got to be room for crafting classes in todays mmo's. And I'm not talking about crafting professions either. I personally think that it detracts from the building of a community when your warrior can make his own armor or the wizard is sewing his own robes together.  I'm talking about picking a blacksmithing class or tailor or whatever.  My first mmo experience was Ultima Online when it came time to pick what area I wanted to go into for my first mmo I chose to be a blacksmith and a miner.  I'm not sure why I chose it, for some reason it just appealed to me.  In the begining it was rather dull, I would sell a piece of crappy armor or a shoddy sword to a low level fighter, but eventually I got better and had my own shop and was able to start making some really good items and then the players started rolling in. The sense of community I had in that game was one of the best ever.  There's a certain satisfaction of being a virtual small business owner. Granted it's not as glamorous as adventuring, but in that world as well as SWG in the beginning, it was a neccesary role that needed to be filled.

   I guess what I'm trying to say is that in todays mmo's with all the loot coming from questing coupled with the fact that there are no crafting classes kinda dampens the whole sense of community that we found in the mmo's that had crafting classes and had player run stores. And I don't think it's an outdated concept I think it could be incorporated into todays games with some small updates. 

First thing I would do was incorporate a workers look into the character cutomization.  SWG actually did this well you could make an alien with a pot belly and other such features that gave you les of a heroic look and made you seem more from the private sector.  Also clothing and equipment could be used to further enhance the look of these characters.  As well let the player shops actually be located in the larger populated NPC cities.

Second you could change some of the drops to recipes or patterns for the good weapons and armor and limit to it being made once or twice. This gives the adventurer the chance to still get the "phat lewt", but also creates a need for the crafting class.  These classes could be used for repair as well.

Lastly crafters will always need increasingly exotic materials, and I think it would be great if some game created a system where crafters could create quests that players could take and go get these materials for the crafter for some experience as well as a reward that the crafter could select whether it be money or an item of some sort. This last element I think would add a great layer for the building of a strong community. That or you could simply layer in the abiltiy of a party to add one crafter after the party fills so they could gather materials in the more dangerous zones as well as buy loot off of players. This would be a great way for an adventurer to make money.

   In the end maybe I'm way off the mark. Myabe crafting classes are of the past and never to return, but I hope not. I think the further we get away from this concept the closer we get to mmo's becoming less of a community experience and more of a self serving simulation.

  In conclusion to those of you who are still grinding it out as a crafting class my hats off to you. Keep up the good work your communtiy appreciates you. To the rest of you what do you think? Is there still room for this concept? I'm curious to know what you think. Personally I think developers are ignoring it.

And that's my 2 Copper.

Thanx again.



idiovix writes:

Wow, Ivan -  Should've known you'd still be into the roleplaying, esp. since you were so into D&D at ISU.  Still in Des Moines?  Taking classes, too?  It's a small world, my friend ... hope you're well. 

XOXXO,  Idiosyncratic Vixen (aka Anne P.)

Sun Nov 18 2007 9:57PM Report writes:
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