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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

The Smiley Awards: E3 2009 Finale

Posted by ivan50265 Sunday June 7 2009 at 2:28AM
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   Well thanks for stayin with us and welcome to the finale of the Smiley Awards for E3.  If you missed all the action in pasrt one I would reccomend reading that first and then jumoing back in here for the finale.  Ok now that's out of the way back to the awards. 

   Now we all know that the PC gets all og the MMO love every year, but it is a reality that the next gen consoles want in on the fun too.  This award goes to the gamin platform otehr than the PC who showed the most dedication to bringing MMO's to their platform.  And the Smiley goes to:

Sony: Playstation 3

   As it stands right now the PS3 showed a true dedication to bringing MMO's to their platform.  They plan on having Free Realms, The Agency, DC Universe Online, FF XIV, and APB on their platform with more MMO's in the works. Well done Sony.  Our next catagory please.

   We hear it in the MMO community all the time the screams for innovation in the MMO genre.  Some of us may even be an active voice in that couse.  This award recognizes the developer who is attempting to answer the call for innovation whic many of our comunity members feel so pasionate about.  And the Smiley goes to:

Real Time Worlds: APB

   APB's ops and robbers sandbox mmo is about he furthest departure we saw from the traditional fantasy mmo at E3 this year.  This game offers a fresh new look at what can be done with the MMO space and I for one am looking forward to seeing more progress in the future.  Our next award please.

   One of the best perks of E3 is the gameplay footage we get to see of upcoming MMO's.  This Smiley is awarded to the MMO who showed us the most complete representation of gameplay in their MMOfor better or worse.  And the Smiley goes to:

SOE: The Agency

    The devs at the agency were very forthcoming this year with the gamplay footage.  They gave us a good look at many different aspects of their gameplay and though it still seems like there is some work to be done there they did offer the most complete gameplay footage of E3 for an MMO.  Our next catagory please.

   With every E3 comes the rumor mill of game announcemnets and speculation.  Yet there is always one big announcment that flies under the radar just long enough to pop up and shock the hell out of us.  This award honors the buggest suprise MMO announcemnt of E3.  And the Smiley goes to:

Squar Enix: Final Fantasy XIV Online

    Like anyone saw this one coming, and it fropped like a bombshell.  Who knew that FFXIV would be an MMO.  Oh and that it is scheduled for a 2010 release means they've had this ubder the wraps for awhile now. Good one.  And now for the Grand Smiley. 

  So here we are at the end.  E3 saw a number of MMO's attempting to get us excited about thier game this year.  The Grand Smiley is rewarded to the MMO whose announcement or footage creeated the most buzz throughout the community and the press alike.  And the Grand Smiley for Best Showing of E3 2009 goes to :

Bioware/Lucasarts: Star Wars: The Old Republic Online.

   With a brilliant cinematic trailer that puts shame to Episodes I-III as well as the announcement that all NPC's will be voice acted it was easy to forgive the teams oozing of geek on the stage.  This trailer went viral within hours after it was shown and created even more buzz for a game that semed to be overflowing with it anyway.  For this SWTOR is awarded the Grand Smiley for E3 2009.

Well that's it for the first ever Smileys.  I have to admit this was a blast to do and is something I will defintely do again.  We here at My 2 Copper's Worth stand by our awards and have emailed each developer a congratulations for their individual achievments.  As always feedback is more than welcome below.


Until Next Time.






Death1942 writes:

kick ass writeup yet again (though this one had a few more spelling errors).  Look forward to the next one

Sun Jun 07 2009 6:24PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

It was late and my eyes were getting blurry sorry about the grammar, but glad you enjoyed the read.

Sun Jun 07 2009 6:42PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 This post makes me smile. I was disapointed with Champs not being there as well, also with The Secret World  being held in...secret.

I guess that Bill Roper is slavedriving overtime at cryptic and Funcom's game is living up to it's name.

take it easy, ivan.


Thu Jun 11 2009 5:43PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

Pun intended on the make you smile comment? :p

Thu Jun 11 2009 10:49PM Report writes:
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