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My 2 Copper's Worth

Well we're on a website dedicated to MMO's so I'll give you one guess as to what I'll write about. And no it's not mustard.

Author: ivan50265

Episode #2- High Fantasy MMO's or The flogging of a dead horse.

Posted by ivan50265 Saturday June 30 2007 at 10:54PM
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   Welcome back to my little slice of the big blog pie.  Today might come off as more of a rant, and if that's the case I'll dedicate this episode to one of my favorite bloggers here Paragus.  If you're reding Paragus I hope to do you proud. Ok to the issue at hand.

   What is High Fantasy?

  Now that's a good question, and for the uneducated gamer I will elaborate breifly.  "High Fantasy" is a term used to describe your Tolkeinesque fanatsy setting.  These settings almost always have a midevil setting to them and have races such as elves, humans, dwarves, halflings(gnomes), and of course orcs.  There are usually alot of pretty forests and mountin settings for your fighter, or mage, or thief, or priesly type character to run around in and dispell evil wherever you can find it.  The majority of mmo's out today are set in this enviroment, and I'm here to say enough is enough. 



Stop beating the dead horse

   Now it may just be me, but my God have we not ridden this one trick pony into the grave?  Now I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the occasional romp in an enchanted forest.  Heck I like to slay a dragon just as much as the next guy, but how many times do you want me to do this before I chew my arm off or worse yet chew my wife's arm off. ( I rather like both of my arms) All the cool fantasy IP's are either out on the shelf or soon to be there.  It's been done and done and done.  All I'm saying is let's put another flavor on the menu.  I mean how many burgers can you eat before you crave some chicken or even a hot dog. 

Now I know what youre going to say: "There are other genres out there", and you're right there are, but why not explore them a little further, or at least get a couple of different takes on those genres. Have we really done all we can do with the sci-fi genre? I think not.  Let alone there are a provential ass load of cool genres out there that just haven't been touched yet. What might those be?  Well now I'm glad you asked. Here are a few of my personal favorites:



Genres I'd like to see

Disclaimer: Now if some of these are being devloped I haven't seen anything about it.



Modern Day Horror

This genre is chock full of possibilities if you thik about.  Zombies vs Humans, Humans vs Vampires vs Werewolves, Zombies vs Zombies. All right maybe not the last one that could get rather boring. But you get my point. Tell me you wouldn't want to play a vampire or werewolf or be the guy that can bring them down.



The Wild West

Grab a six shooter and Hang em High yeeehawww.  The untamed west could be a serious good time playing as an outlaw, indian, bounty hunter, sheriff, or the crazed crusty miner type. With showdowns and bar brawls, bank robberies and Indian raids, that's got fun written all over it.



The Cold War

The USSR invades the US and we enter WW3.  Watch the movie Red Dawn you'll see what I'm talking about.  Be a Russian or a US troop or just be a guy caught in the middle.  A clever developer could really make a great one in this genre.




Angels and Demons. Heaven versus Hell and earth is in the middle.  This could be a game of Biblical proprtions! (pun intended)



Alien Invasion

Developers could really have a blast with this little ditty from a serious toned War of the Worlds type to a campy Mars Attacks type game.  Why quest for Boar tusks when you can zap a martian!



These are just some of the examples me and the wife came up with that we thought would be fun and most important differet to play.

I guess in the end when it comes to the fantasy genre there's just so many glowing swords I can oooo and aaaahh at.  Only so many sets of armor I can find or make.  And think about this cool little perk. You wouldn't have to quest for boar meat or wolf hides. Well maybe you wouldn't. And that's my 2 copper on the subject.


 Well that's about it for me tonight. Thanx again for the read, and I'd love to hear what genre you'd like to see done. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild and post a comment if you'd like and tell me what you'd like to see.  Next time we'll talk about some Intellectual Properties that I think woul dmake awesome mmo's. Until then.