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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

Divergent Paths: Three Ways Champions Online and DC Universe Online Differ.

Posted by ivan50265 Friday June 26 2009 at 6:48PM
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   Hey all sorry I have been absent work has been a little nutty.  In my time absent I have still been keeping up with my MMO news.  So I thought today we'd do a little comparison shopping. 


  With two new super hero mmo's in the works one can;t help but compare the two as eventually they will be competing against one another for market share.  So I thought I'd fidn out just what makes these two games different.   Im my research I found alot fo differences and similaritites, but in the end I focused in on three diffeesnces that I think really seperate the two games from one another.  So why don;t we take a look at those. 

Powers: Total Customization vs Versatility


  One of the biggest differrences with the two games is how they handle their powers.  Champions Online has chosen to give the player the ability to completely customize powers deciding on what kind of damage or status effects you wish to tack on to them.  DCU has gone with a more versatile route choosing instead of customizing your powers they give you the ability to chnage the nasture of your powers from damage to defense to healing in an effort I think to alleviate role rigidity and make it easier to find groups. Either choice I think is a good one I love the idea of min/maxing and tweaking the heck out of my toon's powers, but I also really like the idea of being to change roles on the fly for party flexability.



Villains: The Nemesis System vs Player Bad Guys

   Another area of divergence were the choices made in how the bad guys will be represented.  Champions Online is offering us the Nemesis System which allows players to create their own personalized NPC villain to plague your PC hero on their journey through the game.  The DCU team has decided to allow players to play as either heroes or villains.  I have to admit I am very interested in trying out the Nemesis system to see just how tought my Nemesis cane get, but alos a part of me would love to give Superman some chaep shots.


PvP: Battlegrounds vs Open World PvP

   Finally we get to Player vs Player.  Champions has chosen PvP battlegrounds where as the DCU is using a mixture of battlegrounds and open world PvP.  I understand Cryptics call on the battlegrounds as there are no player villians and battlegrounds just make sense for the more PvE centered game.  I am excited about the open world PvP idea that DCU is working on.  In DCU as a villian you can choose to take on an open world mission and help some crooks rob a bank for a cut of the take, and as a hero you can try and foil the crime.  This actuall sounds like a fun way to introduce PvP to the game.  Although I don't put it past Cryptic to do some fun stuff with their battlegrounds as well. 

  Other areas that I saw divergent paths included graphics and  variety of locations, but those semed rather obvious to me.  I like the choices that both games are making and both appeal to me in different ways.  It is obvious to me that these games will be offering different experiences I wonder if they will be diferent enough to get us to play both at the same time.  Needless to say I am lloking forward to playing these games as well as reading feedback from their respective communities. 

   What are your thoughts on these two games.  Feedback is always appreciated below.

Until Next Time


demonic87 writes:

In my personal opinion, Champions online seems to be going all out, you can do tons of things with powers and custimization, and DC looks a bit bland in that aspect.

Fri Jun 26 2009 7:45PM Report
Inktomi writes:


Hey ivan, great writeup! Thanks for the comparison of the two, I was wondering how they are going to measure up. And I would definately pick villainy!



Fri Jun 26 2009 8:52PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

demonic- I appreciate your feedback.  I personally don't think DCU is bland just different.  I agree that CO seems to be going all out.

Ink- Thanks for the feedback.  Villainy for me as well.

Sat Jun 27 2009 9:43AM Report
sadeyx writes:

The problem with Champions is that its made too much like a console game, I cant say for DCU but I think thats also being developed with the console in mind.

I bought a PC to get away from simplistic console games, I enjoy MMO's for their vast complexity and dont appreciate the button mashing nature of either of these console style games.

You speak of differences between these two games, but I think the similarities, for me, is the most disapointing. 

i weep for the future if this is the route future mmo's will take.

Sat Jun 27 2009 12:17PM Report
Eladi writes:

Personaly I think CO make the player experiance better.
In Co you are The Hero (among manny)  and the villain is yours, the story is yours so to speak. In DCU your a hero below herp's (?)  I mean, you cant beat superman can you... probaly there biggest mistake (in my view) is to drop superman in the game. it could affect the entire feeling you get when play that game.
As for console dumb down CO..I dont beleve thats true.
The only real diference is the amound of buttons you have on a controler. so instead of 1234567890-= on the keybord you gota use 1234 alt+1234 shift+1234 ctrl+1234 a controler cant match a keybord,but er..who uses 256 keys ? :)

Sun Jun 28 2009 9:26AM Report
Anzie writes:

Cryptic already established itself at the only studio that have make an amazing super hero mmo in the pass so CO FTW!

+ I was in the beta and I know it owns!

Mon Jun 29 2009 3:04AM Report
Greek_Matt writes:

 One thing I will say is that Cryptic have struggled in the past with keeping up a viable end-game for max-level toons. By patching in PVP as a late addition and 'loot' as a much later addition, they really left very little for people to do once they lvl'd their character to max other than simply make an alt and play again. Sure it's fun for a while, but now it looks like they're headed down a very similar road all over again.

By making PVP an integral part of the game from the beginning (as DCUO is doing), it adds a whole new dimension to content (essentially player-driven content) which I believe will give that title a greater longevity... certainly for me at least.

Mon Jun 29 2009 6:47AM Report
sadeyx writes:

Well im in the beta too, and tbh i've stoppped playing it.  Its, very boring and tedious and very linear,  nothing like City of heroes which I still play everynow and then just for the fun factor.

Ive no doubt CO will be more popular to begin with, but I can see there being a lot of disapointment and people turning to DCU, and vice versa, only to drop the idea all together and goto Aion xD

Mon Jun 29 2009 11:52AM Report
Sinjai writes:

I guess I am odd about this, but I don't like the idea of someone being able to play every role within a group.  What will make your character unique?  Why can my character go from a blaster to a tank to a healer?  In Marvel and DC the comic book characters are born with specific powers, unless you're the Beyonder, and you saw what happened to him... destroyed by someone that couldn't do everything.  I don't know, I just don't like it.

Mon Jun 29 2009 9:26PM Report
Vagrant_Zero writes:

 Sade, if players get bored with CO becuase they don't like it's linear nature they sure as hell won't be migrating to AION, one of the most Linear MMOs ever made.

Tue Jun 30 2009 5:32AM Report
Death1942 writes:

man if only DC used customisable powers i would be all over that game so fast.  Atm i guess i am leaning towards CO purely for the customisable powers but i do love playing the Evil guy :P

Fri Jul 03 2009 11:49PM Report
SoulSeekerBB writes:

I know this has nothing to do with the whole point of this. Cause honestly I treat every game/MMO as its own, I never compare cause every game has something simular to another, but doesn't mean its the same. Unless they say there personally trying to copy again.

ANYWAYS! To my point of this whole thing I'm typing. ^^ Just to let you know. The picture you used for Powers: Total Customization vs Versatility section. The one that I'm guessing represents the Champions Online side..Is actually a Screeenshot from City of Heroes. I don't know if you purposly did that or someone mistakenly gave it the wrong name. But yeah...I'm pretty sure thats a CoH Screenshot after playing it for over 4 years lol. And seeing that the design is actually alot different from the other pcitures of Champions.

Fri Aug 28 2009 6:17AM Report
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